3D Printers: The tool of future for top-notch fashion designers

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3D Printers: The tool of future for top-notch fashion designers

3D Printers: The tool of future for top-notch fashion designers

There is an undeniable fact that the application of 3D printing in fashion helps creators to express their works without limitations. Undoubtedly, the 3D tech will provide maximum support for the development and completion of your ideas. 

That’s why many famous designers around the world have used this 3D printing technology to create unique and attractive fashion products for consumers. But what exactly did this technology do?

3D printers created better versions of Fashion Accessories

3D printers created better versions of Fashion Accessories

Advanced garment technology gave us wonderful tools to work with. One of which is the 3D Printers that allow us to make clothes models in no time. 

Previously it was said that 3D printers took 7 days to produce a full set of accessories. But with the advancement in printing technology, printers can now produce a set in just a few hours depending on size and complexity.

Thanks to computer commands, the finished accessories set are accurate to millimeters. In just a short span of time, 3D printers demonstrated their superiority in garment production by adding a third dimension. 

Typically, designers only work with length and width, but by adding the extra height to the mix, they can make unique accessories. They can even create clothes that have new functions like extra insulating or protecting users from injury.

The secret to the success of 3D printers lies in the cutting-edge materials which are TPU 92A-1 and FilaFlex. They have high flexibility while providing better mechanical and visual properties. They can be washed and ironed just like natural cloth but it looks better than the traditional material.

With 3D printers, making custom jewelry designs has never been easier. An unique product that can be easily crafted with just one detail design. These pieces of jewelry certainly will make your customers happy.

Creating and testing prototypes for fashion products

Prototypes are vital to a successful product. Before there were 3D printers, the company had to pay extra costs for samples made from real materials as they would have to adjust the pieces. 

Creating and testing prototypes for fashion products

Thanks to a detailed drawing on a computer software, the prototypes produced will have practical features for the designer to evaluate and modify as needed. In addition, we can make more tests and adjustments with confidence as the cost to make one prototype is cheaper.

With the help of 3D printers, designers can now easily experiment with new and wild ideas. It’s quicker and easier to access test models, combined with the height dimension that is offered by computer, as a result, stylists can create completely new and unique chains of products.

The future of Sustainable Creation

The future of Sustainable Creation

3D printing is not only opening a new fashion wave but it also creates a stable future for fashion creation. The prices of source materials will steadily increase in the future as the resources are harder to come by. 

The main use of 3D printing is the sustainable methods to create our future.

With the precise quantities pre-calculated on the computer, the company can produce cost-effective products and materials. One good example is the innovative Spanish fashion brand ZER. They optimized material use by introducing 3D printers into most major garments manufacturing stages. 

This eco-friendly way cut off waste for each garment while reused, recycled to create new designs. Thereby they make sure their manufacturing process will not harm the environment.

Easily customize new products

Easily customize new products

In the modern world, individuals seek uniqueness along with style but products still have to be comfortable. Mass-produce products will not satisfy all consumers’ preferences and sizes. To avoid being cast in the same mold, individuals will look to customized facilities for their gadgets even though they have to pay a little extra money. 3D printers can address specific requirements by collecting consumers’ data to create an identity that meets those needs.

Limitations of 3D printing technology in fashion

Until now, the 3D printing industry is mainly applied to concept products or haute couture fashion and jewelry designs.

There is still a lot to do until the technology is put into practice. It will be a very long time before 3D printing is applied to mass production. Especially because 3D printing technology has not solved the problem of fabric weaving.

Besides, the cost of 3D printing is also quite high. This is a wall that hinders the expansion of this technology in the apparel industry.

Limitations of 3D printing technology in fashion

What can I do while waiting for the 3D printing tech to improve? 

Yes, it has limitations but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. We suggest you contact DONY Garment now to manufacture high quality clothing products at reasonable prices. We are proud to be a team of experts dedicated to your products and always want to be your trusted partner, your friend.

The future of 3D printing in the fashion industry

Fashion will still go on without 3D printing and vice versa. But with creative interactions between the two, this will be the future one day. It is possible that 3D engineering will not be widely applied. 

However, outsourcing companies can apply this technology to shorten production stages. For example, as in the production of samples. 3D printed products will easily help manufacturers to change parameters, sizes or patterns. 

Surely these will be the first steps towards the integration between 3D printing and the garment industry.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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