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COSMO masks produced in DONY are sold in Walmart supermarkets in the CANADA

In Covid 19's unpredictable situation, the importance of the mask was heightened.
DONY MASK antibacterial cloth masks meet the strict standards of the Ministry of
Health of Vietnam and are certified by CE, FDA. The mask is comprehensively tested
by the Vietnam Textile Research Institute and especially in accordance with Decision
870 of the Ministry of Health on technical guidelines for antibacterial masks signed
on April 10, 2020.
COSMO is a familiar customer at DONY. COSMO is a company that produces
eco-friendly products, vegan products, and sustainable products.
COSMO masks made in DONY are sold in Europe, the US and Canada.
Recently, COSMO masks have been sold in the Walmart supermarket system in the
Canada. Walmart is known as a leading retail group in the world.
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Antiviral Face mask – “Dony Mask” Introdution

Dony Mask Introdution

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