JAPAN - Daisho Chemical R & D Company In Japan Order To Sew Shirts With Large Quantity

For the company, shirts are indispensable clothing always help office workers always look polite and confident when communicating. These shirts show a career in the work and uniform shirt also help the company promote the corporate brand.

More and more foreign customers are coming to Dony to order uniforms. According to the foreign customers, service and quality, price in Dony good so they are very satisfied.

Recently, Dony received a customer from the country of the rising sun - Japan. Mr. Haneda Taiju - CEO of Daisho Chemical R & D came to Dony company as well as visit garment workshop, discuss fabric and design. Mr. Haneda sets up a large number of shirt designs with a variety of designs. Daisho Company requires 17 shirts sample, of which 4 are white, pink, yellow, blue and the logo of the shirt is different. Here are some of the main designs that Dony sews for Daisho:

Design file

Printed and embroidered logo

Cutting, sewing, finishing products

Video sew uniforms company Daisho

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