HONDA - garment for Honda Vietnam join motorcycle show 2016

Honda in particular and Japanese customers in general are important in terms of quality and punctuality. The product should be perfect every detail from the seam, button cover, pull button to the sharpness of embroidery prints.

Dony is proud to be selected as a supplier of uniforms for the Honda Vietnam Motocycle event.
Honda uniform at Vietnam Motocycle Show
Event orders are usually special when the delivery time is very short. Cause is about the last 10 days to know the number of participants should have the number and size of the shirt.
Production of Honda uniform at Vietnam motocycle show
Due to the fact that the event is only one time, it is very important that the schedule is very important because if it is only 1h late, it will miss the big event of the customer.
Uniform Dony effort including overtime last night until 4am overtime to ensure timely delivery.
Wish Honda to attend the event successfully, wish Honda a development
Honda uniforms
VietNam Motocycle Show
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