FRANCE - KOZOOM Communication In France Order Uniforms

Kozoom Multimedia is a special France Internet television station that broadcasts live bingo (especially carom football) and Table Soccer tournaments. Kozoom is the world”s largest provider of digital media in the Carom Billiards industry. Kozoom was founded in February 1999 by a famous player, twice champion in France.

It”s a surprise that a world-famous billboard channel like Kozoom Multimedia company knows Dony - a little pride and intrigue. Kozoom Media company sent a letter to Dony.
The two parties work and exchange with each other through mail. Kozoom wants to sew T-shirts and send information to Dony for design and production.
Design file
The shirt is black with thick 4-dimensional crocodile material. The logo is embroidered in three positions: on the right chest and on the two sides of the sleeve.
Embroidered logo
Finishing products prepare delivery to customers
Kozoom had good feedback after receiving Dony”s delivery. Accordingly, they are very satisfied with the quality of the shirt and want to cooperate, put Dony on the sleeveless dress uniforms. Currently Dony has finished the design and is in production, Dony will soon update your shirt after finishing.
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