Produce uniforms for the Moc Anh Furniture Company

Moc Anh Interior Company specializes in architectural design, interior design of villas, interior design of apartment, interior design of lot house, complete interior decoration and furniture products.

Recently, Moc Chau Company has contacted Dony to order a beautiful uniforms. The main colors of the shirt are black, yellow, brown to match the color of the company logo. Although the shirt has a strange style, may be more difficult than the regular uniforms but Dony still performs very fast steps and delivery to guests on schedule.

Design file

Complete delivery to customers

Moc Anh uniforms embroidered logo on the chest and logo printed on the back, the shirt is a subtle combination of colors that do not clutter.
With the motto "Right from the beginning", Dony always up the product carefully and accurately to avoid mistakes in the production process. So many companies, big corporations, .. to find Dony a lot of trust and responsibility.
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