TONY KART uniforms - World famous race car brand

Tony Kart is a leading brand of OTK Kart Group, a leading Italian manufacturer in the racing industry. This brand was born in the 60”s and has grown around the world.

Dony is very honored to be TONY KART in Vietnam to order uniforms T-shirt.
Requires the jacket to mix the green color of the chassis with the Tony Kart brand. Dony designed a black t-shirt with a blue print, logo on both sides of the chest, on the chest and on the back to show both the brand and personality.
Design file
As the logo of Tony Kart has many small, bright colors and has a logo border, Dony has adopted the method of heat transfer to print the fidelity and sharp, high color fastness and no status. coloring.
The process of sewing products are very focused.

Dony sew Tony Kart T-shirts

Button making stage

Clothes ironing is also very careful

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