The GERMAN Volkswagen Group - Delivery uniforms T-shirts

The well-known brands include Audi, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bugatti, SEAT, Porsche and Volkswagen are well-known brands of the German Volkswagen Group - one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

In early July 2016, Dony continues to receive new orders of the famous car company Volkswagen - Germany for uniforms T-shirt.

The product is carefully inspected each needle nose, size and details of the logo before Dony delivery T-shirt in district 2 for customers. T-shirts are delivered 3 days before the date of contract with the uniform.

T-shirt uniforms are carefully checked

This is the 2nd in 2016 that Dony has earned the honor of being the first Uniform T-shirt made for Volkswagen.
T-shirt uniforms Volkswagen cars delivered in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Dony uniforms company uniformed in uniform in District 2, consulting and quotation and delivery of uniforms to District 2 office free.
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