Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best? 2023

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Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

In this cold winter, we choose clothes that can help us avoid the cold. It can be said that a turtleneck is the best shirt this winter. In the article below we will provide full information about different types of turtlenecks.

Express Your Style Through Turtleneck

Clothing is an important material need in human life. As society develops, the issue of clothing becomes more important than ever.

For fashionistas, the dress is always a top priority. Choosing a shirt also needs to carefully consider its characteristics.

Especially in the cold winter, choosing a shirt that everyone cares about is keeping the body warm. Turtleneck is the first choice of people because it keeps the body warm very well and is very fashionable. How many turtlenecks do you know? If you don’t know, read the article below.

1 What is a turtleneck?

A turtleneck is a type of shirt, usually, a sweater or t-shirt with a high, closed collar that can be pulled up or closed to cover the wearer’s neck, a type of shirt usually made of soft materials such as wool, cotton is used to make turtleneck t-shirts, or sweaters are used a lot to keep the wearer warm.

Turtlenecks are worn by many people in cold climates. The turtleneck in English is called polo neck or roll-neck, in the US it is called Turtleneck or Skivvy in Australia.

Turtlenecks are an indispensable item in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. turtlenecks can be divided into turtlenecks for men and turtlenecks for women

2 History of turtleneck

They first appeared in the Western Hemisphere in the 15th century. If you’re wondering why, you know that once you put them on, they warm your neck a lot, which is great for those days. Colder throughout the year.

As such, it never really lost its popularity, but by the 19th century, it was mostly worn by the working class or sailors. You can also sometimes see naval officers wearing them. Having said that, this is not something you will see aristocrats wearing.

It was, in fact, a functional garment that didn’t become fashionable until playwright Noel Coward wore it in the 1920s. It was very popular and was later adopted by the preppy movement because everyone People wants something more casual, so they wear it in place of a shirt and tie, especially during the cooler days of the year.

Since then, turtlenecks have gone out of fashion. They were very popular in the 80s and then demand dropped. About 15 years ago in the early 2000s and they weren’t really popular at the time.

That being said, in recent years, there has been a spike in popularity, because it is an outfit that sets you apart from the rest of your somewhat formal wardrobe.  It keeps your neck warm and that also means you don’t need a tie or a bow tie, which makes it an ideal winter companion.

3 Turtlenecks for men

Turtleneck sweaters are different from regular sweaters due to their unique shape.  They are also practical: wear a thick wool turtleneck sweater under your coat or jacket  to keep you warm in the winter.

Many different styles of turtlenecks make them a surprisingly adaptable choice.  You can wear them in many ways. Fine wool stuff is at the  end of the more formal spectrum and is perfect for the office.

It can also be worn under a suit or blazer.  On the other hand, the thick  knit turtleneck is perfect for  casual weekends. There are three types of turtlenecks for men

1. Classic turtlenecks

This is an original design with a long collar that can be rolled up to hug the neck to help keep you warm on cold days.

For comfort, men can pull the neckline down or up to completely cover the chin. A hugely popular style, the classic turtleneck provided great warmth on colder days and is still popular today.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

2. Funnel turtleneck

This is a variation of the classic roll neck with a shorter no-roll design. So to keep the collar structure snug and standing, funnel collars tend to be textured.

In some cases, manufacturers take the cue from sweatshirts by adding buckles to create a high neckline when needed. For those who don’t like the classic exterior design. Men can choose this funnel neck style.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

3. Mock turtleneck

If you don’t like the turtleneck that reaches your ears, the funnel turtleneck is for you. This style of turtleneck, also known as a turtleneck, ends in about half the neck.

In contrast to classic turtleneck sweaters, they don’t reach the neck. You can find them in different fabrics. For example, some have a thick and thick texture, such as merino wool, while others have a thin texture, such as cashmere.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

No matter what texture you choose for this sweater, the stand-up collar will give you a super-elegant impression. The original design such as style, and long sleeves remained the same, the shirt only changed in the collared shirt. A short shirt can only hold up to 1/3 of the length of the neck (also known as a fake neck).

4 Mix and match with men’s turtleneck 

There are many ways to combine men’s turtlenecks and they can be easily incorporated into the wardrobe he already has. In this cold winter weather, a turtleneck sweater will always make you feel warm wherever you go.

1. Men’s turtleneck combined with a leather jacket – masculine style

Leather jacket: This is one of the power pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. The leather jacket is the perfect suggestion for you, where elegance, elegance, and luxury are your plus points.

Men’s turtleneck sweater with a leather jacket creates a masculine feeling for men. The racing boy-style suede jacket has a body-hugging form, so it is very suitable for brothers with tall and slim figures.

The collar can be raised to increase its coolness or can be lowered to reveal the turtleneck of the sweater, increasing the elegance and masculinity of the outfit.

2. Men’s turtleneck combined with overcoat – formal, classic

Overcoat: This type of jacket is suitable for cold weather. You can choose to wear a turtleneck with a hood even to work or on a date. Men’s turtlenecks combined with jacket styles create an elegant, mysterious, classic style.

While this look is boldly classic, it adds flair to a combination that’s both dramatic and stylish. This style is very popular with men these days. The plus point for this set is to help the gentlemen not only conquer all eyes but also help you conquer the cold weather of winter.

3. Mix a very “cool” turtleneck with a bomber jacket

On cold days, the way to coordinate with men’s turtleneck sweaters is indispensable. You can add a baseball jacket over it, the perfect combination for winter.

Men’s turtleneck sweaters can be mixed with jackets and blazers to increase the style.

This set of clothes not only keeps the body warm from the cold weather, it is both impressive and can comfortably express its style.

Whether it’s going to school, going out, or going to work, it’s perfect in an elegant office environment.

4. Men’s turtleneck sweater combined with a suite – Polite, elegant

Do many men wonder what men’s turtlenecks should wear to be both warm and stylish? The highlight is a turtleneck sweater to help keep the body warm, combined with an elegant suit for a sophisticated aesthetic that also appeals to gentlemen. You can combine it with trousers and sports shoes to make you more dynamic and youthful but still not lose the necessary elegance.

5 Turtlenecks for women

Have you ever wondered why  this person looks good on a turtleneck? But does he look weird when trying to wear a turtleneck? It looks nice to some people, but why is it  so bad for me? Well, we are here to find out.

Apparently, several factors can contribute, such as your face shape and neck type  (yes, that’s one thing). This article gives you an overview of everything to consider when buying or wearing a turtleneck and how to choose the right turtleneck for you. There are three types of turtlenecks for women

1. The Cowl turtleneck

Unlike tight turtlenecks, turtlenecks have a collection of necklines and are unstructured. In general, the thick neckline creates a feeling of loud, comfortable, carefree. Sometimes these sweaters have a veil under the collarbone.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

This look is achieved when the folds in the fabric look like a shawl off the neck. If you need clothing that matches your class, you can opt for a denim shirt.

The turtlenecks look gorgeous and the shirt necklines are flattering on many body shapes. In the right posture, the neckline helps to add volume to the small bust.

 To create an impressive look, you need to combine it with a suitable skirt or turtleneck. First, keep in mind that high necklines are too big and can overwhelm you, so add a belt to your outfit for a snug fit. Add a belt to your outfit for a snug fit. This also emphasizes your small hips.

Black belts always look classy, ​​but if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, try belts in different textures and colors. Don’t wear a cowl necklace as it can look too gaudy and ignore the bold and unique slit. Instead, consider accessories with hoop earrings.

2. Knit Turtlenecks

A sweater woven from wool. This type of turtleneck is often wide and huge, so it is often worn as a stand-alone piece.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

You can find a knit turtleneck, but most fashionistas are looking for an oversized knit turtleneck with long, baggy sleeves. Knitted sweaters are great for winter because they keep the wearer warm and comfortable.

This warm sweater comes in tons of style options. Keep layered turtleneck sweaters over tops or button-down skirts. It comes in knee-length and is the perfect color choice for the cold season.

3. Printed Turtleneck

Wearing a plain turtleneck T-shirt or sweater can be quite boring. Especially for those who are not interested in simple clothes. Is there a way to make wearing a turtleneck fun? Of course, there is! But if you like both funky and printed designs, a printed turtleneck is for you.

- Different types of Turtleneck: Which Popular & best?

Turtleneck sweaters are often found in animal prints such as zebras and leopard prints. The key to successfully pulling out this look is to minimize the rest of your outfit. For example, if you wear a leopard print turtleneck top, the bottom should be plain.

If possible, match colors such as tangerine and black. If you want to add more emphasis to your outfit, a plain matching blazer is ideal.  Printed turtleneck sweaters offer a variety of possible combinations. So unleash your creativity when dressing up with a printed turtleneck.

Everyone lives because of the striped pattern, right? You can easily incorporate stripes into your turtleneck outfit. All you have to do is wear a striped turtleneck or a printed T-shirt and wrap a striped scarf around your neck. You can also choose a cute floral turtleneck and pair it with leather jeans.

In this way, you can quickly achieve a cute, girly, and sexy look. When the outside is frozen, you can wear a matching leather jacket. The point is that you can customize your clothes to suit your tastes and weather requirements.

6 Mix and match with women’s turtleneck 

Despite its reputation for being boring, a simple turtleneck is the easiest way to make a simple outfit look more creative. As? It looks like an onion and you just learn how to stack it in unexpected ways, but it’s easy to say. If you don’t know how to wear a turtleneck sweater while maintaining a fresh and trendy atmosphere, we’ll show you.

1. Wear Your Turtleneck With… A Long-Sleeve Dress

When it comes to office items, it’s not as flashy as a turtleneck, but if you want a little spice, try wearing a dress. We love the idea of ​​loose-fitting khaki dresses where you can roll up your sleeves to show off the turtleneck underneath.

Then add a pair of fun earrings for a bit of sparkle. This keeps your favorite lightweight garments more durable by layering them to keep them warm.

2. Wear Your Turtleneck With… All The Classics

It’s not cold outside yet, so you don’t have to wear multiple pieces. Seasonally update your basic denim and T-shirt combination with a  turtleneck shirt,  plaid blazer,  classic denim pants, and boots. If you want to look dressy, try leather belts and tote bags.

3. Wear Your Turtleneck With… Retro-Inspired Neutrals

Take notes from the fall outfits above before you start throwing away those miniskirts. There is no such thing as a miniskirt to turn your head and a long coat to match it. I love to layer a retro cardigan on top of a refreshing white turtleneck and a trendy fanny pack. Although there are many work parts and everything looks cohesive and sophisticated thanks to the right color scheme.

4. Wear Your Turtleneck With… All-Black, Everything

It’s okay to wear black clothes. Knowing how to keep things interesting with the right accessories and contrasting textures is the perfect fashion.

I love the eye-catching skinny black turtleneck, which combines a fancy leather motorcycle jacket with simple black jeans. The lovely layered necklace worn over the shirt adds just the right amount of sophistication.

7 FAQs

1. What is the difference between a mock neck and a turtleneck?

A turtleneck sweater is essentially a turtleneck sweater with a much lower neckline. Instead of the sweater going down to the chin, it ends at half or under the neck. They still resemble a regular turtleneck, but it’s all a little more relaxed and casual.

The neckline of a turtleneck sweater is also usually quite loose. It doesn’t wrap around your neck as much as a turtleneck. In the photo above, you can see that the neckline of the turtleneck sweater is quite loose.

A slightly lower neckline means that these sweaters are usually cooler than a comparable turtleneck. This allows it to be used in a variety of ways. I wear a turtleneck from autumn to spring while preserving the turtleneck for the coldest days of winter.

2. Who should not wear a turtleneck?

A tight turtleneck looks great on young women because of its smooth skin. Older women, on the other hand, need to be careful as the turtleneck focuses on the loose skin under the chin. So far, the neck can be nicely hidden with a tight weave, which is very good.

8 Final word

Cool turtlenecks are an indispensable part of your winter wardrobe. The best part is that there is no shortage of turtleneck designs and styles on the market. The above article is a series of different types of turtlenecks and their combinations. I hope that after reading it, you will know how to choose the right turtleneck for yourself.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

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