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Direct Import Face Mask to US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada (FDA-CE) by Dony Garment

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Oct. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Covid-19 pandemic has almost turned the world upside down. Everything remained close because of it. But life needs to move. We have to survive and keep our life going. In this time, when we are facing such a terrible situation, our only saviors are face masks. They are used as a protective sheet to keep ourselves safe. The face mask is the new normal. Most of us are facing difficulty in adapting to this new lifestyle. Moreover, people are not used to wearing face masks for long hours. During this hard time, Dony face masks appear in the market as a saver for all.

Fast wholesale supply covid face mask to Netherlands (Holland): Eco-friendly, reusable cloth by DONY
Fast wholesale supply covid face mask to Netherlands (Holland): Eco-friendly, reusable cloth by DONY

Dony face masks are the best face mask covering in the B2B market because of the following reasons:


In addition to affecting the lifestyle, the pandemic has left a drastic impact on the economic conditions of the masses. They cannot afford new masks every time they go out. This thing was kept in mind while designing the Dony face masks. These masks are washable. It means that they can be reused thus saving large amounts of money. This thing attracts the business owners too as they always look for products which are reasonable in price and the customers can afford them.

Good for Skin!

It is often seen that people with sensitive and acne-prone skin get pimples and infections from applying face masks for long hours. The Dony face masks are made of cloth which is soft and suitable for all skin types. Most of the companies prefer buying the masks which ensure the safety of their employees but do not harm their skin. This search brings them to the DONY masks.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

The material of this face mask is up to 99.9% anti-bacterial. It means that it will not allow any bacteria to reach you. In this way, it reduces the chance of infection which is the actual purpose of wearing a face mask. These masks do not lose their anti-bacterial properties even after 60 washes, making them the best face masks out there.

In this time of COVID-19, the businesses need to run. The employees have to work in an environment where it is difficult to maintain a distance of six feet. In such a challenging environment, the safety of the employees is the priority of all the businesses. The anti-bacterial property of DONY face masks is the reason that business owners trust this mask.

- Direct Import Face Mask to US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada (FDA-CE) by Dony Garment


People also complain that they face breathing issues because of wearing a mask for too long. The Dony masks are made of the breathable material. It makes breathing in a congested environment easy and is beneficial for the businesses.

Stretchable & Adjustable

These masks are adjustable too. The strap can be extended up to 270 percent of the original length. This reduces the discomfort for employees when they have to wear it for long hours.

Dony face masks do not suffocate the users because of their adjustable and breathable quality. That is why they are ideal for people who are associated with some kind of business.

Resistant to bacteria

Dony face masks have three layers.

The outer layer is aqua-resistant. This prevents any kind of bacteria, viruses, or dust particles to adhere to the mask and clog it. This thing limits the chance of viral infection.

The middle layer works as a filter. It filters dust particles, bacteria, or viruses.

The inner layer is the most anti-bacterial and it has a breathable design.

All these layers of this mask give a surety of protection against COVID-19 to large businesses, which is the main concern these days.


These masks catch up with the latest trend. They are available in various colors which is in trend these days. The straps of these masks are soft and do not feel harsh on the ears.

Dony face masks have a 3D tailoring design, Non-Valve, and have V-shaped nose support. All these things make them so attractive and fashionable in this COVID-19 pandemic.

They are available in various colors for bulk orders.

Dony face masks have all the necessary features in them but there is a doubt that comes to the mind of all the businesses who order these masks. How will the masks reach us without catching any germs? Will they reach us in the exact quality as mentioned? These masks are shipped in medical packaging. They meet the most rigid standards exported worldwide.

- Direct Import Face Mask to US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada (FDA-CE) by Dony Garment

EO Gas technology

They are sterilized by EO gas technology which is used for medical supplies. There is an indication strip on the packaging which shows that it is properly sterilized by using EO gas. The strip turns pink when sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas.

Ethylene Oxide gas has the ability to penetrate in the pathways of the fabric and clean any dust and bacterial particles if present. This makes the face masks even more protective. Because of EO gas sterilization, the mask is ready to use as soon as it reaches the customer.


Plastic is a big harm to the environment because it is non-degradable. All the companies consider it a plus point if the product they are ordering is harmless to the environment. Face masks in addition to becoming a necessity, are harmful to the environment if they are made of plastic.

The Dony face masks are eco-friendly as they are made of cloth and are reusable, another reason making them the best face masks.

Non-China Market

Before the Covid-19 situation, everyone used to buy consumer products and medical supplies, etc. from China. But due to this pandemic situation, consumers started avoiding China products. Most of the buyers started looking for Non-china markets for cloth-based face masks.

This search brought them to the Vietnam market. The best face masks of the world with all the essential features can be brought from this market. Dony face masks often produce quarter a million face masks a day which is larger production than any market in China. So, there is no concern about the quantity of the product.

- Direct Import Face Mask to US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada (FDA-CE) by Dony Garment

FDA – CE – TUV Certified

When you will do a little research on Dony masks, you will come to know that they are certified in this field and have got the following certificates which show their authenticity and commitment to their work. This is also a reason that business owners prefer DONY masks.

  • FDA certificate for permission to export to the US market.
  • CE certificate for exporting to the European market

Dony Garment has CE certified which means that they are allowed and eligible to sell products to the European market. This is a feature which business owners usually look for in any company they work with. This is actually a marking that indicates that the product is safe, healthy, and environment-friendly to be sold in the European market.

  • TUV Reach certificate for toxic chemical-free, containing cancer-free, allergy-free components, perfectly safe for long-time use.
  • Aseptic Inspection Certificate: guarantee for being biologically safe and germ-free
  • Certification for breathing resistance which makes it suitable for sports enthusiasts, jogging.

“There are many masks manufacturers in Vietnam but not all the factories following the international standard. The reason why we chose a Dony mask is that they fulfill Japan’s market needs and their manufacturing system is achieved by our standard target.

Our company is putting our priorities on Vietnamese factories for sourcing not only for the garment but the materials as well and believe it will be extended more and more in the future.” – Nicolas Jo – Founder and CEO – JJFT, a fashion, and textile group.

People’s Choice

In the donate USA event, various businesses have presented their face masks. Out of all those businesses, Dony face masks were the only masks that passed all the tests and survived all the quality checks. After a lot of testing and examination, these masks were accepted for use in the US. At that ceremony, Dony company presented 100.000 anti-bacterial reusable cloth face masks worth 10.5 billion VND.

It was an honor for Dony Garment Company that the U.S Ambassador of Vietnam has confirmed that the safety items of Dony Company will be distributed among needed people in California, New York, etc.

Price Policy

Dony provides distribution for B2B purposes and even exclusive partnerships. The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders, and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels. Businesses can either use the branding opportunities for use from their employees or create merchandise for their customers or fans to buy

- Direct Import Face Mask to US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada (FDA-CE) by Dony Garment


A single piece is packed separately after sterilization and then each carton is packed with 500 pieces each. The packaging of the product is done delicately and efficiently and if by any chance someone receives a faulty piece, they immediately replace it through their amazing return policy.

Take Away

Their commitment to their work is clear from the above-mentioned facts but in addition to that they commit:

  • Providing 100% sterilized masks and they are open for a return if the customer finds any germs on the product.
  • On-time delivery with high-quality products.
  • They claim to give a 100% refund within 24 hours if they do not follow their commitment.

Dony Garment is the top suppliers of reusable COVID face masks for the markets of the USA, France, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao Malaysia, South Africa, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, etc.

The time is right for a better kind of face mask, and Viet Nam is the right country to provide it.

In the past, the world turned to China when it needed massive quantities of consumer products, The COVID-19 pandemic changed that a bit. The ongoing trade war between China and the US has inhibited the Chinese production of PPE even more.

Other countries have been catching up to China’s manufacturing capacity: we can now produce nearly a quarter-million DONY Masks a day when needed. We do it with a degree of precision and quality control that larger Chinese manufacturers can’t match, and with the same low overhead, government support, and access to global shipping channels that China is known for.” – Henry Pham – CEO Dony Garment.

About Dony Garment Company:

Established in 2009, the Dony Garment Company, a subsidiary of Dony International Corporation – based manufacturer of workwear and casual clothing. One of the largest manufacturers in Vietnam for making uniforms and suppliers for clothing stores & companies across the world. In 2020, DONY responded to the Covid-19 crisis by pivoting its activity to the manufacture of PPE and exported around the world including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

⭐ Email quanganh@dony.vn
⭐ Hotline +84985310123
⭐ Office & Sample Factory ✅ 142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet nam
⭐ Website https://garment.dony.vn/

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2020/10/18/2110087/0/en/Direct-Import-Face-Mask-to-US-Japan-Germany-Indonesia-Mexico-Canada-FDA-CE-by-Dony-Garment.html

DONY MASK: The Covid-19 Mask – Premium Cloth Face Mask Manufacturer (washable/reusable, FDA/CE/DGA)

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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