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How To Buy The Best Disposable Face Mask, According To Experts

We understand that you are in a panic about the Coronavirus transmission. Wearing face masks is understandably crucial at this time. However, many sellers underestimate morale and deceive buyers into low-quality products to get profits. Therefore, we released this paper with a view to guiding you to select types of face masks that are worth it to use.

Now, come with us to the first part to get the answer you are seeking.

How to shop buy the best disposable face mask, according to experts 

If you tend to make a rush to the drugstore for a pack of disposable face masks right away, please sit back and read what you should read. Below are some notable recommendations provided by medical experts that you should bear in mind. 

In the first place, it’s essential to differentiate between medical face coverings and non-medical face coverings so that you will not grab the wrong one for your specific use. Things are really simple because you will see all the information about the face mask labeled outside the box. To be sure, non-medical versions will come with various types of layers. Commonly, two-ply is the minimum at which your face is secure, but three-ply is exceptional. 

Besides, you can choose some types of coverings having an inner lining made of antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric. Going for a model with nose bridge strips is a smart option as the clip helps avoid particles from flying out when you sneeze, cough, or breathe. Also, your glasses will not get fogged when you are wearing this type of mask.

Lastly, price does not always mean high quality because expensive medical-grade face masks do not ensure better covering. 

Disposable Face Mask Types Explained

Surgical/medical masks

Medical or surgical face coverings have an outer layer that is moisture repellent, helping block visible droplets produced by people speaking loudly or coughing near you. 

However, small aerosol particles that likely contain the virus can still penetrate through these masks, particularly if you do not wear it tightly. Generally speaking, like the usable face masks, medical or surgical coverings help capture droplets releasing out while you are talking, sneezing, or coughing. 

Wearing masks whenever you go out will help prevent viral particles from spreading, meaning you are less likely to get sick or even be exposed to Coronavirus. 

These masks are single-use types, usually sold in packs of 50 masks, but you can still find smaller packs in some pharmacies. They tend to be pleated, rectangular, and blue. They will not slip on your nose, thanks to the nose wire and elastic straps. 

Medica coverings feature three different degrees of filtration. The first and second degrees of filtering are higher than 95% and 98%. These two levels of filtration both help block huge virus-containing respiratory droplets on users’ exhales. Like the Type II, Type IIR features a higher level of 98% filtering along the same function. However, this type particularly can be splash resistant.  

FFP respirator masks

For more safety, you can opt for FFP respirator masks, also called filtering facepieces. These types of coverings have a closer-fitting design so that wearers can avoid inhaling not only larger droplets but also aerosol particles. 

With their higher level of protection, respirator masks are usually more costly than blue medical masks. Like surgical coverings, FFP masks are single-use products, meaning that they are not eco-friendly. 

But if you are in Germany or France, where there is a high level of transmission, you can buy the FFP2 masks to protect yourself from catching Coronavirus. 

Valved FFP3 dust masks

You can buy FFP3 dust masks at the hardware stores, meaning that these masks serve do-it-yourself construction tasks. At the same time, you can avoid breathing in dust or other possibly damaging particles. 

Nonetheless, the masks only filter what you inhale instead of what you exhale. Thus, this problem defeats others’ purpose of getting protected, meaning that the dust masks are not appropriate for lessening the Coronavirus spread.

Features of Disposable Masks Versus Usable Maks


Disposable medical masks, also known as single-use products, feature the same rudimentary properties as a homemade model.

These masks protect wearers against splashes and larger droplets, which means they serve only basic protection rather than helping block other potentially smaller virus-containing particles. The disposable coverings present a main purpose of protecting others from your breathing out if you are asymptomatic. 

As mentioned above, FFP2 masks exhibit higher-grade filtration in hindering the aerosol particles from coming in your mouth. Therefore, these versions offer better protection to users. While all disposable face coverings must conform to certain standards for filtration, reusable models do not. 

However, we have had some face mask tests that said that reusable versions perform the same filtration level as disposable surgical versions.  

Environmental cost 

Environmental groups currently raise some concerns, which are about the single-use face coverings’ impact on our living environment due to its unrecyclable properties through normal routes. 

Although some companies have claimed to produce recyclable face coverings, we realized that this possibility might come true only when recycling services involving specialists become popular within the community.  

There is a warning about forbidding throwing disposable masks in the recycle bins. Why? We have collected some statistics related to the disposable mask usage of the population in the UK. What if half of those British citizens use these masks can lead to an augmentation of about 12 billion masks per year. 

Consequently, there will be a huge amount of plastic waste contaminated (more than 30,000 tons). Therefore, dispose of disposable masks correctly; otherwise, your country may have to encounter hazardous waste trouble soon. 

Places Where To Buy Disposable Face Masks? 

It is not difficult to find blue surgical masks because they are now widely sold in corner shops, newsagents, supermarkets, or pharmacies. Today, you can go to Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Superdrug, LloydsPharmacy or Boots to purchase some boxes of masks for future use. 

However, it may be more difficult to grab the FFP masks. If possible, you can visit LloydsPharmacy or even Amazon for shopping. But before clicking on the “confirmation” button, make sure your products have a CE mark and conform to EN149:2001.

Some Disposable Face Mask Options

1. Disposable Three-Layer Face Masks With Elastic Ear Loop 

Disposable Three-Layer Face Masks With Elastic Ear Loop

Disposable Three-Ply Face Masks With Elastic Ear Loop (source

Because of their packages, the wearers can save it at ease for later use. You can scatter one out to a person forgetting to bring a mask along while you are out and about.

These masks come in 3 colors: white, black, and pink, all suitable for kids and entire families. Besides, people can easily afford this type of coverings thanks to its reasonable price. 

Commonly, these disposable three-layer face masks are available in a pack of 50 masks. 

2. Evolvetogether Milan Face Masks

Evolvetogether Milan Face Masks

Evolvetogether Milan Face Masks (source

Because of the popularity, you can even catch some celebrities regularly wearing Evolvetogether Milan face masks. These coverings have four layers and an adjustable nose bridge that helps glasses avoid fogging. 

Besides, you can notice the geographic coordinates of Milan country marked on the masks. 

The number of masks in each package is diverse, meaning that you can order Evolvetogether in packs of 7, 21,30, and 42. It depends on your preference and specific needs. 

Last but not least, there are several color options you can go for, like grey, white, green, or black.  

3. Disposable Face Masks With Three-Layer Protection

Disposable Face Masks With Three-Layer Protection

Disposable Face Masks with Three-Layer Protection (source

These masks commonly come in a box of 50 packs. They are comfortable to wear so that the wearers can be understandably breathable. The company also provides a fast delivery service so that you do not have to wait long. 

You can see that the arrival of these three-ply coverings comes in a box where the company wrapped the mask inside the cellophane. Therefore, rest assured that your masks arrive in an intact state. 

4. CandyCare Disposable Face Mask With Ear Loops

CandyCare Disposable Face Mask With Ear Loops

CandyCare Face Mask (source

CandyCare disposable face masks exhibit the same features as a medical-grade mask. With a three-ply construction and sturdy materials, users will feel comfortable when wearing. CandyCare’s bendable nose bridge wire facilitates a closer-fitting wrap over the nose. 

5. Disposable Children Mask for School and Daily Use

Disposable Children Mask for School and Daily Use

Disposable Children Masks for School and Daily Use (source

These masks are available in attractive packages, which provide fitting comfort for kids’ ears rather than adults’. Because of its three outstanding features: breathable, adjustable, and lightweight, kids can easily wear or take it off. 

Disposing of these masks is even faster than reusable face mask versions. Similar to some versions, these also come in a box of 50 packs. 

6. EasyEast Face Mask Three-Layer Design

EasyEast Face Mask Three-Layer Design

EasyEast Face Masks (source

EasyEast face coverings also offer a three-layer design with an elastic nose clip. They are lightweight and easy to use. You can choose this version for protection while hanging out with friends. A box has 25 packs inside. 

7. Mascotking Disposable Face Masks

Mascotking Disposable Face Masks

Mascotking Disposable Face Masks (source

Giving the wearer a sense of lightness can be an advantageUnlike other plastic packages, these masks do not smell at all. These masks also arrive in a box of 50 packs. 

8. Ztanps Face Masks 

Ztanps Face Masks

Ztanps Face Masks (source

With its different colors, buyers can freely choose their favorite masks, depending on their color preferences. There are 50 packs in a box.

Besides, the individually wrapped feature allows you to share Ztanps face coverings with family, friends or even store some in the coat pocket. 

There are some feedbacks of essential workers whose masks got worn within 12 hours. They said that these masks are breathable, and they did not feel any chafing sensation thanks to the soft ear loops. 

9. KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks (source

In case you are looking for certified KN95 coverings, these KN95 versions can be a great option because of their 3M and CDC approval. 

Because of coming with an adjustable metal nose clip, these masks provide wearers with a secure fit. eAlso, users can fold the mask in half and put it in a zipper bag or a pouch. How convenient! 

In addition to that, with a rounder design and thicker materials, these KN95 face masks offer a higher level of filtration than many disposable masks because the other versions are usually thinner and baggier. 

And lastly, an order will come in a pack of 20 masks. 

What About DONY Masks – A Contrasting Option

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Dony Face Masks (source

We have introduced some widely used disposable face masks that probably meet your specific demands and needs. In this part, we would love to offer another contrasting option to have a newly selected product for better protection. 

First of all, we want to provide a brief note regarding Dony masks to avoid any product misunderstanding. DONY masks originate from DONY Garment Company, in which the distribution is for B2B around the world. The company’s Mask orders are pretty diverse; they can be custom orders, bulk orders, wholesale orders, trial orders, or free samples. 

Now, come with us and scan through all of the DONY mask’s outstanding features to understand why many customers choose their daily use.

  • Like some disposable face coverings, DONY masks also come with a nose clip and elastic ear loops.
  • With the strap extending 270% of its original length, DONY masks offer better comfort and closer fit when wearing.
  • Users will not have to worry about its actual quality because the CDC has already approved this three-ply designed mask version.
  • No matter how prolonged your use is, the mask still stays breathable and odor-free.
  • Those who have sensitive skin can go for DONY masks thanks to their tailored and skin-friendly properties.
  • Even after 60 washes, Dony’s antibacterial capability still sustains up to 99,9% while no other masks reach this zenith.
  • Ideally, people playing sports can count on DONY masks because there are no suffocation problems confronted.
  • Dony masks offer many different designs and different colors.
  • The capability of UV, odor, and dust resistance has impressed thousands of wearers. The UV resistance level can reach 99,95%, comparable to that of sunscreen lotions with the premium grade.
  • Although DONY masks are reusable face mask products, they are eco-friendly. 

Generally speaking, DONY masks satisfy all the strict requirements if you have a purpose of global use and export. So go for this DONY face-covering product and give it a try. You will be surprised at how they work. 

Final Words

Hopefully, after scanning through the end of our paper, you can have a more in-depth outlook on these products. Moreover, if you have any great experience with other different disposable face coverings, comment in the box below so that you can share with everyone. 

We thank you for your belief. 

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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