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Dony Garment Stop Cooperating With Unicorps Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company

Dear Sir / Madam:
We would like to announce the change of DONY’s sales consultant as follows:

Unicorps Trading Company has no longer partnered with DONY since November 18, 2020. So Mr. Jack Ho, Mr. Jame, and others of Unicorps no longer have a partnership with DONY.

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Everything related to sales and other transactions of the company DONY, please contact DONY COMPANY DIRECTLY.

The reception staff handles the work directly:

  • Mr. Long Ho – Call / Whatsapp: +84 906 718 123 – email:
  • Ms. Bonita Linh – Call / Whatsapp: +84 938 842 123 – email:

As of November 18, 2020, all information, documents, images, and transactions of Unicorps Trading Company in the name of DONY Company are illegal and DONY Company is not responsible.

Sincerely thank our customers and partners for their trust and cooperation.

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