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Should we choose screen printing, relief printing or

Should we choose screen printing, relief printing or

There are many different types of printing like : screen printing, relief printing, high-resolution printing, thermal transfer printing… and… However to save money and time But we usually choose 3 main types that is: screen printing, relief printing and…because of their acceptable prices and save time, uniform companies mainly use three types : screen printing, relief printing and high-resolution printing.

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Screen printing is the most popular print with low price and save time. Usually used for worker’s uniform or Event

Relief printing is similar to screen printing but they add baking soda powder in the process of printing, and use high thermal press to creat a thick printing. The price of relief printing is more expensive than screen printing but still acceptable. Still have many companies choose them for their uniform

Rubber printing : rubber printing is high class printed with thick ink,which make imagine embossed from the textile . This type of print is usually use to high class uniforms because it’s expenxsive

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