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The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

Fabric is an indispensable ingredient when you start building your own brand. Each fabric you choose plays an important role in defining the fashion style of the project and creating a unique accent for the product.

There are many types of fabrics on the market with different functions, quality, and performance. Even though the composition of the fabric has many different groups, from fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, flax,…to fabrics obtained by the synthesis of chemical fibers such as polyester, nylon, etc..

In addition, natural cotton fibers are also used to create knitted fabrics or yarns used for knitted products such as sweaters, cardigans, winter gloves, and many more.

Choosing the right fabric for the project and the audience your brand is aiming for is therefore difficult. Choosing the wrong fabric for a project can lead to negative feedback from customers.

A good example that many brands are prone to fall into is using too much leather in a summer outfit. Leather fabric can bring personality to an outfit, but besides that, leather fabric is a very good heat-retaining fabric. So the use of leather fabric too much in the design will make the wearer feel hot on hot days like summer.

Our article below will give you an overview of the most popular fabrics—fabrics with specialized properties for use in different designs, so you have a lot of choices. fabric for your designs as well as your own brand.

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

1 The process from fiber to fabric

To make the products that make a name for the brand, you must first start the journey with fiber. Fiber can be synthesized from materials of natural origin, such as vegetable fibers or fibers synthesized from animal fur and skin, or obtained from synthetic fibers derived from petroleum and synthetic materials.

Fibers from natural materials

Vegetable fiber

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo yarn
  • Linen yarn
  • Kapok yarn
  • Lotus silk thread
  • Banana silk yarn
  • Pineapple yarn
  • Yarn made from orange peel
  • Coconut fiber yarn
  • Hemp yarn
  • Jute
  • Ramie yarn
  • Abaca yarn

Fiber from animals

  • Silk yarn
  • Wool yarn
  • Alpaca yarn
  • Angora yarn
  • Cashmere yarn
  • Qiviut yarn
  • Vicuna yarn
  • Llama
  • Horsehair yarn
  • Mohair yarn
  • Sea silk fiber

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

Mineral fiber

  • Asbestos fiber
  • Glass fiber
  • Basalt yarn
  • Metallic thread

Synthetic fiber

  • Nylon Yarn
  • Polyester yarn
  • PVC yarn
  • Acrylic yarn
  • Aramis yarn
  • Olefin fiber
  • Spandex yarn

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

Semi-synthetic yarn

Protein fibers

  • Soybean protein fiber
  • Milk Casein Yarn

Man-made fiber

  • Yarn PA
  • PU yarn
  • PVA yarn
  • PE yarn
  • PAC yarn
  • Artificial silk yarn
  • Acetate Yarn

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

2 Ways to turn fiber into fabric

Once you’ve got the yarn you want, the next step is to figure out how to turn the yarn into pieces large enough to be designed into a costume for your project. Depending on the elaborateness and spirit of the project, you can choose different ways.

Knitting method

This method is especially popular for winter projects where there are many different styles of knitting with varying thicknesses, so you can choose from a variety of styles for the project. For example, knits with a loose texture add softness to the design, or knits with a denser texture create a chic and warm spirit for cold days.

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand


This is a term that refers to animal skins that have been dried or tanned for use in fashion. Hides cover all skin types with and without surface hairs. Hides also include furs and furs harvested from animals that have hair as soft as wool or horsehair.


It is a fabric made from animal skin that has been removed by various methods. With this leather fabric, one can take the furry outer skin and clean the entire cage on the surface and then put it into use, or use the inner suede of the animal, which is softer.

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand


Obtained from smaller animals such as goats or sheep. This fabric is thinner than hides as well as softer and feels good in contact with the wearer’s skin.


Hides are obtained from the collection or skin of large animals such as cows. The length of animals with hides is called a hide, and the length must be 1 m or more. The nature of this skin type will be thicker than the skin, and the ability to keep warm is also great.

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

3 How to choose the right fabric

The most important thing when choosing fabrics for a project is to choose fabrics that meet the properties as well as the correlation of the fabric with the design of the project. Remembering the characteristics of each fabric is extremely important because the texture of each fabric is different, so the use is also different.

For example, if you have a fashion project for the summer, make sure the fabric you use has good breathability properties so it can be used on hot days. Likewise, if you decide to launch a collection geared towards winter weather, fabrics with good warmth properties should be of the utmost concern.

- The main fabrics that are essential for a fashion brand

The combination of two or more fabrics is quite common for many fashion designs, whether it is a combination of fabrics with similar properties or completely different in nature, creating accents for the outfit. But you need to make sure that the combination will give a harmonious whole and not be too dependent on a certain property of the fabric.

4 Final words

Each project needs to use the most appropriate fabrics that can bring out the spirit of the collection and resonate with the brand. We really hope that our information can give you new perspectives and help you make good choices for your future projects.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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