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The Most Popular Types Of Wool – What’s the Best?

Fashion is always a daily matter, it is constantly innovating, developing with different styles. If you love sweaters but you are wondering which style to choose to suit your body shape, style, and age, let us help you. Here is all the information about sweaters that you will find extremely useful.

Like many other types of clothing, sweaters are diverse in designs, designs, colors, and materials. Have you ever struggled to compare sweaters with each other on these criteria? Do you know how many types of sweaters there are, where it comes from and how it is modified according to each event you attend?

Read our article right away, we will give you full information and interesting things about sweaters that you didn’t expect. Let us help you have a broader view and make an easy choice that is right for you.

1 What is a sweater – how is a sweater usually worn?

A sweater is a type of shirt also known as a pullover, it is made of knitted or crocheted material to cover the upper body.

Anyone can wear sweaters from old to young, adults to children, men and women can wear them. Usually worn over shirts, blouses, t-shirts or other shirts depending on your preference. It is often worn in winter to keep the body warm and especially in cold climates.

2 What type of fabric is usually used to make sweaters?

There are many types of materials to make a sweater, but here we have a list of popular wool materials on the market for you to easily find and apply to your upcoming project. What fabrics are those? Are you familiar with the following materials?

  • Acrylic

This fabric is made from Acrylic fibers, you may not know but the original purpose of this synthetic man-made fabric is to be used as a substitute for wool. But now, this material is becoming more and more popular in the sewing and knitting industry.


Acrylic fabric is a lightweight fabric but has a high ability to keep warm, this is also one of the reasons this fabric is quite effective in replacing wool.

 In addition, Acrylic also has an impressive resilience and can keep the shape of the project during use. Acrylic fabric is often used to sew warm clothes and many other types of winter clothes.

  • Cotton

Is a fairly common fabric. Cotton fabrics are usually manufactured using natural cotton fibers combined with chemicals. This fabric is quite easy to dye.

Your project will easily become colorful if you use cotton fabric for dyeing. The reason cotton fabric is used a lot in the garment industry is that the raw materials for producing cotton fabric are available in nature.


 This is a fabric with very good sweat absorption, abrasion resistance, and mildew resistance. The reason it became famous is that it is a fabric that is easy to wear even in summer and winter.

The only downside to this fabric is that if you use pure cotton, the fabric will be quite stiff and only suitable for men. Fortunately, this shortcoming was overcome when people created a fabric made of cotton mixed with Spandex to make the fabric softer, suitable for women.

  • Polyester

In a nutshell, this is a fabric made from synthetic fibers with a characteristic component of ethylene (a petroleum-based material). This fabric will usually have 4 basic types of yarn. But it can be seen simply that pure polyester fabric and polyester fabric are mixed.

With Polyester fabric, your project will be highly resistant to dirt but will have the ability to build up the electricity. This will expose the wearer to mild electrostatic shocks.


With Polyester fabric blended with more stable fibers, electrical charge is eliminated from the project. Often polyester fabric will be blended with cotton fabric so that the project has the strengths of both fabrics: wrinkle resistant, strong, durable, and breathable.

 This blended fabric is called poly-cotton fabric, which is often used to make underwear.

  • Wool

Wool is a fabric derived from animals, the most common being sheep wool, goat hair, camel hair, rabbit hair, etc. When looking directly at the yarn and texture of the weave. The fabric is soft, quite porous to the touch, and less wrinkled.

 It feels light and comfortable to wear. It is highly elastic and stretchy. Has anti-heat, heat-insulating, and has good electrical insulation. It is quite difficult to burn, burns very slowly, and extinguishes immediately when taken out of the fire.


But there are a few disadvantages of this fabric that we need to mention this is a fabric that is easy to burst because the yarn is quite thin due to its large size. So, when one thread is damaged, the other fibers are easily pulled apart.

Especially for those hand knitting projects. Second, wool fabric is quite easy to absorb moisture and takes a long time to dry.

3 Popular Types Of Sweaters Today

There are many styles of sweaters created and developed in the fashion industry. If you want a project that can keep up with modern trends, here are the sweater styles that can never go out of fashion that you can refer to for your upcoming project.

1. Cardigans

It is a jacket made of wool fabric, with an open woven chest, V- or U-neck, with buttons on the front used to lock the shirt. It is used by all ages.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

The cardigan originated in England, often used in chilly or cold weather instead of a jacket, it creates a gentle and elegant style for everybody. It is often combined with a thermal inside and teamed with jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, or skirts.

2. Crew Neck Sweater

A turtleneck is a type of shirt made of soft materials such as wool or cotton. This sweater is used a lot to keep the wearer warm, worn by many people in cold climates. The turtleneck in English is referred to as polo neck or roll-neck, in the US it is called Turtleneck or Skivvy in Australia.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

If you wear turtleneck tops, you will look very old and aged.. but just add more and it will look very different.

You can mix and match with denim jackets, biker jackets, some blazers, suits, or long coats… or combine turtlenecks with sweaters, turtlenecks with shirts, and tops on the side. outerwear, turtleneck tops with skirts, turtlenecks, and blazers or long coats…

3. V Neck Sweater

It is a type of shirt with a deep neckline that cuts down to the chest to form a V shape. This shirt is quite popular with everyone. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

There are many different styles of V-neck shirts. Each of these styles of shirt will have different ways of dressing and be suitable in different cases. It can be combined with flared skirts, skinny jeans, and A-line skirts.

4. Hoodie sweater

It is a loosely designed top, with a hood, often with a buckle to be worn as a jacket or unbuckled as a t-shirt, usually hip-length.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

Hoodie shows a casual style – comfortable everyday wear, so it is very suitable for outdoor activities, going to school, going to work (if your place of work is not too strict in dress), and going out with family or friends. It can be combined with jeans, leggings, tight skirts,.. or Jordan shoes, Gucci.

5. Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters will usually be made from luxurious cashmere wool, which is naturally soft and less prone to itching – a fabric that has been around for a long time, only wealthy investors or high-profile personalities can. owned.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

6. Sweater Dresses

These sweaters are a staple these days. It is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a knee-length sweater. Wearing it looks very elegant and noble.

- The Most Popular Types Of Wool - What's the Best?

It can be combined in many ways such as with black turtleneck socks or boots or can be combined with tight jeans, leggings, mini skirts, short jeans, or skirts…

4 FAQs

  • What type of sweater will suit a chubby and short figure?

If you’re a little chubby and short, you can opt for tops like slit sweaters, with their flair and slim fit, stretchy material that will make you look comfortable and slim at the same time. and much higher. In addition, you can refer to short, one-color sweaters to cover up so you don’t show your flaws.

  • With sweaters, which material does not expand after a period of use?

To own a good sweater, consider materials such as fleece, Cashmere wool, cotton wool, … they both absorb sweat well, keep warm excellently, and do not lose shape after 1-time use. Furthermore, take care to avoid sweaters made from synthetic wool. This material will make the shirt quickly fade, and ruffled and you have to throw them out soon.

  • What is a sweater called without sleeves?

Among the types of sweaters, the one without sleeves is called a vest sweater. A cardigan (called a cardigan or sleeveless cardigan in the UK) is an item of knitwear similar to a sweater, but without sleeves, usually with a low neckline. With this unique design, you can combine them with shirts, t-shirts, slim long sleeves inside.

At this time, you look very fashionable and polite. Sweaters are popular with sports fans, especially golf players. T-shirts featuring the logos of sports teams, especially NFL  and college  teams, are also popular and frequently worn by American football coaches, most notably Jim Tressel, who is loved by fans of the United States. Grave nicknamed “Sweater”  despite the garment’s origins in rival Michigan.

  • What is a turtleneck sweater?

The turtleneck sweater is an argyle-patterned shirt. It usually has a square or rectangular box on the front, which shows a square pattern of even length equal to the diagonal.

This pattern is called argyle design. Turtleneck sweaters are very diverse in design, keep warm very well on cold days and most of all, it is very fashionable and polite. The first ones were woven with wool , although now they are also woven with cotton or a blend of synthetic fibers. The first versions were quite thick.

They are combined with collared shirts, to avoid itching, and worn by men. In particular, turtleneck sweaters are very easy to coordinate. You can combine it with skirts, slacks and jackets or leather tops for extra charm.

5 Final words

Choosing a suitable fashion style requires you to consider many different factors. In particular, sweaters in the fashion world are very popular, so you should consider the material, color, manufacturer, quality, etc. to choose a sweater you like.

 In addition, you will also get more information about sweaters to make it easier to coordinate. We hope that through our article, you will have a lot of useful things about sweaters and consider which one best suits your fashion project.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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