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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Kentucky

Clothing manufacturing is a major industry in Kentucky, with many of the state’s apparel companies producing some of the best fashion items on the market. From jeans to hats and dresses to blazers, Kentucky has a rich history of clothing production that has made it one of America’s top producers. With so many different clothing manufacturers located throughout the state, it can be hard to decide which ones offer the best quality options for your wardrobe needs. This guide will provide you with an overview of ten top-tier clothing manufacturers based in Kentucky and help you make an informed decision about where to shop for your next outfit.

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Kentucky

1 Carhartt

Founded in 1889, Carhartt is one of America’s oldest workwear brands and offers durable clothes designed specifically for outdoor activities such as farming or hunting. The company manufactures most its products at its factory store located in nearby Franklin County, KY, where they also sell their wares directly to consumers via retail outlets across North America. In addition to outerwear items like jackets and coats, Carhartt also produces shirts, pants and accessories like caps and wallets that are perfect for those who need tough gear no matter what kind of job they have ahead of them each day.

2 Lazy J Ranch Wear

Established by two brothers from Missouri back in 1971, Lazy J Ranch Wear provides customers with western-style clothing crafted from high-quality leather hide fabrics sourced from local ranchers around Kentucky and beyond. Their signature style includes cowboy boots crafted by hand using traditional techniques combined with modern designs that are sure to get noticed when out on the town or ranching up some cattle during down time off work hours. From vests and belts all the way up through full suit sets finished off with their signature hat line , this family owned business continues creating classic looks every season while staying true to their roots as well as offering competitive prices compared other well known brands around town .

3 Grunge Style Incorporated

Located right outside Lexington Ky , Grunge Style Incorporated was founded back 1999 after its founders were inspired by grunge music culture gaining popularity at that time . Specializing exclusively denim garments made using vintage machines, GSI prides itself being able produce highest grade materials available without cutting any corners when comes design quality control processes involved production process. Popular among college students looking create unique personal look this brand provides very affordable price range while maintaining consistent standards craftsmanship comfort wearability each product carries label . Many online retailers

4 Bluegrass Apparel Group

Located in Louisville, this company offers a wide range of production capabilities including cut/sew services for all types of garments. They specialize in T-shirts but can also produce sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, shorts and more from start to finish with unique fabrications like specialty yarns or trims available upon request. Additionally they offer flatlock stitching (heat press) for logos which gives an extra touch on quality garments.

5 Universal Apparel

This Owensboro based factory has been producing high quality garments since 1982 and prides itself on having one day turnarounds for sample making as well as fast turnarounds on production runs that can be completed within 10 days from order placement! Their experienced staff use only premium fabrics ranging from organic cottons through to performance fabrics like wicking polyesters so they are confident they have something suitable for any project needs their customers may have whether it’s t-shirts or a full line up collection with multiple styles & colors! Additionally their eco friendly manufacturing process ensures minimal impact on our environment while still delivering superior results every time!

6 American Made Apparel

Founded by two brothers who wanted to create high quality American made products without outsourcing labor overseas; this Lexington based factory specializes in custom design work using domestically sourced materials along with traditional methods such as screen printing & embroidery techniques combined with modern technologies like laser cutting & digital sublimation prints creating one-of-a kind pieces at competitive prices! Not only do AMAA strive for excellence when it comes to product quality but also provide exceptional customer service ensuring each order is fulfilled exactly how their clients envision them!

7 Adams Manufacturing Co.

Based out Bowling Green KY , this family owned business has over 50 years experience providing contract sewing services allowing them not just copy existing patterns but also develop new ones according to clients requests .They specialize mainly activewear however can accommodate almost any type apparel design no matter how intricate ! Furthermore ,their expertise extends beyond just creating

8 Clothing Solutions

This Lexington-based company specializes in creating custom garments for corporate clients as well as individuals who need something unique and special made for them. They work with local organizations such as universities and schools, providing uniforms for their students and staff members alike. Their expertise also extends into custom embroidery services so you can make sure your logo or design is flawlessly placed onto any garment they create for you.

9 Southern Apparel

Founded over two decades ago in Louisville, Southern Apparel provides customers with high quality t-shirts at affordable prices without sacrificing service or quality control standards along the way. They specialize in producing T-shirts but can also produce other types of garments if requested by clients such as polos, hoodies and more! Whether its screen printing or embroidery services that you require; Southern Apparel has got what you need whatever purpose it may serve!

10 Regal Sportswear Corporation

Located right here in Bowling Green KY., Regal Sportswear have been crafting superior sporting attire since 1969 making them one of longest standing sportswear specialists around today! Specializing mainly on athletic wear they offer everything from jerseys & jackets all through shorts & sweatpants , which makes them perfect choice if looking add bit extra flair team’s uniform wardrobe ! On top having wide range selection ready wear items also provide customized services where they develop tailored pieces match exact specifications provided by customer . So whether it’s designing new line school spiritwear updating existing look ; Regal Sportswear will help step way towards achieving goals .

In conclusion, Kentucky has many great clothing manufacturers that offer a wide range of quality products. All of these businesses have the ability to provide customers with custom designs and unique items that are sure to fit their needs. These companies are experienced in creating fashionable apparel for any occasion, from formal wear and casual wear to athletic gear and more. With such a variety of options available, it’s easy for consumers to find top-notch clothing manufacturers in Kentucky that can meet their individual style expectations. Whether you need everyday basics or something special for an upcoming event, these reputable businesses can help you look your best.

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