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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Ohio

Ohio, a Midwestern state in the United States, is home to some of the best clothing manufacturers in the country. With its strong textile industry and low-cost labor, Ohio has become a popular destination for apparel and fashion businesses. From small local boutiques to large international design houses, Ohio’s clothing manufacturers are offering some of the trendiest styles on the market today. Whether you’re looking for trendy streetwear or classic high-end designer pieces, Ohio’s top list clothing manufacturers have something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of some of Ohio’s most popular clothing companies so that you can find quality garments that fit your style and budget:

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Ohio

1 Cleveland Clothing Company

Since 1962, this family owned business has been producing stylish apparel from their Cleveland factory. Specializing in t-shirts, polo shirts and outerwear made with premium fabrics sourced from around the world; Cleveland Clothing Company offers exceptional quality at an affordable price point.

2 Buck Mason

Based out of Columbus since 2013; Buck Mason focuses on creating well-made essential staples like denim jeans and chinos as well as casual basics such as tees and hoodies.

3 Abercrombie & Fitch

This iconic American retailer was founded by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch in 1892 in New Albany, OH. Today they are known for their casual-wear line featuring classic styles such as polos, hoodies, and jeans that appeal to everyone regardless of age or gender. They also have an activewear line called “Fitness” which includes performance wear made with advanced fabrics meant to keep up with any workout routine you may have planned!

4 American Apparel

Founded by Dov Charney in 1989, this company started as a wholesale business selling t-shirts out of his dorm room at University Of Westchester before expanding into retail stores across North America and Europe over time. Their mission statement is “to make quality garments ethically” which shines through their commitment to sustainability practices like using organic cotton and fair labor throughout their supply chain processes!

5 H&M

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is one of the worlds largest fashion retailers based out of Stockholm Sweden but they have locations all over the world including one store located here in Columbus OH! Known for providing trendy yet affordable fashion for men women children alike; shoppers can find everything from basics such as graphic tees tanks sweaters dresses blazers jeans skirts shorts accessories shoes jewelry makeup fragrances home decor items more at great prices no matter what season it is outside!

6 Victoria’s Secret

Founded by Roy Raymond back 1975; Vicky’s remains an iconic lingerie brand loved all around globe today! You can shop online or visit one three stores located Cleveland Cincinnati Dayton find everything need when comes bras panties sleepwear sportswear loungewear beauty products accessories etc… Not only do they offer fashionable pieces but also comfortable ones too since they prioritize customer satisfaction above else when designing collections each season .

7 Tultex Corporation

Located in Groveport, OH, Tultex Corporation has been manufacturing quality apparel since 1948. As one of Ohio’s oldest and largest family-owned businesses they specialize in producing knits as well as woven fabrics that can be used across many industries including activewear and streetwear fashion lines. In addition to their impressive variety of products – ranging from basic t-shirts and tanks up through more complex designs like hoodies or pullovers – Tultex also offers services such as embroidery and screen printing; allowing them full customizability from concept through completion.

8 American Apparel USA Inc.

Based out of Columbus, OH but founded by a Canadian entrepreneur who was looking to break into the US market by offering high quality yet cost effective garments made domestically rather than overseas – American Apparel USA Inc does exactly what their name implies! Their mission is “to produce ethically manufactured American made basics at competitive prices” which they constantly strive towards while providing excellent customer service along with fast turnarounds times that help ensure each order meets its deadlines without fail or delay every time!

9 Alstyle Apparel & Activewear LLC

Founded back in 2012 this Los Angeles based company specializes primarily on casual wear but also produces activewear such as shorts, sweatpants etc., making it ideal for those seeking both comfortability AND style from their garments! What sets Alstyle apart from other companies however is its commitment not only towards creating great looking clothes but also ones that are sustainable too; using eco friendly materials whenever possible so customers can feel good about wearing them knowing no harm was done during production either way!

10 JT Manufacturing Co.

A veteran owned business located near Cleveland OH since 1987 JT Manufacturing has come quite far over its long history having become one of America’s leading producers of polo shirts jackets hoodies sweatshirts uniforms hats caps beanies gloves mittens towels blankets

In conclusion, Ohio is a great place to find quality clothing manufacturers. With its diverse range of businesses in the fashion industry, Ohio has become an important hub for apparel manufacturing. From small boutiques to large-scale factories, there are plenty of options available in Ohio for finding the right clothing manufacturer to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for custom designs or mass production, these top list clothing manufacturers in Ohio can help make your vision come alive.

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