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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is home to some of the top clothing manufacturers in the United States. With its diverse culture and rapidly growing population, San Antonio has become a major hub for fashion production. From small independent shops to larger industrial facilities, there are many options available for those looking to have their apparel produced in this city. Below is a list of some of the most popular clothing manufacturers located in San Antonio that you should consider when it comes time to manufacture your garments.

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in San Antonio

1 Garb Inc.

Garb Inc. is one of the largest clothing manufacturing companies located in San Antonio and specializes in producing high-quality sportswear and activewear pieces such as t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, tank tops, and more. The company also provides custom embroidery services so that customers can personalize their garments with logos or other designs.

2 Lone Star Apparel

Lone Star Apparel is a women’s clothing manufacturer based out of San Antonio that offers stylish yet affordable apparel pieces such as dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters/cardigans and accessories like handbags and jewelry. Their mission is to provide quality products at an affordable price point while maintaining excellent customer service standards throughout each order’s fulfillment process.

3 Alamo Manufacturing Company

Founded over 25 years ago, this family-owned company has been producing quality garments with excellent craftsmanship since then. They specialize in custom apparel such as uniforms, corporate wear, outerwear and more. Their services include product design assistance, fabric sourcing and production management expertise that can help take your designs to life quickly and efficiently!

4 Apparel Design Group Inc.

This full-service garment manufacturer specializes in high-end casual wear including t-shirts, tank tops, polos, shorts and much more! They offer a range of services such as pattern making & cutting to sewing & finishing so you can be sure that their products are made with excellence every time!

5 D&K Leatherworks

D&K Leatherworks is a leading custom leather goods supplier for fashion houses all over the world! They use only the finest Italian leathers to create wallets, handbags & other accessories perfect for any look or occasion! With their quick turnarounds & superior craftsmanship they make every item unique while paying close attention to detail during each step of production process.

6 Fashion Royalty

Established by designer Richard Martinez nearly 30 years ago; this company has become known internationally for its exquisite workmanship on jackets coats blazers trousers skirts dresses shirts shorts etc… Made from premium fabrics like cashmere wool linen cotton silk nylon rayon etc… their creations have graced red carpets all around the globe earning them an impressive reputation among fashion magazines celebrities stylists photographers makeup artists hair dressers models runways shows boutiques stores & customers alike!.

7 Garment Craft LLC

Specializing exclusively in men’s tailored clothing; Garment Craft produces some of the best suits sportcoats furnishings ties shirts vests trousers etc… out there today using only first quality materials sourced from Italy England Scotland Japan China South Korea Vietnam Thailand India Myanmar Egypt Peru Mexico Taiwan Australia USA Canada Brazil Germany United Kingdom Spain France Hungary Belgium Sweden Finland Denmark Norway Netherlands Slovakia Portugal Austria Poland Greece Czech Republic Romania Bulgaria Croatia Slovenia Macedonia Serbia Albania Turkey Ukraine Belarus Kazakhstan Lithuania Latvia Hong Kong Macau Singapore Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Laos Brunei Jamaica Cuba Barbados Trinidad Tob

8 Lonestar Apparel

This company has been a long-time favorite among consumer due to its commitment to providing high-quality garments with fast delivery times at an affordable price point. They specialize in creating custom designs for tee shirts and other casual wear items as well as producing on-trend activewear pieces from tank tops to yoga pants using modern fabric technology such as DriFit or CoolMax fabrics.

9 Grupo Xtra Wear

This manufacturer focuses on creating fashion forward streetwear collections that feature bold colors and unique prints while still maintaining an excellent level of quality control throughout their production process. They also offer customization options such as embroidery services so you can add logos or text onto any garment they create for you!

10 Empire Manufacturing Co.

This family owned business has been around since 1978 and specializes in both men’s and women’s sportswear with an emphasis on comfortability without compromising style or fitment accuracy when making garments like hoodies or jackets with zippers/pockets etc.. Their ability to combine traditional craftsmanship techniques along with modern machinery ensures customers receive exceptional results every time!

11 Texstar Manufacturing Company

For over 40 years this company has specialized in creating stylish yet comfortable performance apparel like running shorts/tops made from advanced fabrics like sweat wicking polyester blends designed specifically for athletes looking maximize their potential during workouts/competitions etc.. The team behind Texstar prides itself on being able to meet tight deadlines while offering customized products tailored towards each customer’s exact specifications!

12 Bonita Landesign Inc.

If fashion accessories are what you’re after then look no further than Bonita Landesign; they specialize exclusively designing everything from hats & handbags all the way up luxury leather goods like wallets & briefcases – perfect for those individuals wishing complete their personal wardrobe collection without sacrificing quality materials used during production stages either!

The blog post detailed the top clothing manufacturers in San Antonio, Texas. From local family-owned businesses to large fashion conglomerates, the city of San Antonio is home to some of the best apparel makers in the United States. Each company has a unique approach to design and production that reflects their individualized style. Whether you’re looking for wholesale orders or custom designs, these companies are sure to have something special for you. With so many high-quality options available, it’s easy to find your perfect fit in San Antonio’s diverse selection of clothing manufacturers.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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