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Top 10 uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Missouri

When it comes to choosing workwear for your workforce, the quality of the uniforms is of paramount importance. Work uniforms not only serve as a reflection of your brand but also ensure the protection and comfort of your employees while boosting their confidence on the job.

Given the abundance of options available in the market, the task of selecting the appropriate uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier might seem overwhelming. This is precisely why we’ve assembled a comprehensive compilation of the finest uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Missouri, designed to facilitate your decision-making process with well-informed choices.

Top 10 uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Missouri
Top 10 uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Missouri

From resilient coveralls to fashionable polo shirts, each of these manufacturers and suppliers offers an array of selections tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of your enterprise. Whether your quest involves uniforms for your construction crew, medical personnel, or hospitality team, you can rely on these establishments to deliver top-notch products that can withstand the demands of your industry.

In addition to their remarkable product offerings, these entities extend exceptional customer service and are committed to streamlining the uniform ordering process for your convenience. So, without further delay, let’s delve into our curated list of esteemed uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Missouri.

1 Red Kap: Durable, quality workwear

Red Kap is a top-tier uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier based in Missouri. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Red Kap has built a reputation for producing high-quality, durable workwear that is designed to meet the demands of even the toughest job sites.

Red Kap
Red Kap

Their range of products includes everything from work shirts and pants to coveralls and jackets, all of which are made from top-quality materials and feature innovative design elements that help to enhance comfort, mobility, and functionality.

Whether you’re in the automotive, construction, or manufacturing industry, Red Kap has the workwear solutions you need to keep your employees safe, comfortable, and productive on the job.

2 RefrigiWear: Cold weather specialists

RefrigiWear is one of the top uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Missouri. They specialize in providing high-quality cold weather apparel and accessories for workers in various industries.


With over 60 years of experience, RefrigiWear has established itself as a trusted brand in the workwear industry. Their products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, ensuring that workers stay warm and comfortable while on the job.

From insulated jackets and coveralls to gloves and boots, RefrigiWear offers a comprehensive range of cold weather gear that is both functional and fashionable. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a preferred choice among workers and businesses alike.

3 Bulwark FR: Flame-resistant uniforms

When it comes to providing safety and protection to workers in high-risk industries, Bulwark FR stands out as a top manufacturer of flame-resistant uniforms. As a pioneer in the development of FR apparel, Bulwark FR has been providing quality products for more than four decades.

Bulwark FR
Bulwark FR

They offer a wide range of uniforms and workwear designed to provide maximum protection against flames and other hazards. Their FR garments are engineered with advanced fabrics and technologies to ensure that they are durable, comfortable, and meet industry safety standards.

Bulwark FR’s commitment to safety and quality has made them a trusted supplier of FR uniforms for various industries, including oil and gas, electrical, and chemical. With their innovative designs, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder why Bulwark FR is a top choice for companies in need of high-quality FR uniforms and workwear.

4 Carhartt: Rugged, reliable workwear

Carhartt is a well-known name in the workwear industry, offering a range of rugged and reliable workwear to meet the needs of workers in various industries. Based in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt has been in business since 1889 and has established a reputation for producing high-quality workwear that is both durable and comfortable.


Their products are designed to handle tough working conditions and provide workers with the protection they need to stay safe on the job. Carhartt offers a wide range of workwear, including jackets, overalls, coveralls, pants, shirts, and more, making them a top choice for workers in a variety of industries.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name in workwear, and their products are popular among workers in Missouri and across the country.

5 UniFirst: Customizable uniform programs

UniFirst is a top uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier that offers customizable uniform programs in Missouri. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, UniFirst is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to their customers.


Their customizable uniform programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each business, with options for logo embroidery, screen printing, and personalized employee name badges. UniFirst also offers a wide range of workwear options, including flame-resistant apparel, high-visibility clothing, and protective gear for a variety of industries.

With a focus on sustainability, UniFirst uses environmentally friendly materials and processes in their production facilities. Their dedication to quality, service, and sustainability makes UniFirst a top choice for businesses looking for customizable uniform solutions in Missouri.

6 Cintas: Comprehensive uniform solutions

Cintas is a well-known and reputable uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier that offers comprehensive uniform solutions to businesses in Missouri. With their focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Cintas has become a leader in the uniform industry.


They offer a wide variety of workwear, including shirts, pants, jackets, and coveralls, as well as accessories such as hats, gloves, and safety gear. Cintas understands the importance of creating a professional and consistent image for businesses, and they work closely with their clients to design and customize uniforms that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Their commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices also sets them apart from other uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers. Overall, Cintas is a top choice for businesses in Missouri seeking high-quality, comprehensive uniform solutions.

7 G&K Services: National uniform supplier

G&K Services is a national uniform supplier with a strong presence in Missouri. The company offers a wide range of uniform options for various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and manufacturing. They provide high-quality workwear, safety gear, and facility services to businesses of all sizes.

G&K Services
G&K Services

G&K Services has a team of experts who can help clients design and customize their uniforms to meet their specific needs. They also offer rental and leasing options for those who prefer a more flexible approach. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, G&K Services is a trusted and reliable choice for businesses looking for top-quality uniforms and workwear.

8 Aramark: Customizable workwear programs

Aramark is one of the top uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Missouri, offering customizable workwear programs to meet the unique needs of its clients. The company has a wide range of options, including traditional uniforms, casual workwear, and specialized apparel for various industries.


Aramark’s workwear programs are designed to enhance brand image, improve employee safety, and increase productivity. The company offers customized solutions for each client, providing personalized recommendations for fabrics, colors, and styles.

Aramark’s team of experts works closely with clients to ensure that their workwear programs meet their specific needs and budget requirements. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Aramark has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses looking for high-quality workwear solutions.

9 Rentwear: Rental and purchase options

Rentwear is a uniform supplier that offers both rental and purchase options for workwear in Missouri. By providing a range of flexible options, Rentwear caters to the varying needs of businesses in the state.


The rental program offers a cost-effective solution for companies that require regular uniform cleaning and replacement, while the purchase program is ideal for businesses that wish to own their uniforms.

The company’s rental program includes a personalized fitting process and regular uniform maintenance, such as laundering and repairs. Rentwear’s purchase program, on the other hand, allows businesses to choose from a wide range of high-quality workwear options, including shirts, pants, and outerwear. With both rental and purchase options available, Rentwear is a trusted choice for businesses looking for reliable uniform suppliers in Missouri.

10 Tipton Linen: Quality linen service

Tipton Linen is a renowned name in the linen service industry, offering high-quality linen solutions to businesses across Missouri. Their expertise in the field is reflected in their exceptional customer service, vast product range, and quick turnaround times.

Tipton Linen
Tipton Linen

Tipton Linen is committed to providing their clients with top-notch linen solutions that are not only durable but also cost-effective. Their extensive inventory of linens includes bed sheets, towels, and uniforms, making them a one-stop-shop for all linen-related needs.

With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Tipton Linen has earned a reputation for being one of the top uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Missouri. Their unwavering dedication to providing superior products and services has resulted in a loyal customer base that continues to grow.


To sum up, Missouri has a variety of top uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers that cater to different industries and professions. From healthcare to industrial and hospitality, the companies listed above provide high-quality uniforms that prioritize comfort, durability, and safety.

Whether you’re looking for customized apparel or standard workwear, these manufacturers take pride in their craftsmanship and customer service. With their expertise in uniform design and production, they help businesses in Missouri and beyond create a professional image while ensuring the safety and comfort of their employees.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

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