Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana 2023

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Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

Whether you are looking to invest in garment manufacturing in Ghana or are just wondering who the top garment manufacturing companies are, you are going to be happy to know that there are a number of great options. Some of the best garment manufacturers in Ghana include Printex, Hazza, Sleek Garments, Chloe Aasam, and Navi Clothing. All of these garment manufacturing companies are based in Accra and are known to produce some of the highest quality fashion apparel available in the world.

1 Chloe Aasam

Despite being a small country, Ghana has a number of apparel manufacturers. Many of them specialize in high-quality clothing for both local and international markets. They offer a variety of services, including designing, printing, and manufacturing. They are known for their private label offerings, which allows customers to have their own unique garment designs.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

One of the newest entrants in the apparel industry is Duaba Serwa. It specializes in unisex sportswear. The brand features stylish cuts and textured fabrics, accompanied by breezy suiting and relaxed tailoring. Its wares have garnered a glowing review from Google, which has rated it with a five-star rating.

Another stalwart is Sleek Garments, an upscale clothing manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of women’s apparel. The company has recently opened a facility in Rwanda. Its products and services have a 0 percent import duty rate.

The most important thing to know about the company is that it is run by former fashion industry professionals who have a clear mission: to help build the next generation of designers in Ghana. Its flagship brand, Hazza, features smartly cut pieces and relaxed tailoring. Its color schemes are meant to make your day brighter.

Using a QR code to tell the story of a garment is not a new concept, but it is still a novel one. The most popular method is to use a QR code on a product’s packaging.

2 Navi Clothing

Located in Accra, Navi Clothing offers a variety of services including manufacturing, designing, printing, and more. They also boast of a Google review rating of 5 stars. The company offers both private label and custom clothing options. The company has an impressive selection of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, all at a reasonable price.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

It should come as no surprise that apparel companies have been booming in Ghana in recent years. The country’s textile and garment sector has been the source of many jobs and the export potential has been quite lucrative. In fact, the industry has been touted as the next global manufacturing hub. Despite the good times, the textile industry has been suffering due to cheap fake imports. The West African government has encouraged citizens to support local fabric manufacturers.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has invested in the West Africa Trade & Investment Hub to catalyze economic growth in the region. The Trade Hub will also set high standards for wages and working conditions, as well as provide modern equipment. It’s a win-win-win for the industry, the locals, and the environment. The nifty-looking kente cloth is made from cotton and fits the African climate like a glove. The textile is sold in rolls. The most impressive feat is that the cloth is dyed and spun by hand.

3 Sleek Garments

Located in Accra, Ghana, Sleek Garments is one of the largest garment manufacturing companies in the country. The company produces quality clothing for both local and international markets. The firm produces a range of clothing from men’s, women’s, and children’s wear. The firm also provides a variety of services to clients.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

The firm is also a member of the Association of Ghana Apparel Manufacturers (AGAM), a leading apparel-based business advocacy organisation. It’s owner has over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has worked in a number of countries.

Sleek Garments exports traditional clothing material to retailers in Europe. The firm has a Google review rating of five stars. The company recently completed a cost-cutting initiative to increase its capacity to handle large orders. The firm has filled 3,000 shirts for a US retailer.

The firm’s production techniques are based on a well-defined marketing strategy. In addition, the business has become a key component in the global supply chain. The firm’s director of operations is a part of a three-person senior management team.

The firm is also active in the humanitarian sector. It partners with community-led projects. Its design elements incorporate African prints and strong shapes. Its clothing is for cosmopolitan men who want an African aesthetic.

The firm’s designs have been worn by high-profile individuals. The firm also offers a full production package (FPP). It includes the design, patterns, and production. The firm’s fabric is made from kente cloth, a traditional Ghanaian garment. The cloth has over 300 different patterns. The designs have symbolic meanings. It’s made from cotton and is dyed by hand.

4 Printex

Tex Styles Ghana Limited (formerly Printex) is one of the major garment manufacturing companies in Ghana. Its products are exported to various African countries including Angola, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. It also serves the local market.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

The company is based in Accra and has been in operation for more than 60 years. The main products are African prints, woven cotton, and screen printed fabrics. The designs are a blend of the cultural ethos of the West African sub-region and wildlife. The fabrics are of high quality. The prints range from simple pattern designs to complex fashion designs.

The fabrics produced by the company have become popular with customers. It offers over 20 different collections of fabrics. The company has also partnered with local fashion creatives. The company’s fabrics are very affordable.

The company is headquartered on Spintex Road in Accra. It has a finishing department to increase the production capacity of new products.

The company has become popular with its wide array of African prints. The fabrics combine wildlife with art and landscape. The fabrics are manufactured using tubular screens and synchronized rotary screen methods. They are available in over 20 varieties of prints.

The company has invested millions of dollars in equipment to produce fabrics. The company has also launched a range of products called Xclusive and Arete. It also produces a variety of household fabrics such as kitchen napkins, towels, and curtain materials.

5 Hazza

Founded in 2013 by Hassan Alfaziz Iddrisu, Hazza is a fashion label that has been featured on Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents. Iddrisu is a Ghanaian designer and artist who uses bold colours and traditional production methods to create contemporary pieces. His designs include unique paintings on clothing.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

The West African region is one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world, with a large labour force and enormous opportunities. In addition, the region has a strong textile and apparel sourcing potential.

GIZ is working with the private sector to strengthen the competitiveness of the apparel industry in Ghana. The initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of the apparel sector, increase compliance with international standards, and improve working conditions. It also aims to establish a sustainable supply chain for high-quality clothing in the West African region.

In Ghana, the textile and garment industries are the most strategic sectors, generating employment, generating revenue, and creating local economies. However, the sector has been hit by recession over the last few years.

A new government is working to expand the country’s textile and apparel industry. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen, stated the goal to make Ghana a preferred apparel manufacturing hub in Africa. The government has assured local apparel manufacturers of an enabling environment. Traditionally, the country has used personal tailors and ready-to-wear businesses to produce apparel. In the modern era, the textile and garment industry has developed into a vibrant industry that is geared toward exporting high-quality fabrics to niche markets.

6 Heritage Apparel

Besides producing high quality clothing for the local market, Ghana clothing manufacturers also produce clothing for international markets. In addition, they offer private label services so customers can create their own unique designs.

- Top 6 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

In Ghana, the apparel industry is a major contributor to GDP. Textile and garment manufacturers provide employment to thousands of people. During the past few years, the textile industry has seen a recession. However, the government is working to redevelop the industry. The industry has the potential to create more jobs, and to boost the economy.

Despite the challenges, the apparel industry in Ghana shows signs of growth. The country is poised to become a regional apparel hub. With its strategic location, abundant natural resources, and a growing population, the country has all the ingredients to build a robust apparel sector.

The African fashion industry is largely a handmade and upcycled one. Many items are designed to order, and many are manufactured using locally produced materials. Whether it’s traditional African motifs or recycled materials, there are many ways to make your clothing unique.

KIKI Clothing is a social lifestyle brand that pays homage to the rich textile heritage of Africa. Their sleek men’s and women’s clothing features contemporary silhouettes and vibrant fusions of West African prints. This company breaks the stereotype of a western gentleman look.

Kente cloth is a traditional garment from Ghana. This fabric is made from cotton and dyed by hand. It has over 300 different patterns, each with its own symbolic meaning. It is worn primarily for special occasions. The most important feature of kente cloth is the pattern. Each pattern is named and has its own background story.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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