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Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

Amongst the many garment manufacturing companies in Japan, there are a few which have stood the test of time. These include Yonetomi, Sk8thing, Mastermind Japan, Numajiri Textile Laboratory, and Atago. Despite the fact that these companies are old, their products still retain the quality that has made them so popular.

1 Mastermind JAPAN

Founded in 1997, Mastermind Japan is one of Japan’s most iconic brands. The design ethos of the brand is driven by its creative director Masaaki Homma. His aim is to make Japanese designer streetwear accessible to a global audience.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

Mastermind Japan has collaborated with many other notable labels, including adidas, Nike, and The North Face. The brand has also developed its own diffusion lines, which are a means of spreading the mastermind aesthetic to a wider audience.

The brand’s logo is accompanied by the word “Mastermind,” and incorporates the iconic skull and crossbones motif. This motif plays into the brand’s minimalist dark tones and alternative status.

The company has a strong reputation for quality. Its designs incorporate some of the most expensive fabrics and techniques available. Its seasonal ranges were a popular choice for high-fashion wardrobes. The company’s signature clothing has been worn by rappers such as Tyga and Future.

After a number of unsuccessful stores, Massaki decided to give the fashion world another shot. He opened his first store in Tokyo in 1999. Despite a short stint, the store sold out all of the designs within two weeks.

In late 2001, Mastermind suffered a major setback when one of its designers, Masaaki Fujiwara, had an internal struggle. He thought that his last booth at a design conference would be with Mastermind.

2 Atago and company

Developed by US performance fabric maker Ultrafabrics in collaboration with Tapis Corporation and Franklin Products, the Atago is a state of the art fire blocking backcloth. It also boasts industry leading haptics and a high level of insulation.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

The Atago and its ilk can reduce the amount of components required to support a mission, thus saving money and time. In addition, the fabric passes tests with flying colors. This is in stark contrast to the traditional rigid fire-blocking cloth used on other types of military vehicles.

The Atago and its kin are expected to make their debut in 2020 or 2021. They’re also expected to have full ballistic missile defense capability. In order to achieve this feat, Japan will need to spend at least $421 million on upgrades. Some of the upgrades include engineering changes, software updates, and other ordnance modifications. The Atago and its ilk are also expected to have spare parts and other supporting equipment.

The Atago and its mate Ashigara would be capable of firing an updated SM-3 interceptor, known as the block IIA. It’s likely that the Atago and its ilk would be the first vessels to carry this weapon system.

The Atago and its scavengers are not the only fabric solutions available for the military. Japanese textile company Nakagawa Company, for example, produces two in-house fashion lines, one for ladies and one for men. The company’s products combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern styles and patterns.

3 Seiko Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

Located in Japan, SEIKO is a premier player in the global industrial sewing machines market. Its product portfolio includes a plethora of sewing machines ranging from lockstitch to overlock and special machines. The company also has a well-deserved reputation for providing quality goods. Its product list also includes elevators, insulators, pumps, and roller bearings.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

In addition to its manufacturing facilities in Japan, SEIKO has established sales and service networks in India and the UK. The company is a pioneer in the manufacture of heavy-duty sewing machines. These machines are ideal for tubular work and leather goods.

The company has been around for over half a century, making it a dependable provider of quality sewing machines. Moreover, the company has been able to make its presence felt by engaging with the tech community and promoting its product offerings to tech buyers. In fact, the company was the first to provide a service that allows its customers to download free software that makes it easier to use the company’s machines.

Its high-end machines include the BINOM XS, a full-featured sewing machine that offers superior stitch quality and speed. It also makes use of energy-saving motors and automatic cutting machines.

4 Numajiri Textile Laboratory

Among the top garment manufacturing companies in Japan is the Numajiri Textile Laboratory. This laboratory is one of the few Japanese enterprises that have successfully brought back the old-fashioned fabric techniques of the past. The laboratory has a vision to establish a global brand name. It focuses on delivering high-quality jersey materials.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

The company uses original Japanese machines to produce its fabrics. It also combines traditional techniques with modern ideas to create new designs for fabrics. Its fabrics have a unique texture and a touch of sophistication. They can be blended into contemporary collections by top designers.

The company also provides a wide range of products for the textile industry. They include sewing machines, knitting machines, and embroidery machines. They continually upgrade their equipment to meet the demands of the Japanese market. It is a leading supplier of ready-made garments to the international market. The company exports to the European, North American, and Asian markets.

The company has a long history in the textile industry. It originally produced quality silks for kimono makers. It also contributed to the development of shuttle looms in 1951. In addition, it developed the fourth dimension cutting system used in spacesuits.

5 Yonetomi

Founded by Ryoichi Oe in 1952, Yonetomi is one of the top garment manufacturing companies in Japan. With 70 years of experience, the company is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of quality knitwear and incorporating the latest technologies.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

The company has established core values that guide its operations and development. Yonetomi has a highly skilled workforce that crafts beautiful knitwear. The factory has the latest machinery that ensures the efficiency of the production process.

The company is also engaged in OEM ventures with reputable Japanese brands. It is one of the few textile manufacturers in Japan that are shifting their focus towards sustainability.

The company’s knitting machines have gained 60% market share in the global knitting industry. It has also created new techniques for creating knit textiles. The company has invested heavily in proprietary technologies to ensure the sustainability of its products.

The company specializes in men’s and women’s clothing, including coats and one-piece suits. The factory also produces underwear and sportswear. It has four domestic factories as well as one in Thailand.

The company is focused on bringing the best materials to Japan and influencing the scope of the apparel industry. The company’s manufacturing facility uses a smart factory initiative that allows productivity to increase without sacrificing quality. It also keeps quality checks at every stage of the production process.

6 Sk8thing

SK8THING is a Japanese designer and graphic artist who has become a major player in the Japanese streetwear scene. His work has contributed to the evolution of the industry, and has been instrumental in the development of many of the most popular brands. His early designs for Bathing Ape, for instance, are now famous.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

During the 1990s, Sk8thing worked as a graphic designer at Nowhere, a small shop in the Harajuku neighborhood. The shop carried American and Japanese streetwear labels, as well as vintage clothing and memorabilia. Nigo, the founder of BAPE, was also a client at the store.

The brand grew into a major base for the Ura-Harajuku streetwear scene. The label was founded by Takahashi and Nigo, who realized that they needed a place to sell their own clothes. They opened a store called Nowhere, in 1993. The shop was split into two sections: one that sold imported American clothes, and another that sold items created by the founders.

During the late ’80s, Takahashi attended a Comme des Garcons show. This experience inspired him to start his own brand. He used a similar model to Stussy, which launched around SSUR. The clothes sold high-quality T-shirts and sportswear.

7 Toby Feltwell

COMME des GARCONS, which translates to “like boys” in French, is a clothing label that debuted in Paris in 1981. The brand’s modus operandi has always been fashion’s avant garde, turning things on their head. The label’s collections feature unfinished seams, heavy use of black and contemporary design.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Japan

Sk8thing is an influential Japanese designer. He provided graphic designs for several brands, including BAPE and NIGO. He also worked with Pharrell Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club label. He is credited with defining the graphic style of Human Made. He also designed graphics for Undercover, visvim and many other brands. He has collaborated with Toby Feltwell of Cav Empt.

SK8THING is also the chief designer for Human Made and has been an early influencer in the world of streetwear. He has also created a logo for A Bathing Ape.

He is also the creator of the iconic COMME des GARCONS brand. The label is inspired by authentic military designs. Its products are manufactured to a high quality, as are its oxford shirts and chinos.

One of the most influential names in the Japanese streetwear scene, NEIGHBORHOOD came onto the scene in the mid-1990s. The brand’s signature skulls and a DIY aesthetic of punk movements have led to many collaborations.

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