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Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

Among the top garment manufacturing companies in Morocco are Jamai Textiles, Kazareen Textile Group, and Compagnie Industrielle de Bonneterie (CIB). These companies are renowned for producing high-quality, soft-tech and lotus garments. They are known for their creativity and their commitment to quality.

1 Salamtex

Originally established in 1898 as a cotton mill, Salamtex has a variety of world-class capabilities. It is one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in the Middle East and has clients in 15 countries. Besides supplying high quality fabrics for clothing, it also serves the medical sector.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

Salamtex is also one of the largest manufacturers of lace fabric in the Middle East. The company also provides a wide range of fabrics for home textiles. The manufacturer is continuously expanding its product range to meet customers’ demands.

Farag is one of the largest garment manufacturing companies in Egypt. The firm is famous for its Egyptian cotton. It offers all types of Bottoms, Non-denim products and knitwear. It also exports its products to European and American markets.

It is a pioneer in the Egyptian textile industry. It has been trading fabrics in Cairo since 1969. In 1984, the company established its own weaving plant. It is located on 89 El Azhar Street in Cairo.

It is one of the largest manufacturers of intimate garments in Egypt. Its products include bras, underwear, knitted and sportswear. It also supplies all types of nightwear. It has a production capacity of 4.5 million pieces per year. Its product line includes natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk. Its products are distributed to 12 Arab countries.

2 Jamai Textiles

Founded in 1946 as a small factory in Fez, Group Jamai Textiles is now one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in Morocco. With production facilities across Europe and Gibraltar, Jamai offers high quality, efficient service and speedy delivery. Its production is perfect for a variety of products including apparel, denim, footwear, accessories and home furnishings.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

The oldest textile family firm in Morocco, Jamai started out as a small factory in Fez. Today, Group Jamai has offices in France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the U.S. Its marketing team has been known to pioneer the best practices for marketing in France.

Group Jamai has a well-organized production system, allowing it to produce perfect quality products at affordable prices. The company specializes in a variety of materials, from cotton to leather to silk to yarn.

Although the industry is relatively new, its size has been growing rapidly. In fact, textile exports grew by 5% in 2010 to reach 28.3 billion dollars. The country benefited from an FTA with the US which helped increase yarn and fabric exports.

Besides a robust infrastructure network, Morocco’s textile industry also benefits from low wages, enabling it to expand its business. In addition, the industry is motivated by free trade agreements.

3 Lotus garment

Founded by Radwan Sammakia in 1996 in Cairo, Egypt, Lotus garment manufacturing company is known for its innovative technologies in men’s underwear. The company uses the latest APIs and technologies to create products of high quality.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

The company uses sustainable materials and processes to produce its garments. Its team of professionals has a combined experience in a variety of industries. The company is a leader in the production of high-quality apparel.

The company produces a variety of items such as sweatshirts, jeans and leather jackets. Its product range is extensive and it offers both men’s and women’s apparel. Its main client is Germany.

The company has offices in several countries. It is a major player in the textile industry of Morocco. The firm is also a key supplier of apparel to many other companies. Its headquarters are in Tangier, Morocco.

The company has over 40 stores in the country. Its products are available in stores all over the world. It uses renewable energies and recycles waste. The company’s products are largely produced using natural fibers.

The company is a leading manufacturer of denim in Egypt. Its products are sold in the European market and other parts of the world.

4 Soft Tech

Several Soft Tech garment manufacturing companies in Morocco have a solid track record in the manufacturing of spunbond fabrics. Their products are used in a variety of industries. Their products have various certificates, including Oeko-standard 100, AZO-free, and ISO 9001.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

Another Moroccan company, SOFTTECH, has a subsidiary that specializes in technical textiles. They are the first firm in Morocco to manufacture spunbond fabrics. Their products include masks to help fight the COVID 19 pandemic. They also offer high-quality nonwovens. They have a commercial relationship with their customers across the globe.

The Moroccan Investment Development Agency is a government body that works to attract foreign investment to the country. This initiative has been made possible by the Kingdom’s free trade agreements with the EU, United States, and other countries. These initiatives have positioned the country as a major production hub for the MENA region.

Another major Soft Tech garment manufacturing company in Morocco is the Compagnie Industrielle de Bonneterie, which has been in operation since 1946. The company is considered one of the oldest firms in the industry. They manufacture clothing for a variety of applications, including military, hospitality, and construction jobs.

The company also manufactures a variety of other clothing and accessories. These products are sold to the European and United States markets.

5 Compagnie Industrielle de Bonneterie (CIB)

CIB or Compagnie Industrielle de Bonneterie, was the first hosiery firm in Morocco. They are renowned for producing high quality goods by using cutting edge technology. They manufacture clothes under their Graffiti brand and export them to European countries.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

They boast of having the best prices for their products. They also operate all production processes in-house. As a result, they are able to deliver finished goods with a minimal ecological footprint. They have a few manufacturing locations. The most notable are the ones in Tangier and Rabat. They have an annual production capacity of 4.5 million pieces.

The aforementioned CIB, which was started in 1946, was the first hosiery company in the country. Its name harks back to the days when Morocco mainly exported raw materials. Now, it’s a full-fledged textile industry that’s motivated by free trade agreements.

For starters, the aforementioned CIB can offer shorter lead times than Asian counterparts. As a result, they can get their apparel made on time and in style. They have a well-defined process for manufacturing and distributing their wares, and this includes the use of advanced machinery. They have a number of patents and are able to keep their supply chain free from rogue suppliers. They’re also well-versed in the fashion game, and have a number of reputable brands on their books.

6 Kazareen Textile Group

Currently, there are 3 active directors at Kazareen Textile Group Ltd. The company has been operating for 6 years. The company is based in London and has 2335 employees. The company operates on the basis of the human first principle. The team works professionally and has an in-depth knowledge of the garment manufacturers in Morocco.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Morocco

The company’s main clients are European and American brands. The company also specializes in embroidered products. Its production capacity is 4.5 million pieces per year. The company uses sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. It also recycles waste.

The firm’s product range includes cotton, wool, and silk. It is a leading supplier of clothing for the hospitality industry and the military. The company’s products are exported to 15 different countries. Its clothing is also used in medical uniforms.

The company’s production facility is located in the Public Free Zone in Amreya. It has a total land area of 175,000 m2. It produces knit tops and bottoms, synthetic and denim clothes. It has invested in new sewing technology. The company supplies summer and winter clothes to international brands. It also supplies nightwear.

The firm’s products are also distributed to brands in the USA and Turkey. It is a leading manufacturer of lace fabric in North Africa. The company is also a leading producer of protective clothing in Morocco.


Founded in 1952, MAMZI is one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in Morocco. It is known for its high quality products. The company designs innovative fashion garments with a modern twist.

The company offers top quality knitted garments for ladies and men. It also manufactures cotton wear and denim. The company exports its products to several countries.

The Moroccan clothing industry is undergoing intensive redevelopment. Many companies are concentrating on fast fashion. Most of them are family-run businesses. They lack marketing and technical development. However, there is a growing interest from global textile companies. The industry accounts for 7% of industrial added value.

There are four main areas of production: wool, cotton, denim and silk. The country is rich in a variety of materials and techniques. It is a good location to manufacture quality goods with low environmental impact.

The Moroccan government has supported the textile industry. However, there is a need to make the process easier. The company must negotiate duty-free rules of origin to access key markets.

The country’s textile sector is paying attention to ongoing trade talks with the EU. In addition, Morocco is collaborating with the Tunisian clothing industry during trade talks.

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