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Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

Several manufacturers of clothing are active in Tunisia. Among these are Sartex, CHRISTINE CONFECTION, L’Industrie de la Confection, Fimco and Gonser Group.

1 Sartex

Founded in 1983, Sartex is a leading garment manufacturing company in Tunisia. Its products include Jeanswear, Sportswear, Workwear, and Medical Equipment. Its manufacturing process is vertically integrated from dye to laser.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

Its products include denim apparel, high-end woven fabric, and knitwear. It has a capacity of 15,000 pieces per week.

Its production units are located in the interior of the country. They are able to supply North African and Gulf countries within a few days. The company works with an international network of suppliers.

The company also has a large workforce. It employs about 100 people in the interior and 800 workers in the coastal town of Tozeur. It has invested in clean manufacturing equipment and processes. It has supported local social initiatives.

The company has a long history. It started as a small family business with only 27 employees. It has since grown to over 3600 employees. It also has a presence online. It needed a new logo and website.

The textile industry is an important source of foreign currency. Its production is mainly exported. The EU accounts for the largest share of the country’s textile exports. Its main import markets are Germany, France, and Italy.

Its new “GreenFactory” features sustainable production in water, energy, and building cooling. It also uses inspirational fabrics and organic yarns.

2 Fimco

Located in Tunisia, Fimco is one of the top garment manufacturing companies in the country. Its products are of high quality. The company has a credit report and is fully compliant with ETI standards. It also has a wide network for sourcing.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The main product is denim. The company is also a major supplier of active wear. It has experience in knitwear and woven fabric. Its production is about 15,000 pieces per week. Its young workforce has experience in clothing preparation. The company is committed to developing a sustainable environmental approach.

The textile and garment industry is highly export oriented. The majority of enterprises are owned by foreigners. The most important investors are France, Belgium and Italy. The industry is also highly concentrated in coastal towns.

The government is looking into ways to restore industries. It is also focusing on negotiating government regulations. Its vice president said that the goal is to enhance the purchasing power of wages. Nevertheless, there are still some issues in terms of working conditions.

The minimum wage has been increasing in recent years. However, it remains far from the living wage benchmark. Some issues include improper compensation and unannounced overtime.

Its parent company, Aramys Group, began as a small manufacturing company in 1979. It has collaborations with Lacoste and Celio. In 2010, new facilities were built to boost commercial activity.

3 Gonser Group

Having established itself in the textile industry, Gonser Group has emerged as a recognizable landmark. Having twelve companies spread across two continents, the group offers a wide range of services within the textile industry. The company specializes in denim washing and dyeing and other textile treatments.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The company is fully compliant with ETI standards. It also has a strong network for sourcing. The factory is certified by the QMS factory in the UK.

The company focuses on developing innovative products that are both environmentally and socially friendly. Among its partners are Fair Wear Foundation and SOMO. It is also a participant of the MADFORWATER project which enhances the reuse of wastewater.

The company has also introduced the Tonello Brush Robot. This technology sprays water onto jeans using robotic arms.

The company’s technical & development team is led by Saloua Kratou. It produces a versatile range of products and exports to leading international brands. The company also uses organic yarns and sustainable dyes.

The company has also introduced a Full Production Package (FPP). This includes design, production, and patterns. The company also has a research lab that focuses on developing new technologies.

The company also offers a wide range of services including denim and sportswear production. The company has also partnered with Lacoste and Printemps.

4 Vega Confection

Vega Confection is one of the top list garment manufacturing companies in Tunisia. The company produces high quality clothing for a variety of international clients. The company has four large production units and is a member of the Tunisian-Swiss partnership.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The company’s products include workwear, swimwear, luxury sleepwear and lingerie. The company has an in-house technical and development team headed by Saloua Kratou.

The company also has an advanced fabric buying facility. The company has over three hundred employees, making it one of the largest manufacturers of jeans in the region. It is located in the picturesque coastal city of Mahdia.

The company has over forty years of experience in textile manufacturing. It is a vertically integrated enterprise that specializes in providing a full range of sourcing services to its international clients.

The company has a weekly production capacity of 15,000 pieces. The company has experience in woven fabric and knitwear. The company has a very young workforce. It has a total production space of over 1200 m2 and is fully compliant with ETI standards.

The company has a long history of producing quality denim. The Denim Authority was founded in 1974 by Lee Cooper International, and has become a leading manufacturer in the denim industry.

5 L’Industrie de la Confection

Among the top 15 garment suppliers worldwide, Tunisia is the fifth largest supplier to the EU. The country also exports technical textiles, work clothes, outwear, security garments and hosiery and underwear.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The textile/garment industry has undergone several changes over the past 40 years. For instance, the formal industry does not employ juvenile workers, and the informal sector hires juveniles. However, it is important to note that the informal garment sector may not follow government protocols.

According to the labour code, children aged 16-18 can engage in apprenticeships. For the first semester, the apprentices are paid 30% of the legal minimum wage, while for the second semester they are paid 40%. In addition, apprentices are granted one day and a half annual leave.

The garment industry in Tunisia faces risks related to regulation of juvenile workers. While the government has imposed rules limiting the amount of overtime an apprentice can be employed for, NGOs have found that some Tunisian garment factories do not properly protect apprentices.

The country’s leading textile manufacturing company is VTL, which was founded in 1977. It is vertically integrated and specialises in the export market. It offers a wide range of sourcing services. It has 40 years of experience and a young workforce.


Listed below are three of the top garment manufacturing companies in Tunisia. These companies have made their mark with innovative products, technologies and services.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The first is Cavalier International, a company that specializes in clothing manufacturing in Tunisia. They have four large production units. The company also manages a small, but well-known, denim washing facility.

The second is the Scoop – Global Sourcing group, a specialized supplier of protection wear and technical sportswear. They also manufacture swimwear and luxury sleepwear. The company also has an advanced design and fabric buying facility. The most impressive part of this outfit is the fact that it is vertically integrated, meaning the company’s executives oversee the entire process from sourcing to assembly.

The most impressive aspect of the Scoop – Global Sourcing is the group’s client-centric approach, which is evident in their latest facilities and state of the art technology. They have been collaborating with brands such as Lacoste and Printemps. They also have a booming retail business, courtesy of their partnership with Celio. The most impressive attribute of this outfit is its client base, which has grown significantly in recent years.

The most impressive thing about this company is that it is one of the few garment manufacturing companies in Tunisia that uses a combination of local and imported materials to create a wide range of clothing and accessories. This includes a complete line of men’s and women’s apparel, from jeans to shirts and from sportswear to swimsuits.

7 Scoop – Global Sourcing

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, the textile and garment manufacturing industry is dominated by coastal towns. The main investors are France, Germany and Belgium.

- Top 7 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Tunisia

The country’s renowned denim industry has long been a point of pride for Tunisia. The country is one of the top 15 garment suppliers worldwide. It produces jeans for the world’s leading brands.

The country’s textile and garment industry is characterized by a wide range of products including clothing, lingerie, swimwear and workwear. It is a major supplier to the European Union. It also manufactures technical sportswear.

The textile and garment industry is characterized by an increasing awareness of sustainable production and a commitment to environmental protection. A number of companies are investing in circular economy and textile recycling efforts. These companies have built advanced design and fabric buying facilities.

Aramys Group was founded as a small manufacturing company in 1979. The group acquired a denim washing factory. In the mid-1990s, it started a R & D strategy.

The company now employs 3600 people. It has two factories in the interior and an apparel plant in Nabeul. The company has grown to become the largest denim manufacturer in Tunisia. It has also developed into a premium casual product manufacturer. The company uses organic yarns and inspirational fabrics.

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