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Top 8 uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Georgia

Georgia stands as a prominent hub for diverse industries across the United States, and in tandem, the demand for top-tier uniforms and workwear has surged. Spanning healthcare to hospitality, manufacturing to construction, businesses necessitate functional and enduring work apparel engineered to brave demanding work conditions.

Amidst the plethora of uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers scattered throughout Georgia, the task of selecting the most fitting one can prove daunting. To alleviate this, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive guide aimed at steering you toward the paramount uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Georgia.

Top uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Georgia
Top uniform manufacturers, workwear suppliers in Georgia

In the realm of workwear, the bedrock principles of quality and safety reign supreme. Equipped with the right work attire, employees navigate their responsibilities with confidence, fortified against potential risks. Within the contours of this blog post, our focus illuminates the leading uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in Georgia, a selection rooted in their standing, experience, and customer acclaim.

Whether you preside over a compact business entity or a sprawling corporate enterprise, rest assured, our insights cater to your needs. Within our forthcoming blog post, you can anticipate an in-depth exposition of each uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier domiciled in Georgia, elucidating their offerings, expertise, and client endorsements.

1 Blue Generation

Blue Generation stands at the forefront of uniform manufacturing and workwear supply in Georgia. Drawing from over 30 years of industry experience, Blue Generation has firmly positioned itself as a reliable and esteemed purveyor of top-tier uniforms and workwear spanning a wide spectrum of industries.

Blue Generation
Blue Generation

The company’s foundation is built upon an unwavering commitment to delivering unrivaled customer service, competitive pricing, and punctual product deliveries. Diverse in its offerings, Blue Generation’s array encompasses dress shirts, polos, jackets, and aprons, meticulously designed to cater to the distinct prerequisites of its clientele.

A distinctive facet lies in the company’s provision of personalized branding and embroidery services, permitting businesses to seamlessly integrate logos and branding elements into their uniforms and workwear.

With an unswerving focus on quality and customer contentment, Blue Generation takes its place as the premier choice for Georgia-based enterprises in search of functional and stylish uniforms and work attire.

2 Chef Works

CHef Works emerges as a prominent force within the realm of uniform manufacturing and workwear supply, headquartered in Georgia. Through years of industry immersion, they have etched their name as premier crafters of superior workwear and uniforms across diverse sectors.

Chef Works
Chef Works

CHef Works boasts an expansive repertoire, encompassing safety vests, coveralls, aprons, and more—meticulously curated to align with the distinctive requisites of each clientele. Employing only the finest materials and harnessing the expertise of skilled artisans, the company is steadfast in delivering products that exemplify the zenith of quality and durability.

Irrespective of whether your venture is a small-scale enterprise or a corporate giant, CHef Works stands prepared to furnish bespoke solutions that amplify your company’s professional image, whilst safeguarding the welfare and comfort of your workforce.

3 Landau Uniforms

Landau Uniforms stands as a premier force in the landscape of uniform manufacturing and workwear supply, dedicated to serving the exigencies of healthcare professionals for over five decades.

Landau Uniforms
Landau Uniforms

Their unwavering commitment lies in furnishing high-caliber uniforms that seamlessly merge functionality with style. A diverse array of offerings, ranging from scrubs to lab coats and nursing shoes, caters meticulously to the distinct requisites of healthcare personnel.

The hallmark of Landau Uniforms rests in their exclusive deployment of top-tier materials and meticulous manufacturing protocols, ensuring an amalgamation of durability and comfort in each product.

With an unyielding pledge to quality and the contentment of their clientele, the prominence of Landau Uniforms as a trusted entity in the healthcare arena comes as no surprise.

4 Cherokee Uniforms

Cherokee Uniforms emerges as a forefront figure among uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers in the domain of Georgia. Sporting an extensive tenure of 45 years, they have cultivated a niche in crafting top-tier uniforms tailored to healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, and medical assistants.

Cherokee Uniforms
Cherokee Uniforms

Their creations boast ingenious designs that seamlessly weave functionality with attributes like comfort, resilience, and utility. Cherokee Uniforms leaves no stone unturned in accommodating a broad spectrum of body types by offering a diverse array of sizes.

Their repertoire further extends to a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, catering to diverse preferences. Employing nothing short of the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, they fashion their uniforms, striking an equilibrium between aesthetics and practicality.

Cherokee Uniforms thrives on an unswerving commitment to bestow upon their patrons the zenith of service and quality, rendering them the quintessential preference for both healthcare professionals and uniform retailers.

5 Atlanta Shirt

Based in Georgia, Atlanta Shirt stands as a respected uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier. With an extensive experience spanning over two decades, the company has cemented its position as a trustworthy hub for top-notch apparel catering to diverse industries.

Atlanta Shirt
Atlanta Shirt

Atlanta Shirt boasts a broad spectrum of customization options for their products, encompassing embroidery, screen printing, and heat transfer techniques. Their offerings are meticulously crafted from durable and comfortable materials, ensuring suitability for everyday use.

Moreover, the company excels in rendering impeccable customer service, ensuring punctual delivery and adherence to precise specifications. Fueled by a dedication to quality and innovation, Atlanta Shirt emerges as the ultimate destination for businesses in search of steadfast uniform solutions.

6 Scrubs Plus

Scrubs Plus stands as a premier uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier headquartered in Georgia, specializing in crafting medical scrubs, lab coats, and accompanying accessories. With a wealth of over two decades in the industry, they have firmly cemented their reputation for generating uniforms of exceptional quality and durability, meticulously tailored to address the distinct requisites of healthcare professionals and facilities.

Scrubs Plus
Scrubs Plus

One of Scrubs Plus’ hallmark features is its unwavering dedication to customer contentment. This commitment is reflected in their diverse array of sizes, styles, and colors, offering a spectrum of choices to cater to individual preferences. The products they offer are meticulously fashioned from top-tier fabrics, engineered to endure the rigors of daily wear while ensuring a blend of comfort and flexibility.

Moreover, Scrubs Plus underscores affordability as a key tenet. Their pricing strategy is astutely competitive, prioritizing accessibility without compromising the high standards of quality they maintain. Whether one is a healthcare practitioner or represents a healthcare facility, Scrubs Plus stands as a steadfast ally for all uniform necessities.

7 Image Wear Solutions

Image Wear Solutions stands as a prominent uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier within Georgia’s landscape, providing an extensive array of premium-grade products tailored to cater to diverse industries.

Image Wear Solutions
Image Wear Solutions

With an impressive reservoir of experience spanning over three decades, they have solidified their standing as a reliable and esteemed ally for businesses striving to elevate their brand identity through personalized uniforms and workwear solutions.

Their product range encompasses a wide spectrum, spanning industrial workwear, healthcare attire, hospitality uniforms, and corporate apparel. This diverse selection mirrors their commitment to meeting the unique demands of each sector they serve.

At the core of Image Wear Solutions’ ethos lies an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences. By upholding stringent standards and surpassing expectations, they ensure that each product not only aligns with customers’ requisites but also exceeds their anticipations.

This commitment to excellence, coupled with their penchant for innovation, has garnered Image Wear Solutions a well-deserved reputation as one of Georgia’s premier uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers.

8 Augusta Sportswear

Augusta Sportswear stands as a renowned uniform manufacturer and workwear supplier situated in the heart of Georgia. Since its inception in 1977, the company has cultivated a distinguished reputation as a purveyor of top-tier athletic uniforms, corporate apparel, and workwear solutions.

Augusta Sportswear
Augusta Sportswear

Within its extensive product portfolio, Augusta Sportswear showcases an array of offerings, encompassing jerseys, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and accessories, all masterfully crafted with an unwavering dedication to durability and wearer comfort.

This commitment to quality craftsmanship has, in turn, engendered a devoted customer following. Among its clientele, Augusta Sportswear boasts schools, sports teams, businesses, and governmental agencies, all drawn to its products’ reliability and style.

A cornerstone of the company’s ethos is the fusion of innovation and customer satisfaction, making Augusta Sportswear a preeminent selection for those seeking both dependable and fashion-forward workwear and uniform solutions.


In summary, Georgia boasts a flourishing textile and garment sector, hosting a collection of preeminent uniform manufacturers and workwear suppliers renowned for their excellence in products and services.

These industry leaders encompass an array of offerings, from tailor-made designs to standardized work uniforms, effectively catering to diverse sectors including healthcare, hospitality, construction, and more. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer contentment serves as the cornerstone of their success, further solidifying their standing as frontrunners in the realm of uniforms and workwear.

Regardless of whether you operate a small enterprise or a sprawling corporation, these enterprises stand as dependable allies, assuring the delivery of prime uniforms and workwear meticulously tailored to your specific requisites.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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