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Top 9+ Best Streetwear Brands For Men & Women


Streetwear style has never flourished as brightly as it has now, and the top 9+ best streetwear brands in the world are proof of that. 

Each of them has exceptional features that have contributed to the development of street-style fashion. How many labels do you know, and what is your favorite? There is something that you might not know about these popular brands.

Top 9+ Best Streetwear Brands In The World

1 Supreme – What Makes A Brand Great In The Industry?

Supreme is one of the biggest, most popular, and successful streetwear brands in the world. 

Starting from just a small American skateboard label in 1994 by James Jebbia, the brand has become a billion-dollar fashion empire. 

Many celebrities, including Drake, Kanya West, Rihanna, have endorsed and worn it, propelling it to the top of streetwear brand rankings. The collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Rolex has especially brought Supreme to the kingdom of luxury fashion.

Its marketing strategy is very unique and clever. New collections are dropped every week, but with a limited amount. People, thus, must wait in a long queue or even sleep in front of stores to get new items of this biggest brand.


2 Nike – How They Redefine Styles?

No one can deny the strong influence of Nike in sneaker culture, which is a crucial part of streetwear. The brand has always released the trendiest and coolest items throughout the development of sneakers. The brand’s Swoosh logo is simple, easy-to-recognize, yet values billion dollars. 

Nike has even boosted its success through the collaboration with two other big brands – Off-White and Patta.  With its famous slogan “Just do it”, Nike has been continually developing and doing its best. 


3 Adidas – Make You Look Good And Stay Fresh All Year Round!

Nike’s most competitive and formidable rival – Adidas – is also among the top 10 best streetwear brands globally. The most iconic collaboration of the label was with Kanye West, which released Yeezy, a high-priced sneaker line of Adidas.  

Other than sports items, the three-stripe brand has also made T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers matched with street style.  


4 Stüssy – Streetwear Brands to Look Out For!

Founded in the early ’80s, Stüssy is one of the oldest and original streetwear brands you might know. It’s known for attractive, unique, and innovative designs. 

Shawn Stüssy started a small tee brand with his name, featuring only small graphic tees. After getting more popular thanks to his engaging designs, he expanded his business by including skate and surf clothes. The expansion eventually made the brand outstanding, brilliant, and notorious as it is now.


5 HUF – Who Love to Stand Out in a Crowd?

HUF was founded by Keith Hufnagel, who once worked with a popular streetwear brand, Stüssy. The brand, as a result, specializes in skate and surf items: gears, accessories, and clothes. It has been developing rapidly since the early ’90s and has now become a famous one-stop-shop brand.


6 Vetements – Rise of Luxury Modern Street Fashion Clothing Brand

Vetements is among a few streetwear brands that step into the realm of luxury fashion. It’s famous for exceptional and liberal designs that include a wide range of different cultures. Its ironic and attractive designs have also caught much attention of the fashion community. 

The brand’s former founder, Demna Gvasalia, now in charge of Balenciaga, had turned Vetements into a chic and luxurious streetwear brand on the fashion map. 


7 Off-White – The Best Men And Women Fashion Brands For Your Next Purchase

Off-White was founded by Virgil Abloh, who has become an artistic director of Louis Vuitton since 2018. The brand has flourished since its foundation in 2013, and it’s now in the hall of luxury fashion.

Before launching his own label, Abloh had worked closely with rapper Kanye West for four years, which significantly influenced his streetwear designs at Off-White. He smartly combines different cultures to create special, innovative, and distinctive ideas.

The collaboration with Nike was one of the most successful deals in his career. Abloh showed his boldness and creativity by redesigning all the famous signature Nike sneakers. 


8 BAPE – Streetwear Fashion Brand To Consider

BAPE (A Bathing Ape) is a killer, super-cool streetwear brand deeply rooted in Japan. It has now spread to every corner of the world with bold, wild, and unique graphics. 

This Japanese label was founded in Tokyo in 1993 by Tomoaki Nagao, who was obsessed with toys, sneakers, and weird artwork. He transferred his interests into designs and created unique icons: shark’s jaws, camouflage pattern, and a big head of an ape. 

BAPE clothes, sneakers, and other items are hunted everywhere, though their price is not affordable. 


9 Noah NYC – How to Style Street Wear Fashion?

The brand from New York City is fairly new as it was only founded six years ago by Brendon Babenzien, who used to work as a creative director for Supreme. However, it has quickly gained its position and reputation thanks to a young yet mature streetwear style. 

Noah NYC has no complex or strange patterns like Supreme’s because it targets adult customers. The products range from corduroy shirts, caps to jeans, shorts, and oxford shirts, which all have something of a street style.

Noah NYC
Noah NYC

10 Palace – Shop for The Latest Trends Streetwear Fashion

The London-based label was founded in 2009 by Levent Tanju and his skate team, Palace Wayward Boys Choir. Palace has been developing with the influences of skate and pop culture in the early ’90s, which is why it has mostly focused on skatewear. 

Through the crucial collaboration with the two famous sports brands, Adidas and Reebok, Palace now has a firm position and popularity in the UK’s streetwear community. It’s not strange to see the mix of a baseball cap, tracksuits, smoky crop jacket, and leopard-skin sneakers from Palace. 


Other Top Best Streetwear Brands In The World

Asian streetwear brands have risen recently and had certain influences on the US and Europe’s fashion trends.

Japan is holding a remarkable position on the world fashion map. Now it seems like Chinese brands have made their marks with noteworthy designs on sweaters, hoodies, sneakers, jackets, etc.

Brands, such as Afewgoodkids, STA, Li Ning, are the top Chinese streetwear brands, bringing the featured culture in their creations.

Another worth-mentioning Asian brand is DONY GARMENT. It is a professional, enthusiastic, and reliable Vietnamese company specializing in garment processing and exporting. They manufacture on-demand with high-quality products for domestic and international customers.

Keep in mind that DONY is an on-demand manufacturer, not a wholesaler, meaning they do not sell pre-made garments.


“Clothes, clothing, fashion | Streetwear fashion Brands paint the town in every city. Men & Women. The trends are out in droves.”

The top 9+ best streetwear brands in the world show no sign of slowing down. They will keep contributing to the general development of streetwear fashion globally.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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