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Top list garment manufacturing companies in Estonia

Estonia is a small European country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It has become an important hub for garment manufacturing, with its highly skilled and competitively priced workforce and access to some of the world’s best raw materials. The nation boasts a number of top list garment manufacturing companies that offer quality services at competitive prices. These companies specialize in making high-end apparel for customers from all over the world.

This article will provide an overview of some of Estonia’s leading garment manufacturers and their offerings. We will explore each company’s history, capabilities, product lines, customer base, pricing structures, production processes, sustainability initiatives and other areas that make them stand out from competitors. Additionally we will discuss how they are helping to shape Estonia as a leader in global fashion production by providing superior quality garments at attractive prices while upholding ethical standards throughout their operations. Finally we will look at opportunities available within these companies for those seeking employment or collaboration with Estonian garment manufacturers.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Estonia

Estonia is a small country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, and it’s also gaining recognition for its growing garment manufacturing industry. In recent years, many new clothing manufacturers have emerged in this tiny nation, offering customers high-quality garments at competitive prices. Here’s a look at some of the top garment manufacturing companies in Estonia that you should know about if you’re shopping for apparel from this part of Europe.

Baltika Group

This company is one of Estonia’s largest fashion groups and has been operating since 1994. The firm offers a wide range of products ranging from casual wear to formal attire, as well as kids’ clothes and accessories like jewelry bags and belts. Baltika Group works with local designers to create unique designs that reflect both traditional Estonian style with modern trends to make sure their products stand out among other European brands.

Eesti Ehitus

Established back in 1991, this company specializes in making custom workwear solutions suitable for different businesses such as construction workers or members of security forces etc.. They offer an extensive variety including jackets, overalls, shirts & pants etc., all made according to customer requirements using high-quality fabrics like leather or cotton twill fabric which provides comfort even during long shifts outdoors or inside factories & warehouses etc.. All items are made locally so customers can be assured that they are getting quality garments at reasonable prices when ordering from here!


This Estonian brand was founded back in 1978 but has been gaining momentum recently due to its focus on eco-friendly materials used for creating stylish yet comfortable clothing pieces such as t-shirts & hoodies etc., all made without any synthetic components which makes them ideal choices amongst those who care about environmental sustainability too! Their fun prints featuring bold colors represent Estonian culture perfectly while providing great value when it comes down price wise – definitely worth checking out if looking into purchasing something unique yet affordable!


Another major player within textile industry based out Estonia; they manufacture everything from bed linen sets through swimwear up until winter coats by combining innovative technologies with classic craftsmanship techniques passed down generations ago! Most importantly though; their attention detail doesn’t take away anything away comfort factor associated most items produced here either – so don’t worry about having uncomfortable piece clothing just because looks good!

Baltic Clothing

Baltic Clothing is one of the leading clothing suppliers in Estonia and offers a wide selection of apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sportswear and more. The company specializes in producing customised garments with digital printing technology as well as embroidery services. Their quality control system ensures that all products meet customer satisfaction requirements before shipment.

Larix Textile

Established in 1998 by brothers Jaan & Toomas Raudsepp – Larix Textile has grown into one of the largest textile manufacturers in Estonia offering fabric production for fashion designers worldwide along with full service from weaving to knitting , dying , finishing and cutting . They also have an extensive collection of printed textiles which are perfect for interior design projects .

Fabric Trade Group

Fabric Trade Group (FTG) was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Estonian businesses involved in textile trading activities such as yarns & fabrics supply , dyeing & finishing services , garment production etc . It has since then developed into one of the most important players on the Estonian textile market representing some major European brands such as Armani Collezioni , Hugo Boss Kids Collection etc . FTG also provides full package services from sourcing raw materials through to complete product delivery process .

OÜ Telliskivi Tee 11

Located in Tallinn’s industrial district of Telliskivi, this company specializes in producing high-quality clothing for both men and women. They specialize in tailored garments with an emphasis on quality materials such as wool, cotton, polyester and linen blends. Additionally they offer a full range of custom tailoring services from alterations to wedding dress creation.

Textile Works Ltd

One of Estonia’s most successful textile companies that produces fabrics for fashion brands worldwide including labels like Armani Jeans or H&M knitswear collections as well as lingerie items under La Perla label name etc.. The company was founded by CEO Erich Gubin who has been working with textiles since his childhood days when he used to accompany his father at local factories during weekend visits (1979). For more than 30 years Textile Works Ltd delivers premium material solutions for various market segments around Europe & Asia Pacific regions…

Fashioonera OÜ

Established only five years ago but already one of the fastest growing textile producers operating from Tartu city . With over 160 employees it provides fashionable clothing pieces made out from natural fiber materials such as cotton , wool , silk etc … It ‘ s product lines include casual wear , street wear / urban style garments & even more sophisticated pieces suitable for evening events .

Akord Clothing Ltd

Founded by two Estonian entrepreneurs , Akord Clothing ltd offers cutting edge designs for formal attire . Their production capabilities include suits , blazers jackets , waistcoats plus all kinds accessories like ties or pocket squares made out form finest quality fabrics sourced mainly from Italy & Japan .

In conclusion, Estonia is home to some of the world’s top garment manufacturing companies. These companies produce high quality garments at competitive prices, making them ideal for both domestic and international customers. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, these garment manufacturers in Estonia are helping lead the way in the global fashion industry. By investing in technological advancements and utilizing environmentally friendly materials, they are setting a great example for other countries to follow. As such, it’s no surprise that many businesses around the world have chosen Estonian garment manufacturers as their partners in production.

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