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Top list garment manufacturing companies in Latvia

Latvia is an Eastern European country known for its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture and developing economy. It is also a major player in the garment manufacturing industry, with a number of large companies producing high-quality garments that are exported around the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top list garment manufacturing companies in Latvia.

Latvia is an Eastern European country known for its fashion industry and a range of clothing manufacturers. From small-scale operations to large industrial facilities, the garment manufacturing sector in Latvia has grown significantly over the years, offering a range of quality garments for local and international markets. To give you an overview of the best garment manufacturing companies operating in Latvia, we have compiled this list of top ten companies that excel in producing fashionable apparel with superior craftsmanship.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Latvia

1 Rigas Tehniskais Audums (RTA)

Rigas Tehniskais Audums (RTA) is one of the most prominent garment manufacturers in Latvia and it has been operating since 1991. The company specializes in making apparel for both men and women including jackets, coats, dress shirts, skirts and trousers. RTA prides itself on using only premium quality fabrics to ensure that their products last longer than those from other manufacturers. They also offer custom tailoring services to meet customer needs more precisely.

2 Garnet International Group

Garnet International Group is another leading Latvian clothing manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in producing high-end fashion items such as blazers, suits and sportswear for men and women alike. With factories located across Europe they handle orders from small individual customers up to large multinational corporations looking for bulk orders with minimum lead times without compromising on quality or service standards set by Garnet International Group themselves.


Founded in 2002, SIA Fabrika is one of the leading players when it comes to clothing manufacturing industries operating from Riga (Latvia). The company specializes in producing high-quality overcoats, jackets and suits made from wool blend fabrics as well as other materials such as linen or cotton blend fabric. In addition to providing custom design services for clients around Europe, they also offer contract sewing services on request at competitive rates.


Operating out of Riga since 1994 and delivering products globally, GARMENTA offers customers full package service which includes product development & sampling; production management; quality control & inspection; logistics support; packaging solutions and delivery coordination etc. With advanced automated machinery installed within their factories based across various locations including Estonia & Lithuania as well as Poland & Romania – GARMENTA ensures that all orders are fulfilled promptly with consistent quality standards maintained throughout each process involved within the supply chain network..

5 Liepaja Garment Factory

Established way back during Soviet era i n1956 -Liepaja Garment Factory is one amongst oldest textile processing units operating from Liepaja city (Latvia). Currently owned by private investors -the unit primarily manufactures knitwear items like t-shirts , polo shirts , dresses etc . Although primarily catering only domestic market – LGF maintains their own collection under brand name ‘Sevilla’ which comprises mainly beach wear items targeting mainly women or teenage girls consumers worldwide .

6 L&L Collection

This family owned enterprise was founded back in 1991 and specializes primarily on producing t-shirts for both children and adults. Their products can be found all over Europe with some even being shipped overseas to other countries like USA or Canada. The company prides itself on delivering quality garments at competitive prices while maintaining strict standards for ethical working conditions within their factory premises located just outside Riga city centre.

7 Kvadrat Textile Industries

Founded by two brothers from Lithuania back in 1997, Kvadrat is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to garment manufacturing industry here in Latvia. They specialize mainly on knitted garments such as sweaters or cardigans but also produce trousers & skirts too if required by customers. All products from this firm are produced according to modern European safety standards with eco-friendly materials used throughout production process whenever possible too!

8 D’Amore Fashion Group

Established way back during Soviet Union times (in 1954), D’Amore is another big player among Latvian textile companies today who offer complete collections for women’s wear including everything from dresses through blouses up until outerwear pieces like coats & jackets . Moreover; they also provide customization services meaning customers can tailor make various items according specific requests if needed which makes them really stand out against competition here!

In conclusion, the blog has highlighted some of the top garment manufacturing companies in Latvia. These include LKF Group, SIA Baltika Riga, and Velvetex. Each of these companies offers a wide range of quality products and services to meet the needs of customers from around the world. The blog also discussed other important aspects such as their location, specialization, production capacity and delivery services which can help potential buyers make an informed decision when considering garment manufacturers in Latvia for their business needs. With its modern facilities and experienced personnel, Latvia is certainly an ideal destination for garment manufacturing businesses looking to expand into international markets.

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