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Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

Whether you’re in the garment business or just looking for a job, you may be wondering who the top manufacturers in Norway are. Fortunately, you don’t have to search long to find out which companies to contact. Here’s a list of some of the top producers in the country, ranked by sales volume.

1 Hemp Fortex

Despite the plethora of fab factories that dot the Nordic landscape, Hemp Fortex snuck up the top of the heap with a vengeance. Hemp fortes is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high quality hemp-based fabrics.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

The company’s top notch quality and competitive pricing has led to a plethora of awards and accolades. Hemp Fortex is also a leading member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the lives of workers in the global apparel industry. The company is the first of its kind to be certified as a member of this august organisation in the China Mainland region.

Hemp Fortex has also demonstrated the ability to be environmentally conscious with a green and efficient operations policy. A significant portion of the company’s electricity comes from solar panels resulting in a nifty one. As the name would suggest, Hemp Fortex is not a fan of the aforementioned tyrannys of titans.

2 Weiye

Despite being the largest apparel exporter in the world, China’s garment industry has seen a drop in production in the past two years. This trend is typical of industrialized nations, which gradually move away from labor-intensive manufacturing.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

The Chinese government has implemented economic policies to mitigate risks to the garment industry. These policies include strengthening relationships with nearby Asian countries and Central America, and increasing the country’s cooperation with Africa. However, many of the Chinese export factories may also opt to switch to the domestic market.

There are other less developed nations that have the potential to become major players in the apparel industry. Bangladesh, for example, has one of the lowest minimum wages in Asia. These wages are not enough to compete with the wages of other industrialized nations.

Bangladesh’s poor economic development can affect the supply chain. It is estimated that frequent power shortages, transportation delays, and production halts could lead to production shut-downs.

Similarly, public transportation is not as developed in Pakistan. In addition, the labor cost is low, which can have a negative impact on labor productivity and quality.

Several authorities in Europe are currently working on the monitoring of greenwashing claims. They have also enacted legislation to strengthen oversight of sustainability requirements for apparel.

In addition to developing infrastructure, suppliers must also upgrade their offerings and enter into long-term partnerships with buyers. This is especially true in East Africa, where collaboration among stakeholders is key to sustainable growth.

3 Dale of Norway

Founded in the quaint village of Dale, Norway, Dale of Norway is known around the world for its premium quality knitwear. The company has been producing fine knitwear for over 128 years. The sweaters made by the company are known for their beautiful clear colors and functionality. The sweaters are also renowned for their unique designs.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

The company uses only pure wool to create its high-end garments. Norwegian sheep are genetically bred to produce wool that is both long-lasting and wind and water resistant. The wool is also very soft and lightweight.

The company has been in business for more than 128 years, making it one of the oldest textile companies in the country. Although it started out as a small knitting enterprise in 1879, it soon became the largest garment manufacturing company in the region. The company quickly spread throughout Norway and abroad.

Today, the company’s products are sold in hundreds of retail stores across Europe and the US. It is one of the few textile companies that produces its own products in Norway.

The company also produces a line of sweaters, Devold Originals, that replicates the patterns that fishermen used to wear more than a hundred years ago. The company recently acquired the rights to use the Olympic rings in their products.

The company is currently working with a local wool mill in Hillesvag, Norway, to develop a softer yarn. This is another indication that the company is taking steps to preserve its traditional manufacturing methods.

4 D&J Garment

Located in Guangzhou, China, D&J Garment is a 20 year old clothing production company that is a big player in the women’s apparel space. Aside from its core offerings of plus size underwear, bras, swimwear and intimate wear, the company has partnered with many notable European and North American brands.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

The company’s main claim to fame is its online business model. As a result of the internet’s ubiquity, D&J has been able to tap into a global consumer base. The company also has a shrewd distribution network, allowing it to keep costs in check. The best part is that the company has a large pool of skilled laborers at its disposal. Combined with the state-of-the-art facility, the company has been able to cater to the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Aside from its sourcing capabilities, D&J is also a jack of all trades. From swanky cocktail attire to functional business attire, the company has something to meet every taste bud’s itch. In addition to being a reliable sourcing partner, the company has also embraced the latest trends in fashion, including offering an extensive range of trendy swimwear to its customers.

While the company is known for its innovative offerings, it has also made a name for itself for being one of the cheapest garment manufacturers in the country. With an annual budget of a mere four million dollars, the company is able to maintain a low overhead, which is crucial in the era of the free market.

5 TJX Companies

Despite the ebb and flow of the retail industry, TJX has maintained a steady growth trajectory. The company has seen revenue growth of over $2 billion per year, which makes it one of the largest off-price retailers in the world. In the second quarter of fiscal 2023, TJX increased its store count by 21 stores to a total of 4,689. The company expects to increase its global store count by another 1,500 stores by the end of the fiscal year.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Norway

TJX operates in four main segments. The TJX Company is a parent company that owns a handful of retail subsidiaries including Marshalls, T.K. Maxx, HomeGoods, and a slew of smaller brands. The company derived 79% of its revenue in the United States. In addition to its core brands, TJX also manages its own subsidiary TK Maxx in the Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, and Europe.

The company’s avowed mission is to undercut conventional retailers’ regular prices by twenty to sixty percent. In addition to this, TJX has a keen eye for the off-price aficionado. Its supply chain is nimble and efficient. Moreover, it aims to be a one-stop shop for consumers looking for a variety of items including apparel, home goods, toys, sporting goods, and branded goods.

The company is experimenting with initiatives to enhance its e-commerce presence. The company’s online offerings include a robust search engine, which allows customers to find products based on the most relevant information. The TJX Companies has also been a big proponent of a mashup of digital and in-store sales.

6 Holzweiler

Founded in Oslo in 2012 by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler, Holzweiler is a clothing and accessory line that uses recycled materials to create its garments. Since its inception, the brand has grown to become one of Norway’s most important fashion companies.

Holzweiler’s designs are grounded in a strong sense of texture and color. The brand’s signature pieces include chunky knitwear, clean-cut outerwear and a variety of accessories. The brand focuses on high quality materials and attention to detail.

Holzweiler’s designs are inspired by the world around them. The brand combines classic Scandinavian design with modern thinking. The company works with a long list of international creatives and contemporary artists from across the globe. They have collaborated with musicians, poets, artists and movement directors, such as Tom Schneider, Dexter Navy and Yagamoto.

The brand launched its first ready-to-wear clothing line for women in 2014. The company has been successful in gaining popularity in China, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Europe and Australia. It also holds an impressive international wholesale network.

The brand’s mission is to combine traditional Scandinavian design with modern thought and conscious practice. The family-owned company is renowned for their refined outerwear. They also manufacture garments from deadstock and use up-cycled materials.

Holzweiler has recently opened a new headquarter in Lysaker Brygge, outside of Oslo. It includes a design studio, offices for the Holzweiler team, and a showroom. It is a unique physical space that embeds the brand’s digital showroom concept. It brings the brand and the customer closer together.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

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