Frequently Asked Questions

How many tops does a teenage girl need in her wardrobe?

A teenage girl should have 5-6 different tops like casual tops, shirts, and a few casual tees. Besides, there are 3-5 dresses or skirts with your style. If you are a fan of unique styles, you should also have a basic outfit to wear, believe me, it is absolutely necessary.

How many types of tops are there?

There are over 25 different types of tops ranging from the popular ones you can find every day at clothing stores to the unique and hard-to-find tops from the big fashion houses. Tops are many for you to choose from according to your own style.

What are tube tops called?

Tube tops can also be called strapless tops. But one thing you need to keep in mind here is that not any strapless tops are tubes. Simply put, a tube top is a simple stretch of stretchy material with little or no structure that fits around the body.