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Sew uniforms for Song Sao Restaurant

Sew uniforms for Song Sao Restaurant

In addition to uniforms, shirts, shirts, workwear, …, uniforms restaurant is also one of the outstanding product line of Dony.

Song Sao Restaurant uniforms beautiful both in price and quality of the shirt. The shirt is sewn with a silk fabric, tailor-made just fashion is polite, suitable to make a restaurant style courteous.

1 Sew uniforms for Song Sao Restaurant

Design file

The shirt has a collar design with white border as a highlight. The embroidery logo on the front of the chest clearly shows the detail and color. Nice restaurant uniforms show through beautiful fabric, beautiful seam and beautiful embroidered logo, sharp. The Sao River uniform in District 2 converges all that.

Complete delivery to customers

Dony uniforms are one of the companies that are big companies, coffee shops, restaurants, spas, .. as a provider of uniforms. Understanding the psychology of customers looking for affordable uniforms that must be beautiful and durable, we always try to create uniforms to satisfy customers from printing on the shirt must be beautiful. The fabric should be beautiful, durable, not ruffled feathers, cool clothing, needle pointed nose sharp.

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