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Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

T-shirt fashion is no longer strange to fashionistas and is not out of fashion. This T-shirt brings youthful and dynamic beauty. It is also an easy-to-match design suitable for many ages and regardless of gender.

T-shirts come in many different designs and styles. If before, T-shirts were quite monotonous in terms of design, now T-shirt fashion has had a breakthrough in design, from round necks, heart necks, V-necks, square necks, to cut-neck designs very unique to the fashion house.

Besides, there is the flexibility of the length and width of the t-shirt fashion to be able to suit customers. In addition to the usual designs, the length and width can also be changed to suit each body shape.

But you need to keep in mind that T-shirts have a dynamic design and are often used for everyday fashion and sportswear, so it is also important to use the right fabric to make this type of shirt.

T-shirt fabric should be a fabric that has good breathability, feels soft to the user, and because it is designed for everyday fashion, it is important to use a fabric that can be easily washed to attract consumers.

Designing t-shirts is a pretty good and safe idea for new brands as well as everyday fashion brands. So the following article offers suggestions on the most suitable fabrics to use for making T-shirts. Let’s start with the first fabric.

1 Cotton 100%

Origins and history

No one knows when cotton fabric appeared, but Mexican scientists have found pieces of cotton fabric in caves and they are proven to be at least 7,000 years old, the same cotton fabric as commonly grown cotton in America today.

In the Idus valley in Pakistan, cotton was grown and used for weaving around 3000 BC, and at that time, the people living in the Nile River of Egypt knew how to use cotton cloth to make clothes and sew them into everyday items.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

Arab traders brought this fabric to Europe in 800 BC. By the time Commumbus discovered America in 1492, he also found cotton growing in the Bahama Islands, and by 1500, cotton was widely known around the world.

Cotton seeds are thought to have been planted in Florida in 1556 and in Virginia in 1607, and by 1616, colonists had planted cotton along the James River in Virginia.

During the Industrial Revolution in England, cotton was first produced by machines in 1730, around the time cotton gins were also invented. This is considered a milestone, paving the way for cotton’s position in the world today.

Currently, cotton is produced in more than 100 countries around the world, of which China, India, Pakistan, the United States, Brazil, and Uzbekistan account for 80% of the world’s cotton production.

Properties of cotton fabric

Cotton is soft and does not cause irritation to the wearer. It is considered the most important fiber in the world because most clothing is made of cotton or cotton mixed with other fibers.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

Cotton is a natural fiber with good breathability, making it extremely suitable for everyday wear. It is a completely natural fabric, so cotton does not cause irritation, which is perfect. Perfect for sensitive skin and baby skin.Besides, this fabric also plays a big part in protecting the environment when it can be self-degradable and bio-renewable without causing harm to the environment.

2 Pima Cotton

Origins and history

Pima cotton is considered the best cotton fiber in the world, so it is not surprising that American farmers are eager to grow this plant on their farms. Pima cotton thus became a popular cultivar on the islands of Southern California in the 1790s through selective self-cross-pollination with Egyptian cultivars during the 19th century.

Originally, this cotton variety was called American-Egyptian cotton because of its origin. This is a unique extra-long staple that offers incredibly high quality that’s incredibly soft, durable, and incredibly luxurious.

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when the U.S. Department of Agriculture worked with the Pima tribe of Arizona to perfect the crop and also to honor these pioneer farmers. The USDA has named this fabric “ Pima Cotton”.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

The year 1950 was a breakthrough year for Pima Cotton seeds and outstanding crop quality innovation because of the hard work of Pima farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Currently, the amount of Pima cotton yarn only accounts for about 3% of all cotton produced in the United States. With specific growing conditions and weather requirements in temperate climates, the world production of pima cotton is very small.

Properties of Pima cotton fabric

According to the physical properties of the fabric, the long cotton fibers will help the bonds be stronger than the short cotton fibers. This extremely different feature of Pima yarn makes Pima cotton fabric considered a very rare cotton fiber and the best cotton in the world.

The highlight of Pima cotton is that the cotton fiber has a length greater than 50% of the length of ordinary cotton yarn, so Pima fabric has 5 times better shrink resistance than ordinary cotton fabrics.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

Therefore, the durability of this fabric is considered extremely good. Users will never have to deal with the new shirt being deformed in the first wash because the durability of the Pima Cotton fabric is extremely excellent.

Pima cotton fabric also inherits the good characteristics of cotton fabric when it has high absorbency to help the wearer always feel cool and this material does not retain body odor. Besides, this fabric also helps the dye color be brighter. The dye color lasts a long time and is difficult to fade.

3 Standard Cotton

Standard cotton fabric usually has the main fabric, which is cotton yarn, which is mixed with other fabrics to produce fabric products with good properties and suitable for the needs of users.

An obvious example is cotton fabric. Although it has good breathability, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, so people often combine cotton fabric with polyester yarn, with the ratio depending on the needs of the designer to give fabric that is both breathable and does not wrinkle easily.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

We do not recommend the use of 100% polyester fabric for t-shirt design because, as said, t-shirt fashion is considered a kind of daily fashion and sports fashion, so the breathability in the fabric is very important.

Properties of standard cotton fabric

This fabric will be cheaper than 100% cotton fabric, but the quality this fabric brings to the user is quite good. Often, cotton yarn will be mixed with polyester yarn and one to a few other fibers to produce a fabric that has all the good properties of the combined fibers.

No matter what type of yarn it is, in the design of a t-shirt, the cotton yarn in the fabric mixture always needs to be the largest proportion because the properties of the cotton fibers are mostly good, and the only necessary thing is to overcome the limitations of the wrinkles of the fabric.

Usually, fabrics made from a combination of cotton and polyester will have good breathability, lightness, and durability. Polyester fibers in the fabric will help the fabric to be less wrinkled even after machine washing, saving roughening time and helping to increase the durability of the clothes.

4 Cotton Premium

The point that makes premium cotton fabric different from other fabrics is that the process of making it is extremely meticulous and elaborate. The fabric is delicately woven together with the removal of residual fibers in the weaving process to produce a higher quality fabric.

The cotton yarn is woven around a certain mechanism to ensure that the resulting fabric is softer and more durable. During this weaving process, the cotton yarn will also be twisted in a consistent pattern to give the yarn a tight and durable bond.

- Suggestions For T-shirt Fabrics For Fashion Brands

Properties of premium cotton fabrics

Because it is produced by an extremely elaborate weaving process, the result of this high-quality fabric is also very valuable in terms of quality. This is a fabric with outstanding softness and smoothness that creates a fine. In addition, in the production process, high-grade cotton fiber also has a process to remove impurities. This makes the finished cotton product more soft and smooth.

5 Final words

Each fabric will have a different use, so designers need to weigh them carefully to be able to decide to use the right umbrella for the project. Because it is considered a sports and everyday fashion, the quality of the fabric is especially important for fashion projects.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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