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Do Face Mask Refresher Sprays Protect Against the Coronavirus? Is It Effective?

Face mask sprays come with an increasing demand for masks to prevent Covid infection. Do face mask sprays actually work to protect against the Coronavirus

One of the main factors that set the stage for  Covid-19 to spread extremely fast is respiratory droplets in the mouth and nose. When people talk, cough, or sneeze, these small drops travel from one person to another or even many others. 

- Do Face Mask Refresher Sprays Protect Against the Coronavirus? Is It Effective?

Wearing masks against Coronavirus infection (source freepik.com)

It is the reason why everyone needs to wear masks when they go out or meet someone else. An increasing demand for masks leads to the launch of a product called the face mask spray. So, what are they, and do face mask sprays actually work to protect against the Coronavirus?

What are in the face mask sprays? 

Face mask spray is an antimicrobial and antibacterial liquid to apply into masks for both odor elimination and disinfection. You can find the term “disinfectant” on the product label, which means that the spray can kill bacteria on the mask. 

Professors point out that if these sprays are true disinfectants, they must include ingredients belonging to the Environmental Protection Agency regulation. Furthermore, for the effective Coronavirus infection, these ingredients should be on the EPA’s List N. 

And the following will be some typical ones. 

Hypochlorous Acid

The first ingredient to mention is the Hypochlorous Acid or HOCI. According to Michelle Henry, M.D., HOCI is a naturally created substance found in the human white blood cells. It acts as the first defense protecting our body from bacteria and viruses. 

Due to the powerful reaction against bacteria and viruses, HOCI is now commonly in use for cleaning agents. Also, manufacturers spend this substance for skincare, healthcare, food, and even pool water treatment. 

Benzalkonium Chloride

Another name listed in the List N is the Benzalkonium Chloride or BAC. It can kill microorganisms to prevent their potential growth. Hence, the BACs often become a part of hand wipes or many other cosmetic products such as foot odor control powder and cleansers. 

However, the Benzalkonium Chloride is not good for users to spray into the masks. Despite its capability to kill Coronavirus, this compound can negatively affect your respiratory system if you inhale it too much. 


An additional example for the List N’s ingredient is Ethanol, which you also can call the Aka Ethyl Alcohol. Some popular face mask sprays with Ethanol include Cavere Sanitizing Cleanser, Ttoma Sanitizing Spray, and so forth. 

By the concentration level of around 70%, Ethanol and other ingredients can eliminate particles of viruses. But it becomes truly effective when you dip the whole mask into that liquid. So, spraying itself is not sufficient for sure. 

- Do Face Mask Refresher Sprays Protect Against the Coronavirus? Is It Effective?

Face mask sprays (source freepik.com)

But let’s think about it. 

Wetting the mask completely means that you are inhaling and exhaling with 100% alcohol. Well, it is such a crazy thought. Ultimately, the Ethanol should not be a good idea for the face mask spray at all. 

Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone

When it comes to the face mask spray ingredients, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone are also two chemicals you should ignore. The former is often in the Bee Well Mask Spray, while the latter plays as a part of the Ozium air sanitizer. 

The main purpose of manufacturers to use these ingredients is to fight odor, which can cause bacteria on the mask. However, like many other chemicals in the N list, both Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone can be harmful when you breathe too much for the long term. 

In other words, with the Hydrogen Peroxide vapor, you may get ill with irritation in the eyes and throat with some symptoms such as coughing and difficulty in breathing.

As for the Ozone, inhaling a high concentration of Ozone can lead to lung damage. The mask wear will feel pain in the chest, cough too much, and irritation in the throat by the low level. Furthermore, Ozone worsens chronic respiratory diseases and damages the body’s defense against any respiratory infection. 

A lot of chemicals in the List N, undoubtedly, can work to prevent the Coronavirus infection. Unfortunately, many of them are somehow or even considerably unsafe for you to inhale. The harmfulness may not come with the immediate consequences. Sometimes, it is a long-term bad effect. 

Can those face mask spray’s ingredients degrade the materials of the mask? 

Regardless of which chemicals and oils in the sprays, they are all moisture. And you know that moisture is never the best friend of the cloth durability. The more frequently you spray the liquid onto the mask, the quickly and easily it wears down in the future. 

Should we use face mask sprays? 

We will surely give a “NO” to this question. One fact is that chemicals and oils added into the sprays can wear out the fabric and affect your health when inhaling.  

To give a solution, manufacturers have introduced washable and reusable face masks. And the DONY Premium Antibacterial Cloth Mask is one of the most impressive products recently. This innovation of masks can truly meet even rigorous standards for global use. 

Dony three-ply mask comes with a 99.9% breathable, antibacterial cloth. Plus, thanks to excellent user-protecting features, it gets the certification of well-known organizations, namely CE, FDA, and TUV Reach.

- Do Face Mask Refresher Sprays Protect Against the Coronavirus? Is It Effective? 

Three-ply DONY Mask

Each layer of mask does its specific functions to protect users from the Coronavirus infection. The outer with water resistance is to avoid droplets from your opposite people. The middle acts as a filter. And the inner does its antibacterial function. 

In terms of washability and reusability, the mask allows up to 60 times of washing.

The mask allows users to extend its straps up to 270% of the original length. Additionally, for better comfort, it features a nose clip along with adjustable ear loops to avoid suffocation. 

Another interesting point is that the DONY designs their masks in different colors. Thus, if you are a kind of fashion lover, wearing a mask in months with Covid-19 does not matter. 


Ultimately, do face mask sprays actually work to protect against the Coronavirus?

Yes, we know for sure that they do. But their ingredients are an extremely important aspect for us to consider before using. Some chemicals in these sprays have no bad effect on human health, while several ones do. 

Hence, you should choose washable and reusable products like the DONY Mask instead of overdoing the sprays.   

Time To Double Or Upgrade Masks As Coronavirus Variants Emerge

With the pandemic of Covid 19 consistently spreading worldwide, it is imperative that every person in every country take action, prevent the pandemic by himself using face masks – the most straightforward yet effective solution so far. 

It’s time to double or upgrade masks as coronavirus variants emerge. But between doubling and upgrading your masks, which method is better?

Double Or Upgrade Masks?

Doubling your masks is not the way

In the meantime, when Coronavirus spreads more significantly than ever in countries like the U.S., U.K., the use of high-quality face masks is, by any means, absolutely needed and highlighted. 

A simple, unqualified cloth mask cannot prevent the Coronavirus from entering one’s health system, that’s for sure. Other than that, high-qualified masks like KN95, N95 masks have only been allowed to be used by medical workers only, so it’s difficult for citizens to purchase good masks in general. 

About the change, experts once suggested using more than two masks, or better, wearing a cloth mask overlapping a surgical mask. However, this solution is not welcomed anymore due to the unnecessary waste of masks. 

Time to put the high-quality masks in use

If we have a decent, affirmatively high-qualified mask that is clarified to stand against Coronavirus, would that be a better option than wasting two masks in one time? 

The answer is a big YES! As the pandemic expands, it’s time to put the high-quality masks in use, such as KN95, N95 masks, rather than leaving these qualified masks for medical workers only. 

This method is highly recommended by many experts. They make compelling arguments about the feasibility and effectiveness of upgrading masks.

A physician from Harvard Medical School, Abraar Karan, has proposed the idea of producing qualified masks for citizens to industrial leaders since last year. 

Her main idea was to ask for good masks so that Americans can live comfortably while fighting against the pandemic. If the country continues to neglect this situation, the people will be badly infected with the coronavirus sooner or later.

Linsey Marr, an expert in researching for mask effectiveness, has stated that there are better tools for the citizens to cope with the pandemic. The answer is obviously better masks. 

Marr stated that, without a decent mask, the chance of getting Coronavirus into your system is over 50%. To reduce the risk, a qualified mask is inevitable, not a two-layer or three-layer self-made mask. 

Especially in American, where wearing-mask circumstances are not highly appreciated and recommended compared to Asian countries like Vietnam, Korea, wasting two masks at a time will eventually cost them while dealing with the pandemic. Not to mention the fact that the virus in Europe and American has been proved to be more transmissible than ever. 

David Abrams, a social and behavioral health professor at New York University, has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with using high-quality masks in the times when the pandemic gets serious. The world can change quickly, and so people must adapt to it. The government’s double masking will be mistake-correct for the citizens to gain better control in preventing the virus. 

27-year-old D.C intercharging worker Danny Ryan confirmed that he was compelled to wear upgraded masks after he had seen Biden and Vice President Harris using the same one. 

Despite continually using two masks at a time, he changed his mind into using an upgraded mask which provides more benefit to his life. “It just latched onto my subconscious mind — they are wearing two veils, securing them under and perhaps more above,” said Ryan, who presently keeps additional covers by his entryway. “Honestly, I simply feel more secure doing it with refreshes in the report about the new variations.”

So, health experts from America have confirmed that qualified masks should be put in use to keep everybody safe without being insecure and doubtful about the pandemic and the government as well. 

It’s time to take up a new mask that is qualified in anti-virus. The production of staple-shield, highly anti-bacteria industrial masks are needed for businesses with large numbers of employees to run without being defected. 

One of the recommended solutions comes from DONY Garment, the best B2B face mask supplier you can partner with. 

Dony Garment’s Mask

Dony Garment represents the ultimate mask design in coping with Coronavirus called The DONY Premium Antibacterial Cloth Mask.

Highlighted Features

Here are the features that make Dony Premium Cloth Masks so desirable:

  • Dony Premium Cloth Masks contain three layers made from 100 percent antibacterial cotton. 
  • It is a reusable cloth mask that can be used repeatedly under the condition that you wash and store it thoroughly.
  • The masks have received C.E., FDA, and TUV Reach certification for their qualified quality and reputation.

Why should companies corporate with DONY Garment?

To attract businesses to come and use the products and services of DONY Garment, the company is willingly able to provide samples, trial orders, or sample wholesale orders. Companies can also personalize the cloth masks with logo or branding items to make the products specialized for them, specifically as workwear or uniforms.  

Companies have credited us from Japan, the Middle East, the United States, and European countries for high-quality, affordable, yet durable cloth mask products.

The final word

Masks are one of the most powerful tools that humans can use to cope with Coronavirus. Especially for large companies and businesses who still want their workflow to be maintained efficiently and productively, having a large mask supply from DONY Garment will benefit and save them a huge cost. Using DONY Garment’s mask can ensure everyone prevents Covid-19 to the fullest. 

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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