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History of the formation of work uniforms

Uniforms are a specific symbol for a business and industry, and they are extremely important for businesses. Different professions will have different types of uniforms that create a distinctive symbol for that profession.

For example, doctors’ uniforms, firemen’s uniforms, police uniforms, service uniforms, etc. It can be seen that work uniforms are very popular in today’s era. So, do you know how working co-workers were formed?

1 The history of work uniforms and their evolution

The starting point of work uniforms

People originally used heraldry as a form of uniform first in Europe during the Middle Ages. Heraldry was often used by royal houses as a way to signify clan power. As the textile industry advanced, servants and emissaries in each royal house began to wear clothes that matched the heraldry and house to which they belonged.

- History of the formation of work uniforms

During the reign of a king in Asia, they would wear an outfit known as “the dragon robe.” This costume must always be yellow and embroidered with a dragon image. Officials who work under the king when visiting the king’s houses or meeting to discuss politics or even the king’s banquet must wear a uniform of some color, depending on the position the official is holding.

In the era of the Asian kings, no one was allowed to wear yellow clothes embroidered with a dragon. If a man wears yellow clothes embroidered with a dragon, he will be guilty of treason and want to take the throne.

The development of office uniforms

The earliest recorded profession-specific uniform in the West was in the 1700s. At a post office in England, it was compulsory for all employees to wear a brass ticket visible on their dress.

For sixty years, England’s Coach Guardians were required to wear a red coat with blue lapels as a uniform. This contributed to the robbers’ being confused with the uniforms of military personnel of the time.

The upheavals of history that followed the collapse of the nobility and the struggles for “national liberation” formed a new class of government and leadership. Instead of the autocratic monarchy as before, the organs will be run by the administrative government.

During this time, work uniform clothing began to appear because the explosion of the industrial revolution had a strong impact on career choice and was the cause of thousands of migrations of people. People who work on the farm turn to work in industry.

- History of the formation of work uniforms

This was the golden age of denim. It was around this time that industrial plants desperately needed a fabric that could keep workers comfortable in harsh working environments. Besides, this fabric is also used to make costumes for the mining industry and the craft industry.

Around this time, the health care industry also had a major turning point when it moved from the voluntary work of nuns to a full-fledged profession. This breakthrough can be clearly seen in the change of uniforms when moving from the giant aprons of the Florence Nightingale period with long and loose skirts to the clothes of today.

- History of the formation of work uniforms

The 20th century was marked by the introduction of a series of new fabrics and uniforms used only for certain workplaces, such as sailors and fishermen, who often used uniforms made of water-resistant leather.

2 Today’s work uniform

In the 1990s, with the advent of health and safety legislation in the workplace, workwear took a big step forward with a focus on safety and comfort and must be appropriate for the task.

“Personal protective equipment” was also introduced with goggles, protective clothing, helmets, shoes, and protective gloves to ensure maximum safety and minimize labor risks for workers.

- History of the formation of work uniforms

Today, the use of work uniforms in companies not only creates a difference between companies but also shows the philosophy of each company. To have the success of the work uniform as it is today, it is necessary to mention the advancements in technology as well as combine the groundbreaking customer perceptions into the design to bring a new breeze to the work uniform.

But no matter what, the most important thing is the quality of the work uniform. Employees are the users of the work uniform, and if their uniform is noticed from the quality of the fabric to the stitching and is meticulous to every little detail, it can also show the concern of the company owner towards its employees.

3 Final words

It has come a long way in history, from being a badge of wealth and power for an aristocrat to a way of distinguishing between different professions and eventually becoming a necessity in the force. labor volume

The development of modern office uniforms entails the innovation of technology. Business owners and accrediting agencies believe that work uniforms are a sign of meticulous attention that can only stem from corporate interest. A work uniform with meticulous stitching and comfortable fabric will help workers have more motivation to work.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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