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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Massachusetts

Welcome to the Massachusetts Top List Clothing Manufacturers guide! This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the many clothing manufacturing options available in Massachusetts. We have compiled a list of some of the top-rated clothing manufacturers in this state and provided detailed information about each one, including their capabilities, products offered, and contact information.

With this guide, you can easily compare different companies and find the right manufacturer for your clothing needs. From small boutique operations to large-scale production facilities, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to finding a reliable clothing manufacturer in Massachusetts. Whether you need custom designs or mass produced garments made with high quality materials, we hope this guide will help you make an informed decision on which company is best suited for your project.

As a fashion enthusiast, you may be looking for the best clothing manufacturers in Massachusetts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just someone looking to start their own clothing line, it is important to find the right source for your apparel needs. With so many garment manufacturers located throughout the state of Massachusetts, it can be difficult to narrow down your search and determine which one will be the best fit for you. To make things easier on yourself, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite garment companies in Massachusetts – these are all excellent choices if you need quality apparel production services!

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Massachusetts

1 Boston Garment Company

This family-owned business has been producing high-quality garments since 1898. Their experienced team offers tailored suits and custom dress shirts as well as other items such as hats and coats. In addition to manufacturing services they also offer alteration services so that any item they produce can fit exactly how you want it to look!

2 Gansett Apparel

Located in Fall River, this company specializes in creating stylish casual wear made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and bamboo fibers. They provide design consultation services so that their clients get exactly what they want out of their garments!

3 Walsh Brothers Manufacturing Co.

Established almost 150 years ago by two Irish immigrants, this manufacturer started with handcrafted knit sweaters but now produces everything from outerwear to activewear using advanced production techniques like computerized knitting machines and laser cutting technology for intricate designs on fabric pieces!

4 Azalea Fashion Group

This company is based out of New Bedford and offers complete apparel manufacturing solutions including pattern making, grading & marking/cutting fabrics into panels according to patterns provided by customers or developed internally by Azalea’s staff members; sewing (lockstitch/overlock), pressing/steaming finished pieces; packaging & shipping directly from its facility without involving any third party contractors at any stage during production process thus ensuring full control over product quality standards & timelines required by customers!

5 Munro Mfg Inc.

Founded more than 40 years ago by Robert Munro Sr., this factory produces custom designed sportswear such as shorts and jackets for teams like baseball players across America who need athletic apparel that fits perfectly while still staying affordable enough not break their budget!

6 Dalton Industries Corporation

Dalton Industries Corporation has been providing high quality workmanship since 1949 when founder Joseph Dalton began weaving fabrics with looms he had built himself – today his son Peter oversees operations at this

7 Boston Clothing Company

Located in Danvers, MA, Boston Clothing Company is one of the leading custom apparel makers in New England. They specialize in creating high-quality garments for businesses and organizations at competitive prices with quick turnaround times. Their specialty also lies in producing customized logoed apparel such as polos and hats with screen printing or embroidery services available upon request. In addition to their custom designs, they also carry stock styles which can be customized with various colors and sizes.

8 Lyle & Scott USA

This family owned business started out as a millinery shop back when it was founded by brothers Louis and Charles Lyle over 100 years ago but has since evolved into becoming one of the best known wholesale garment factories located throughout New England today specializing not only textiles but outerwear too! The company offers an extensive range of premium fabrics including wool blends cottons twills flannels plus many more all which can be sourced directly from their factory making them an excellent choice if you’re looking for wholesale clothes manufacturing solutions near MA area specifically tailored towards casual wear market demands like jackets jeans shirts etc…

9 Wachusett Mills

Established back 1868 Wachusett Mills is another great option if you’re looking for mass produced garments made within state lines! They mainly focus on producing knitwear such as t-shirts sweatshirts cardigans sweaters activewear swimsuits etc…all made using high quality materials sourced internationally so no matter what kind design style or color scheme customers have been searching this factory will surely provide perfect results every time while still maintaining unbeatable price levels overall!

10 Cabot Hosiery Mills Incorporated

This textile producer specializes mainly women’s hosiery such as socks leggings pantyhose knee highs tights legwarmers etc…all manufactured according their strict standards that date back over 90 years now ensuring everything coming off those looms looks absolutely stunning finish after finish year round too regardless season weather conditions or fabric type used during,

The blog titled ‘Top list clothing manufacturers in Massachusetts’ has provided an overview of some of the most popular and successful clothing manufacturers located in the state. From small family-owned businesses to large international companies, this blog outlined the unique contributions each manufacturer makes to the industry. It also gave readers a glimpse into what sets them apart from their competition, such as premium quality materials, custom designs, on-time delivery services and more. Furthermore, readers had access to contact information for each company so that they can reach out if interested in making a purchase or becoming a business partner. Ultimately, this blog was able to provide detailed insight into some of the best clothing manufacturers located in Massachusetts while highlighting their individual strengths and specialties.

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