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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in New Jersey

New Jersey is a major hub of clothing manufacturing in the United States. It is home to some of the largest and most innovative clothing manufacturers in the country, producing everything from high-end designer labels to luxury sportswear. With its proximity to New York City, an international fashion capital, and a long history of quality craftsmanship, New Jersey has become a preferred destination for many leading brands. In this article, we will look at some of the top list clothing manufacturers in New Jersey that are helping shape the future of fashion and style.

Moncler USA Inc., headquartered in Secaucus NJ since 2008. As one of Europe’s premier outdoor apparel companies, Moncler manufactures products ranging from skiwear and outerwear to accessories like gloves and hats all made with quality materials combined with modern technology for maximum comfort and performance. Moncler also produces apparel for both men and women including jackets, trousers, sweaters as well as footwear such as boots or sneakers designed for winter activities or casual wear alike.

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in New Jersey

1 G&K Services

This company based out of Edison offers an impressive range of services related to apparel manufacturing, from cutting and sewing operations all the way up through packaging and shipping finished products. They offer both domestic and imported fabrics as well as consulting services throughout various stages of production.

2 Reebok Apparel Manufacturing

Located in Somerset County, Reebok produces sportswear for men’s, women’s and children’s categories with a focus on providing quality performance footwear at competitive prices. Their extensive product offerings include premium activewear such as sports bras, leggings and shorts designed with sweat-wicking technology which keeps athletes cool during their workouts or competitions.

3 Third Generation

Based out of East Orange NJ this family owned business has been crafting custom uniforms since 1988 by providing superior workmanship while maintaining competitive pricing models that have earned them loyal customers across many industries including schools/universities , law enforcement agencies & fire departments .They specialize not only in creating high quality sewn goods but also design processes such as screen printing & embroidery .

4 Maxima Company Inc.

Established back in 1967 this manufacturer provides its clients with fashion forward designs for any occasion ranging from casual wear & evening wear gowns along with school uniforms . They are dedicated towards producing exceptional garments using advanced technology like computerized pattern making systems that ensure accuracy every step along process . Furthermore they use best available resources when it comes down fabric selection alongside quality assurance programs resulting into satisfied clientele worldwide !

5 Pacific Coast Apparel

Located within Pennsauken municipality this firm specializes mainly tailored suits & other formal attire made from luxurious wool blend fabrics offering maximum comfort level even during extended trips abroad . What makes them unique is their ability customize orders according customer specifications ensuring finished product meets highest standards expected!

6 Wazwuz Apparel

Located in Union City, NJ, Wazwuz Apparel specializes in sportswear and activewear with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. They offer both custom designs as well as pre-made pieces that can be easily altered for any specific need. In addition, their services include printing/embroidery options as well as private label manufacturing capabilities.

7 Leota NY

Established back in 2006 by fashion designer Sarah Carson, Leota NY has become one of the most popular women’s dress brands around today thanks to its contemporary yet timeless styles which are perfect for every occasion from work meetings to wedding receptions alike! Their garments are produced right here at their factory located near Millburn NJ where they use only premium fabrics like silk crepe de chine and stretch lace trims.

8 Azzure Couture

Founded by renowned couturier Rebecca Beardsley-Smith nearly 20 years ago, Azzure Couture provides luxurious evening gowns created with fine European fabrics such as French Chantilly lace or Italian silk tulle combined with intricate hand stitched embroideries ranging from Swarovski crystals to organza appliques all crafted right at her studio within Livingston NJ!

9 Royal Silk Incorporated

With roots dating back over three decades ago this family owned business began producing menswear out of Kearny NJ specializing primarily on neckties but also offering other items like pocket squares cummerbunds bow ties etc… They provide customizable sizes colors patterns even labeling trackable inventory control and team uniforms making them suitable choice for small businesses large corporations alike !

10 J&K Designs Inc.

Operating out Edison since 2000 this full service design firm focuses on delivering classic modern wardrobe staples using high grade textiles sourced mostly US Europe along with advanced tailoring techniques ensure perfect fit finish each piece whether it be suits dresses shirts jackets pants skirts accessories whatever may come mind

11 TNG Apparel

Located in Newark NJ, TNG Apparel is one of the leading suppliers for custom imprinted apparel like t-shirts and hoodies as well as promotional items such as caps and bags. They offer high quality products at competitive prices with quick turnaround times on orders.

12 Sportswear International

Based out of North Bergen NJ, Sportswear International specializes in custom athletic apparel production ranging from jerseys to shorts and much more! Their experienced staff provides excellent customer service along with exceptional garment construction standards. You can trust them for all your team or individual sports gear needs!

13 Cut & Sew Solutions

This South Plainfield NJ based company offers full package solutions when it comes to apparel manufacturing services ranging from fabric sourcing all the way through finished goods delivery. They specialize in creating collections according to customer specifications while maintaining strict quality control measures throughout production processes ensuring only perfect results are delivered every time!

14 Marlboro Manufacturing Company

Founded over 30 years ago by two brothers who started their business out of a garage located near Marlboro NJ; this company now stands strong amongst others within its field offering cut & sew services for private labels as well as contract sewing operations which include specialty fabrics like neoprene & denim among other materials used across various industries around world today!

15 Jerzees Custom Printing/Embroidery

One stop shop located Medford Lakes NJ providing both screen printing services (directly onto garments) & embroidery techniques (onto hats). With over 25 years experience there’s no job too big or small they can’t handle -so whether you’re looking personalized tees just yourself or need bulk order uniforms your entire team look professional there’s sure be something here fit bill perfectly!

In conclusion, this blog provided a comprehensive list of the top clothing manufacturers in New Jersey. From well-known brands to small businesses and family-owned factories, these companies have been instrumental in providing quality clothing for decades. As the demand for apparel continues to grow in the state, these manufacturers provide reliable and efficient services that help keep up with consumer demand. Furthermore, their dedication to creating innovative designs has allowed them to remain competitive within the fashion industry. With such an impressive array of experienced and successful companies operating in New Jersey, it is evident that they are a major asset to both business owners and consumers alike.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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