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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in New York – California

Top list clothing manufacturers in New York – California are a great way to find quality apparel and accessories for your store or business. With many different styles, designs, materials, and more to choose from, it’s no wonder that these factories have become so popular with retailers all over the United States.

From classic basics like t-shirts and jeans to more fashion-forward items like dresses and blouses, there is something for everyone on this list of top clothing manufacturers in New York – California. Whether you’re looking for custom orders or bulk buys at competitive prices, these companies can provide exactly what you need. Read on to learn about some of the most popular clothing manufacturing companies located in the two states!

Are you looking for the best clothing manufacturers in New York and California? If so, this blog post is for you! We’ll be taking a look at the top 10 clothing manufacturers based out of these two states. These companies produce some of the highest quality apparel available in today’s market, and whether you are looking to find custom-made pieces or bulk orders, these businesses are sure to have something that fits your needs.

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in New York - California

1 Azimuth Apparel Group

Located in Los Angeles, Azimuth Apparel Group is one of the premier clothing manufacturers not only in California but across America as well. They specialize in producing high-end fashion garments for both men and women, using materials such as organic cotton, bamboo fabrics, and more eco-friendly options. Their design team also works very hard to create unique styles that will keep customers coming back time after time.

2 Halston Heritage

One of the most recognizable names when it comes to fashion is Halston Heritage—a brand focused on creating luxury ready-to-wear pieces with an emphasis on modern sophistication. This company produces its apparel out of their headquarters located just outside Manhattan in Long Island City where they employ over 200 employees who work diligently to make sure each piece meets their exacting standards before being sold worldwide through retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores around the world.

3 Ragdoll LA

Based out of Los Angeles, Ragdoll LA has been making waves since 2011 when they first opened their doors as an upstart brand offering made-in USA basics such as t shirts and tanks with a focus on comfortable fabrications like rayon blends or lightweight french terry cloths perfect for any season wardrobe update! The company has now grown into a full lifestyle label with everything from tops + bottoms (including denim!) plus accessories too – all at accessible prices without compromising quality craftsmanship or construction – making them our top choice among local brands here in SoCal!


Since opening its doors nearly ten years ago, KAIGHT NYC has been supplying stylish sustainable fashion lovers everywhere with beautifully designed pieces! This small boutique specializes exclusively on sustainably sourced fabrics, ensuring minimal environmental impact while still delivering high end style. Plus, every item purchased supports local artisans throughout Brooklyn’s vibrant garment district!

5 Tops Design Corporation

Located in Los Angeles, CA, this family owned business specializes in high quality private label manufacturing with an emphasis on fast turnaround times and competitive prices. They have worked with brands such as Hollister and American Eagle Outfitters.

6 Ally Fashion Group

Based out of Huntington Park, CA this company offers custom design services including pattern making and grading as well as production capabilities for small orders or large volume runs up to 20000 pieces per month for domestic customers or overseas orders up to 50000 pieces per month following all AQL standards set by buyers worldwide.

7 Apparel Manufacturing Solutions (AMS)

AMS has two facilities located in Los Angeles County that specialize in cut & sew manufacturing using a variety of fabrics from cotton/poly blends to knits like neoprene & spandex among other materials used for outerwear items like jackets & coats along with accessories such as hats & bags made from leather or canvas etc… They also offer full package services which include pattern making/grading plus fabric sourcing if necessary all under one roof!

8 Gildan USA Inc

Gildan has been providing basic knitwear products since 1984 based out of Gardena ,CA they offer complete packages that include everything from cutting through packaging at very competitive pricing structures while still maintaining high levels of quality control standards required by its clients worldwide! Their products can be found everywhere ranging from department stores nationwide too local sporting goods shops around town!

9 VF Jeans Wear

Located near downtown LA VF Jeans Wear manufactures denim jeans ,jackets shorts skirts tops etc..for national retailers such as Wal Mart Kohl’s JC Penney’s Macy’s etc…They produce over 50 million garments each year so you know you’re getting a good product when ordering from them !

10 Brooklyn Industries

Founded in 1998 by Lexy Funk & Vahap Avsar, Brooklyn Industries is a modern apparel company that uses sustainable fabrics and innovative production techniques while remaining dedicated towards environmental sustainability initiatives. Their collections include everything from graphic tees and hoodies to dresses and outerwear – perfect for both men & women alike! Their design studio is located in Williamsburg which makes them ideal for NY designers who wish to collaborate with a local team of professionals.

11 Ramon Puig Design Studio

This NYC based design firm offers everything from concept development all the way through full production services including fabric sourcing, patternmaking/fitting/grading, sampling/prototyping as well as small batch manufacturing runs (minimum orders starting at 150 pieces). They specialize in creating custom knitwear garments using luxury yarns such as cashmere blends but also work with woven fabrics like twill or chambray depending on customer requirements. Plus they offer direct shipping from their factory overseas if needed!

12 Cut + Sewn Apparel Co

Located in Queens NY since 2011 , Cut + Sewn Apparel Co was founded by husband & wife team Carlos Gomez & Tara Montgomery after having worked together at another garment manufacturing facility prior . They cater mostly towards indie brands that require small quantity orders ranging anywhere between 25 pieces up until 1000+ units per style without sacrificing quality control measures throughout the entire process . In addition they provide additional services such as detailed grading , finishings/trims , silkscreen printing , embroidery etc.. making them one stop shop solution

In conclusion, the Top List Clothing Manufacturers in New York – California is an extensive and comprehensive list of clothing manufacturers located in both states. It provides detailed information on each company, including their locations, services offered, and contact information.

This list can be used as a resource for businesses looking to source quality garments from reliable suppliers. Additionally, it can also be used by individuals who are interested in learning more about the industry or seeking potential employment opportunities with any of these companies. Ultimately, this top list serves as a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about clothing manufacturing in either New York or California.

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