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Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

Choosing the right garment manufacturing company for your business is important, especially if you want to ensure that the goods are made to high quality standards. There are a number of companies in Azerbaijan, so it is important to do your homework. Here are some of the best companies in the country.

1 Gilan Textile Park

GILAN TEXTILE PARK, one of the largest processing enterprises in Azerbaijan, is located in Sumgayit. The park is home to spinning, weaving, dyeing and sewing factories. The products of these facilities are manufactured using Azerbaijani cotton. These products are exported to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

GILAN TEXTILE PARK has a total production area of 50 thousand m2 and includes two spinning factories, a dyeing factory and two weaving factories. The enterprise produces different types of fabrics such as blankets, towels, bed linen and uniforms. These are produced in accordance with European standards and use high-quality Azerbaijani cotton.

The company has signed several successful textile export contracts. Currently, the largest importer of Gilan Textile Park products is Russia. It plans to expand its exports to other countries in the CIS.

The main aim of Azerbaijan’s state program is to increase non-oil exports. The country has a rich cotton production and low wage costs. This allows it to compete with other textile producers in the international market. Currently, the products are mostly sold to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.

As a result of the decline in the textile industry, several initiatives have been initiated to help the industry re-establish itself. One of these is the establishment of a polymer plant, which is considered to be the flagship of the Azerbaijani industry.

Another initiative that has been initiated is the creation of special design studios in Azerbaijan. According to the head of the Textile Producers and Exporters Association, Mehriban Akhundova, the creation of such studios is an important step in the development of the Azerbaijani textile industry.

The GILAN TEXTILE PARK company is also working on establishing trade and business relations with Europe. Azerbaijani manufacturers are seeking to enter the European market and benefit from no import duties.

2 Azerkhalcha

Among the top garment manufacturing companies in Azerbaijan, “Azerkhalcha” is a leading manufacturer of hand-woven carpets. The company plans to invest USD 22 million in 2018 and 2019 and launch 30 more branches in the country. It also plans to export handmade carpets to Japan.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

Azerkhalcha has a 25000 square meter factory with a capacity of producing a wide range of production. The factory’s products include traditional Azerbaijani carpets, as well as various creative variations. Most of the factory’s production is sold abroad. The company is planning to open more branches in the Tovuz region and has launched its first branch in the Horadiz settlement.

In January 2017, the company’s first 100 carpets were exhibited at the Hanover trade show. The production of Azerkhalcha will also be exported to other countries, including Russia and Turkey. In addition, the company’s goods have been awarded the Oeko-TEX Standard 100 accreditation.

Azerkhalcha’s main purpose is to produce export-quality carpets. In order to improve the quality of its production, the company has been investing in the development of new technologies. Moreover, the government has encouraged the company to develop a national brand for its products. It has also initiated a massive propaganda campaign to promote the carpet weaving industry.

Azerkhalcha has set ambitious goals to increase its production of hand-woven carpets by thirty percent by 2020. It is planning to employ 5,000 workers and launch ten more carpet weaving factories in Azerbaijan next year.

Azerkhalcha’s products are already sold in markets around the world. In order to attract more foreign buyers, the company has signed a free trade agreement with Turkey. Its goods will be labeled with the Azerbaijan Carpet label.

3 Bashlyk

Among Azerbaijan’s many industrial sectors, the garment industry has the most potential to become a key player in the region. The government of the former Soviet republic is keen on revitalizing the traditional industry. Several initiatives are working to do just that. In the long term, the country is aiming to double its textile output, with the target being to boost the industry’s GDP by a few percentage points.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is home to the first-ever garment factory in the entire Caucasus. Established in 1939, it produces everything from workwear to socks. Its high-end offerings include sportswear, school uniforms and medical uniforms. The company supports innovation and design processes, and is known for its high-quality materials. The facility is part of Accord Industrial Holding, which is headquartered in Baku. Its other subsidiaries are Debet Uniform and Accord Textil.

The country also has a few of the world’s largest cotton growing regions, making it a prime candidate for textile production. The government has rolled out the State Program for Cotton Growing, which is intended to improve the nation’s textile output. The plan includes the construction of new cotton ginning mills, the renewal of existing ones, and the processing of cotton fibers into yarns.

Aside from its rich cotton crop, Azerbaijan has a number of other factors to its credit, including a trained and educated labor force, low wage costs, tax incentives, and a well-developed infrastructure. The nation is also home to several garment manufacturing companies, most of which are in Baku. Several are also experimenting with the latest technologies, and are hoping to make their mark in the future. These companies include Accord Textil, Alyans Tekstil, Accord Industrial Holding, and the Azerbaijan Clothing and Textile Association.

4 Emmame

Despite a dramatic slump, Azerbaijan’s textile industry is coming back to life. The country has several advantages for producing textiles, and several initiatives are helping the industry get a fresh start. Among these are tax preferences in industrial districts and favorable conditions for selling goods.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a trained labor force, and low wages. These advantages help the country maintain a competitive edge when it comes to manufacturing products. It is also possible to benefit from no import duties, and the free trade agreements that have been signed with various countries can open up good export opportunities.

One of the leading garment manufacturers in Azerbaijan is Baku Textiles. This company produces a variety of workwear, sportswear, socks, and medical uniforms. It has been operating since 1939 and is the first textile mill in the Caucasus region. The factory has high quality standards and pursues excellence. The company uses materials that meet international standards, and seeks sustainable growth.

Azerbaijan has a rich supply of cotton. It is also known for its silk production, and continues to expand the breeding of silkworms.

The national dress of Azerbaijani women is a mix of underwear, outwear, and headgear. It includes a suck-formed shawl and a veil. It is also a reflection of Azerbaijani culture, ethnic history, and artistic ornamental patterns.

The most common piece of headgear was a suck, which was made of leather or cloth. It was typically worn under other headdresses, and was often covered with a covering or overlaid with a kelaghayi. In the eighteenth century, these headdresses were distributed by different khanates. In Shirvan, they were especially valuable, as they were laced with colorful silk lining.

5 Traditional headdresses

Among the Azerbaijani traditional headdresses, there are several that are worn by both men and women. These headdresses are used to protect the head and face, and they were often overlaid with a covering. These headdresses were mostly made of leather in the form of a suck.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Azerbaijan

One of the most popular male headdresses was the papaq. The papaq was made of long-haired lamb-fur. It had two sides, and it was made in different colors. It was also a symbol of dignity.

In addition, there were skull-caps and silk kerchiefs. In the Middle Ages, these headdresses were widely used.

Azerbaijani women traditionally wore gold belts and skirts. The skirts were goffered and pleated. The skirts were decorated with pompons. The skirts were often made of silk or woolen fabric. They were worn with a high boot with a long leg.

Men wore wide trousers made of woolen cloth. These trousers were around 20-30 cm wide. The sleeve of the upper shirt was made of sateen. They had a buttonhole. The sleeves were straight and gradually narrowed in the elbow.

Another type of male headdress was the arakhchin. It was made of silk or cashmere. It was widely worn in the Middle Ages and is still widely displayed in folk dances. The lining of the arakhchin is made of colourful silk.

Azerbaijani women also wore a special type of bag called the chutga. The chutga was used to hide the hair.

Azerbaijani women were also known for their jewelry. They were often dressed with gold belts and silver coins. They had a hood called the bashlyk, which was made of wool or cloth. It had round ends that were wound around the neck.

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