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Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

Getting into the garment manufacturing business can be a very daunting task. There are so many companies out there that it can be hard to know which ones to choose. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. There are some simple guidelines that can help you narrow down your choices.

1 Assouad Textile

Founded in Cairo in 1936, Assouad Textile is one of the most renowned garment manufacturing companies in Egypt. It operates a weaving mill in Sadat City. It supplies embroidered and knitwear products and also provides nightwear. The company also operates a dye house.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

The Cairo cotton centre produces cotton fabric, as well as woven wear and denim wear. The company produces about 2,500 tons of cotton fabric every year. It also produces sweaters, jeans, socks, and denim bottoms.

The Alexandria-based manufacturer produces for brands in Turkey and USA. It has a wide range of knit fabrics and also supplies embroidered products. The company has also invested in sublimation printing technology.

The company has over 400 employees and produces a variety of men’s and women’s wool apparel, tricot apparel, fleece, and plain T-shirts. Its monthly output is approximately 90 thousand pieces of fleece, as well as plain T-shirts. Its client base includes fifteen countries.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of lace fabric in the Middle East. It also serves the medical and military industries. It has a strong client base in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

The company produces a wide variety of high-quality yarns, as well as woven and knitwear. Its production facilities are located in the Borg-Al-Arab Industrial Zone. It uses imported long staple cottons, as well as Egyptian cotton.

The company is located in the 10th of Ramadan area. Its land area is 175,000 square meters. The company produces shirting fabrics, as well as wool sweaters, and Egyptian cotton underwear for men.

The company is a pioneer in garment manufacturing in Egypt. Its market segments include Europe, the US, and the Arabian countries. Its products are of high quality and affordable prices.

2 Kazareen Textile Group

Among the top garment manufacturing companies in Egypt, Kazareen Textile Group has a wide portfolio of products. It offers apparel, linens, embroidery, screen printing, and laser cutting services. The company’s products are sold worldwide.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

The company is headquartered in London and operates eight textile manufacturing facilities in Egypt. It also has offices in other countries. Its product range includes knitted garments, underwear, women’s wear, and kids’ wear.

The company is also a leading supplier of high quality fabrics for clothing. It provides fabrics for activewear, men’s and women’s fashion, uniforms, and home textiles. The company’s clients are located in 15 different countries.

The company is a part of the Mimar Invest Group. Its marketing and sales director is Houda Fekih Ahmed. It produces quality apparels and distributes them to consumers around the world.

The company is known for its innovation in socks and circular knitting-based products. Its production unit produces 20,000 to 25,000 pieces of women’s clothing each week. It uses materials from Tunisia, Turkey, and Europe. It has a team of 2,000 employees.

The company is also part of the MADFORWATER project, which enhances wastewater treatment. Its products are eco-friendly and help to create a sustainable planet. It has gained many customers in Egypt.

It has been in business for over five decades and it is a well-known name in the Egyptian textile industry. It is known for its kitchen towels and terry toweling lines. It is also the largest denim manufacturer in Egypt. It is certified to produce garments for department stores.

It has a production facility that produces women’s and men’s cotton garments. The company has a wide variety of fabric for sale at very low prices. Its products are designed to be comfortable and stylish.

3 Taha Group

TAHA GROUP is one of the world’s largest garment manufacturing companies. The company’s main manufacturing facilities are located in Egypt and Turkey. The company has been providing services for the leading brands for many years. Its employee strength is about 500 people.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

Taha Group is a vertically integrated textile manufacturing group that has its head office in Borg Al Arab Al Gadida City in Egypt. It has a production capacity of twenty million fashion garments per year for Western Europe. During January 2022, its exports reached $204 million, a 54% increase compared to the previous year. It is a major supplier of clothing for European and North American markets.

In addition, Taha Group offers a variety of services. These include design, printing, softening, and flocking. It also produces high-quality sportswear fabrics.

Its product line includes knitted garments, woven garments, and underwear. In addition, it manufactures terry fabrics, embroidered curtains, and upholstery fabrics.

Its products are produced in an eco-friendly manner. It is a pioneer in the Egyptian textile industry. It is one of the best denim manufacturers in the country. It delivers 16 million jeans each year. Its customers include leading international fashion brands.

The company has a production facility in Zeytinburnu. The facility employs a highly skilled workforce. Its products are well-known for their quality.

It also has a dyeing plant in Turkey. The facility produces over 2,500 tons of cotton fabric every year.

In addition, it has a manufacturing facility in Bangladesh. It is a fast-growing company that provides top-quality apparel to its clients. It is approved to supply to department stores and top brand names.

In addition, the company is a top supplier of home textiles. It has a large number of customers in Egypt. It provides products with a reasonable price.

4 LionDove

Located in Cairo, Egypt, LionDove is a fast fashion retailer that specializes in men’s apparel. It manufactures and sells men’s jeans, shirts and sportswear. It has over 40 stores in Egypt.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

The apparel industry in Egypt is growing at a fast rate. It is estimated that the total Egyptian textile industry exports around 305,000 tons of cloth and apparel each year. It is the second largest industry in the country.

The Egyptian textile manufacturing industry is a competitive market with a large number of players. It offers superior quality and state-of-the-art processing techniques. It also features large skilled labor force and affordable costs. The Egyptian apparel sector is a source of employment for over 1.5 million people.

There are more than 1,500 textile and apparel factories in the country. Its supply chain is highly vertically integrated. It is geared towards producing more value-added products. The Egyptian government has made concrete steps to promote sustainability in the sector. It is expected that the industry will register a CAGR of over four percent during the forecast period of 2022-2027.

Salamtex, a heritage company of Egypt, is the leading producer of lace fabric in the Middle East. It produces high-quality fabrics for a variety of uses, including activewear, uniforms, home textiles and intimate garments. It is also known for its kitchen towels.

The Farag group, which was founded in 1996, is one of the leading names in the Egyptian apparel industry. It manufactures a variety of men’s and women’s wear, including non-denim, bottoms, and acrylic sweaters. It is well-known for its Egyptian cotton, and has a strong client base in Germany.

Another prominent name in the Egyptian textile industry is the Concrete group. It is the largest textile manufacturing group in the Middle East. It manufactures a variety of knitted, woven, and non-woven products.


Among the numerous garment manufacturing companies in Egypt, LTE is a leading name in men’s apparel. It produces fine quality knitted garments that are approved to supply top brand names. The company’s growth has been rapid in recent years.

- Top 5 Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

With a large skilled labor force and affordable factor costs, Egypt is a preferred sourcing hub for manufacturers. The country also offers easy access to markets in Africa and the U.S. Its textile and garment industries are a key supplier to other sectors.

LTE’s products are considered high in quality and competitive in price. It also offers a wide variety of knitted and woven garments, all of which are approved to supply department stores.

Another leading garment and textile manufacturing company in Egypt is the Farag group. The firm has more than 400 employees and produces a variety of non-denim, woven, knit, and sportswear products. It has distribution channels in 12 Arab countries.

Other companies include Almaz Egypt, which produces cotton sweaters for men. The company has established a cotton centre in Cairo. It is also a key player in denim wear production. The company also has a dye house in the city that employs a number of workers.

Other leading garment manufacturing companies in Egypt are Saad Morsy & Company, which specializes in women’s wear. Its products are certified by OEKO-TEX. It also offers ready-to-wear garments. Its products are also sold all over the world.

Several other leading companies in Egypt include Daly dress, which is a subsidiary of El Shamsi for Trading and Agencies. Its garments are designed and manufactured in Egypt, and are produced from organic yarns. It is an eco-friendly company that values its customers.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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