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Top 9+ Best Kids / Baby Clothing Brands for All Budgets


To design a sweet wardrobe for your angel, our top 9+ best kids / baby clothing brands here can be trusted. Not only should they be of good quality, but they should also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Safety for baby’s skin and affordable price, the following lines will not disappoint you. Keep scrolling down to choose the brand that best suits your kid and your budget!

Best Kids/ Baby Clothing Brand List

1 Carter’s

Source image: carters.com
Source image: carters.com

As a long-standing cult label in children’s fashion, Carter’s makes clothes light in style and great in quality.

Newborns don’t care about looks but comfort, so this fashion brand’s products are from safe, soft materials. This is a great place to start building your child’s wardrobe from the basics at an affordable price.

2 Primary

Source image: primary.com
Source image: primary.com

Primary is the perfect choice for parents who prefer solid or basic geometric patterns on children’s clothing. All its products are affordable, made of soft and durable cotton.

The label offers a wide variety of products for children, ranging from bodysuits, dresses, sweaters, pants, and pajamas. They are suitable for both boys and girls from 0 to 12 years old.

3 Burt’s Bees Baby

Source image: burtsbeesbaby.com
Source image: burtsbeesbaby.com

If you want to find comfortable and safe clothes for your kid, don’t miss Burt’s Bees Baby. The brand has achieved GOTS certification for the highest global standards for organic textiles, so you can rest assured of its quality products.

All its garments are from organic cotton, which is durable and softens with each wash. With Burt’s Bees Baby, your child will have absolute safety and comfort.

4 Cat & Jack

Source image: target.com
Source image: target.com

With Cat & Jack, building a wardrobe for your child has never been so easy and fast!

An all-in-one store for kids and clothing, Cat & Jack offers a wide variety of clothes to choose from at pocket-friendly prices. The designs of this brand are very eye-catching, with creative and unique prints. That’s why they will be your kids’ favorite outfits.

If the garment gets torn or damaged within one year of purchase, you will receive a return with the receipt.

5 Goumi Kids

Source image: goumikids.com
Source image: goumikids.com

Seeing your kids wear colorful and textured clothes from Goumi Kids also puts you in a better mood. And you’ll have even more peace of mind knowing that all the fashion house’s products are from sustainable materials.

Goumi utilized the breathability of organic cotton and bamboo to create super soft and comfortable clothes. This is also an ethical fashion brand as they use 10% of sales to support the community.

6 Old Navy

Source image: oldnavy.gap.com
Source image: oldnavy.gap.com

Old Navy shows a wide selection of children’s clothing at affordable prices but excellent quality. This brand uses fun and refreshing models, fresh and trendy styles.

You can also combine many pieces of them to create outfits that are right for whatever season you’re in. Thus, Old Navy is one of the top 9+ best kids / baby clothing brands that you cannot ignore.

7 H&M

Source image: www2.hm.com
Source image: www2.hm.com

H&M’s products for babies and kids are something no one wants to miss. Their huge collection includes nightwear, sweaters, and daily wear with soft and trendy materials. Aiming for comfort and softness, your baby’s skin will be pampered and protected.

Thanks to elegant textures and guaranteed durability, you can use them over and over without worrying about going out of style. And don’t get surprised if you start to envy your kids!

8 Hanna Andersson

Source image: hannaandersson.com
Source image: hannaandersson.com

Hanna Andersson is one of the favorite brands of parents looking for safe and comfortable clothing for their toddlers. Inspired by animals and flowers, with numerous colors from neutral to fun, this label can please any need for children’s clothing.

Hanna Andersson uses 100% organic Pima cotton and is OEKO-TEX certified for comfort and breathability. You’ll want to cuddle your little ones all the time with these soft and warm clothes. Their products are not cheap but are well-made with very high durability.

9 Babyhug

Source: firstcry.com
Source: firstcry.com

Babyhug is one of the best children’s fashion brands of all time. If you are looking for good stuff at a reasonable price for your little angel, this brand will be a perfect choice.

Each product of Babyhug has a different warranty period making it easier to return products. Using materials that are soft and safe for tiny’s delicate skin, Babyhug products are second only to mother’s hugs.

10 ZARA Kids

Source: zara.com
Source: zara.com

When looking for a top fashion clothing trademark, Zara Kids is a must-go shop. This globally famous brand gives the best children’s clothing and has a huge collection devoted to this cute object. With a vast amount of sizes and colors for different age groups, Zara Kids offers all the latest trends around the world.

The label also places emphasis on breathability for the greatest comfort. It is suitable for all kids’ personalities, from cute to active. Your child can wear Zara’s clothes for school days, playing outside, or special moments.

11 Tiny Cottons

Source: tinycottons.com
Source: tinycottons.com

Mentioning Tiny Cottons, parents will immediately think of soft baby clothes made from organic cotton. Famous since 2013 for the best children’s wear, this company has a large collection in various sizes and designs. 

With this brand, you can wash the clothes without worrying about deformation.

12 Kate Quinn

Source: katequinn.com
Source: katequinn.com

Kate Quinn gains trust when it comes to buying children’s clothes. Using organic cotton, bamboo, and stretch fabric, each piece feels plush and super soft. It is also an ethical and sustainable fashion house that creates organic and handmade products for your tinies. 

The brand ensures safe and fair working conditions for the participants. Besides the luxury suits, it also produces basic items at affordable prices but great quality!


Source image: babymori.com
Source image: babymori.com

You can hardly find anything dissatisfied with this children’s fashion item. Focusing on the softest and highest quality baby products, MORI uses its signature fabrics of organic cotton and bamboo fibers. So, your toddler’s delicate and sensitive skin received pampering and protection to the fullest extent. 

It offers such a wide range of clothes and sizes that your little one will have a stylish look without much thought. You’ll be more than pleased to know that MORI has numerous philanthropic activities for families in London – the headquarter of the brand.

14 Mini Rodini

Source image: facebook.com/minirodiniofficial
Source image: facebook.com/minirodiniofficial

Mini Rodini, Founded in 2006 in Sweden, is a fashion house for children. Aiming to create fun, playful clothes for kids without impacting the environment, this label uses sustainable materials. 

You can find everything you need here, from t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and jackets. Colorful and fun, Mini Rodini products are at the forefront of trends and great designs.

15 Gap Baby

Source image: gap.com
Source image: gap.com

With years of experience, GAP Baby is one of the most iconic children’s fashion brands in the world. This line is a top choice for many parents as they combine adorable style with quality and comfort. 

With soft and soothing colors, you will find many soft and cute baby clothes to wear at home or out. Gab Baby focuses on excellent product quality and durability so that you can rest assured when choosing clothes for your child.


Our top 9+ best kids / baby clothing brands recommend affordable and durable lines that you can consider for your sweetest. Surely you will get satisfied when shopping at the world’s leading children’s fashion brands.

Keep in mind that safety and comfort are always the top criteria when choosing clothes for kids. 

To ensure product quality and orders, fashion companies cooperate with reputable garment processing companies. In particular, DONY GARMENT emerges as a unit meeting the strictest standards. 

Dony is one of the leading manufacturers of garments in Vietnam, specializing in producing made-to-order fashion clothes, uniforms & workwear for local and overseas brands/distributors.

Thanks to skilled workers and modern machines with large capacity, DONY GARMENT satisfies all orders in the fastest time at an affordable price. As a result, quality and design are guaranteed, as well as the item is always on the shelf every time you order.

Note: DONY is a clothing manufacturer, not a wholesaler. The brand does not provide mass products and ready-made garments.

Top 9+ Best Kids / Baby Clothing Brands for All Budgets
✅ Carter’s ✅ Primary
✅ Burt’s Bees Baby ✅ Cat & Jack
✅ Goumi Kids ✅ Old Navy
✅ H&M ✅ Babyhug
✅ Hanna Andersson ✅ ZARA Kids
✅ Tiny Cottons ✅ Kate Quinn
✅ MORI ✅ Mini Rodini
✅ Gap Baby

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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