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Antibacterial Cloth Mask ”DONY MASK” exported to France

Antibacterial Cloth Mask ”DONY MASK” exported to France

Dony masks feature 3 layers: the water-resistant outer layer to prevent lets from sticking on the mask, the middle layer is to filter airborne particles. At the same time, the innermost layer is made of quality anti-bacterial fabric. Accordingly, the mask can filter: 100%-resistant against water and lets; 99.9% common bacteria; 99.95% UV rays thanks to the UPF 50+ capacity.

Many consumers worry about how a face mask is anti-bacterial when it is made by hand.You can rest assured about Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask because the manufacturer strictly follows a standardized process from Packaging, Sterilization, and Sealing. First off, the finished mask is carefully packed into a primary plastic bag following medical standards. Then, EO technology is used to sterilize the mask. The machine completes this step without the participation of workers. Finally, the package is entirely sealed with a super-heat technique before being delivered to the consumers.

Dony Mask Introdution

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