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Different types of Modern Women’s Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

If you are a fan of the jacket, read the article below. This article is full of essential information about jackets such as different types of jackets for women, coordinate,..

Fashion is one of the fields that a lot of attention is paid to because it is closely related to daily life as well as human existence. Therefore, when society is developing, people are more and more interested in their fashion.

Fashion is a fairly broad field in life, including clothing worn as pants, shirts, shoes, or accessories to decorate the body. Fashion is expressed as something that gives people the politeness and solemnity of people because it determines many things in our lives.

It can be said that jackets are one of the hottest models today and are used by a large number of women. What kind of shirt is it? Let’s learn about different types of jackets and they’re coordinating,…

1 What is a jacket?

A jacket is an indispensable type of clothing for people today. It can be understood simply that jackets are used as default outside of other clothes.

It is composed of sleeves, the leg is usually long to the hip or near the thigh, the shirt is sewn open in the front, and is usually fixed with buttons or zippers. Jackets can be sewn into a casual outfit or can be used in places where elegance and seriousness are needed.

Jackets are designed with or without a hat, depending on the design and structure of the outfit. Jackets are also sewn with many designs, using different fabrics, to create a variety of costumes. Vests can be used to cover rain and sun, help people retain heat, and effectively avoid the wind.

2 How many types of jackets for women are there?

1. Denim Jacket

Denim is a popular material favored by many women, so denim jackets are very popular. Denim has very good sun protection, so women use this type of shirt to protect their skin. In addition to denim, jeans are also very popular – cool, sweat-wicking, and stylish material.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

This shirt usually has long sleeves, a buttoned front, and 2 buttoned chest pockets. This jacket can be worn with short skirts. You can completely wear this set to work or go out because it is both youthful and polite.

The accessories that come when mixing these two items are also very easy, when you want to look modern and fashionable, you should mix them with high heels. In addition, it can be combined with midi skirts, flared skirts, and short jeans depending on your preferences.

2. Leather jacket

Leather jackets are winter coats mainly in favor of a personal, youthful, and modern style. Leather jackets are mainly made from imported cowhide, sheepskin, and goatskin.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

Types of leather jackets can be mentioned as smooth leather jackets, glossy leather, suede, … with many different shapes from long, short, medium to imitation skirts, .. Leather is an indispensable thing in winter and this is also an easy-to-match fashion item, allowing the wearer to freely express their fashion style.

It can be teamed with a pleated skirt – a feminine pleated skirt will make you stand out when paired with a classic leather jacket. If you are a fashionista who loves to play with color, try cobalt blue or metallic gold for a trendy and individual look.

It can also be combined with shorts because this is the most popular choice of many girls when they love leather jackets. The dynamism and comfort of shorts or short skirts when combined with a leather jacket bring a very personal look.

3. Chino jacket

It is made from khaki fabric. This is the most popular and widely used fabric in the garment industry. Khaki fabric can be woven from 100% cotton or twill cotton with synthetic fibers.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

The fabric has outstanding properties of being durable, cool, wrinkle-free, and has good elasticity. This is for people with a strong personality, fashionable. It is often combined with jeans, leggings, and boots to be youthful, and dynamic.

4. Bomber jacket

A bomber jacket is a jacket without a hood and has a zipper in the front. The shirt is designed with the cuffs, the collar and the bottom of the shirt sewn together with elastic fabric. Bomber jackets are loose and comfortable.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

The shirt is sewn with many different fabrics such as felt fabric, leather fabric, polyurethane fabric, cotton fabric, and polyester fabric … sewn with different designs, helping the wearer to change the appearance flexibly. than. Bomber jackets are sewn with mainly dark colors.

These are the colors of the traditional bomber jacket. The shirt will be designed with moss green, black, dark blue, gray… These color tones will make it easier for you to coordinate than ever. Thick materials also help people keep warm in the cold season. For the traditional bomber jacket, two cross pockets will be sewn on the sides of the shirt.

5. Overcoat

This is a long coat and is often referred to as a cape.

The overcoat is a style of shirt that is not too far away from everyone at present, a model with a luxurious, trendy, and luxurious design, which can be worn on many different occasions, but not at all picky.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

To the wearer, an overcoat is a great choice. It is commonly used in the west. Because it is very thick, it helps people keep warm in the cold winter.

Overcoats can be combined with accessories such as necklaces, leather pants, scarves, skinny pants, leggings, sports shoes, etc. shirts such as sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, etc. should not be worn with baggy pants or pants that are too wide. There are many types of overcoats such as short coats, long coats, Korean style coats, …

6. Blazer jacket

A blazer is a type of long coat that is most similar to a vest. Blazers are most popular with women in a black blazer, beige blazer, and checkered blazer.

- Different types of Modern Women's Jackets Style: Which Popular & best?

Not only diverse in design but also very rich in materials for making blazers. Up to 7 types of materials can be used in the design of a blazer including wool blends, flannel, fresco textiles, cashmere wool, and linen, check fabric, Blazers have a luxurious, serious style like suit jackets but bring much more comfort and convenience.

It’s easy to coordinate, and can mix with many different types of pants from jeans, khakis, even shorts, ..Create your style for the wearer. There are prominent buttons as accents for it.                           

3 FAQs

1. What pants do women’s jackets combine with?

Shorts: Although a jacket is a type of clothing that keeps the body warm, often worn in winter, women still like to combine it with shorts and a pair of long socks. Shorts help the wearer’s figure look more youthful and dynamic.

In addition, if you combine sports shoes like Jordan, Puma, and Gucci, you have created a completely dynamic and youthful style. Long Jeans: Jackets can be combined perfectly with any type of long jeans. However, for a more perfect combination, you should choose pants with a suitable size for your body such as skinny jeans.

Skirts: Jackets can also be combined with many different types of skirts such as mini skirts, midi skirts, jeans skirts, and pleated skirts. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the skirts that you like.

2. Leather jackets are the most perishable, so how do you take care of them?

Leather jackets are a high-class fashion item and never go out of fashion, leather jackets are quite expensive and not everyone is willing to spend money to buy them. Therefore, how to preserve leather jackets so that they are durable and always like new is of great interest to many people.

There are 4 ways to preserve leather jackets

  • How to clean stains on leather jackets

When cleaning, cleaning the shirt, and to avoid abrasion or peeling of the skin, you should use a dry cotton cloth or a soft-bristled brush. Or if available, you can rub a layer of vaseline on the skin and use a soft cloth to wipe it again and again on the surface of the jackets. Currently, fashion clothing stores, all sell specialized solutions to clean special materials, including leather. You can buy it and use it as well.

  • How to polish leather jackets

Depending on the type of leather you choose, the shirt will have a certain shine. To restore the shine like new to your shirt, apply the following ways:

– Use a soft felt and soak it in fresh milk, then rub it vigorously on the skin in a circular manner. Finally, you take a dry cloth to wipe it clean.

– In case the leather jacket is dry, you filter the egg white, and beat it to snow. Then use a clean cloth and soak in the egg whites mentioned above and then wipe the shirt. Finally, wipe with another clean cloth.

  • How to remove mold stains on the skin

​In case your leather jacket is moldy in some places, don’t stress too much. Apply the method below to “fly” the mold on the shirt.

– Take a clean rag soaked in pine oil and wipe the moldy area. However, if the mold is too heavy and this doesn’t work, use sandpaper and lightly polish the mold to clean it. After brushing, you must paint the area where the skin has been sanded to match the color of the surrounding skin. Finally, you use shoe wax to polish the ball.

  • How to preserve and store

In storage, you should first choose a cool, dry place to store leather jackets. Next is to use large hangers to hang the shirt. Avoid “tossing” the shirt on the bed or in the corner of the closet because that way the shirt will be wrinkled and out of shape.

3. What type of jacket is the best in the current cold winter?

The trench coat is the best in the current cold winter. This jacket is favored by everyone with the name “winter queen” of the fashion village because of its coverage from Asia to Europe, especially favored by Korean girls – the land of Kim Chi. It is thick and heavy, so it has the ability to keep warm well, the style is elegant and fashionable, so it is popular with everyone in the cold winter.

4 Final words

Jackets are an indispensable item in anyone’s wardrobe. Jackets are also designed to be extremely diverse designs and are used in many different situations. The above article has provided you with the necessary information about jackets.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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