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Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

When choosing to buy a shirt, you probably care about the collar the most because it is the most important thing in a shirt. In the following article, we will give some of the most popular types of shirt collars today for your reference.

For true fashionistas, every detail on an outfit has a meaning. When it comes to choosing a shirt, some decisions are easy: loose or fitted, blue or white, textured or not… the collar is the detail that gets the most attention…

Shirt collar – a small part with many different variations also carries an important meaning and is applied in the living situations as well as the style of each person. Read the article below for more information about shirt collars such as: What is a shirt collar? How many types of shirts are there? …

1 What is a shirt collar?

The collar is an integral part of the structure of a shirt (can be loose or seamless). When it was first introduced, the shirt only had a basic folding neck, but according to the fashion flow, the shirt was developed in a variety of different neck styles from streamlined with collar, cutaway or delicate, multi-use more with penny club stock, button-down and one piece.

Each type of collar is a different story of style and application, making the wardrobe more diverse.

There are 3 basic types of shirt collars: The roll collar, the flat collar, and the stand collar.

2 How many different types of shirt collars are there?

Choosing the shape of a shirt is probably an easy thing. If you follow a classic, simple style, then just choose the style of shirt that fits, the shape is more comfortable than hugging. What about color? White, blue, black, and light pink is always ready to support you in any case. But few people know how to choose the right shirt collar for themselves.

Then we will give you the collar detail, a small detail but quite important because it shapes the style and personality of the wearer. How many types of shirt collars do you know?

We can divide it into two types of shirt collars for men and women:

3 Types of shirt collars for men

1. Grandad’s collar

Grandad collar shirt is the name of the shirt style with the same button, when fully closed, the user’s neck is closed by default. This shirt collar style has a youthful and elegant style, especially ideal when you attend friends’ meetings, family gatherings, or even work at work.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

You can combine it with jeans, chinos, even shorts, and casual shoes like loafers, sneakers, and boat shoes. If you want to upgrade your outfit, just add a blazer and you’re done.

2. Button-down collar

The button-down collar or more commonly known as the “polo collar” was created specifically for British polo players. Over time, the button-down collar shirt pattern became more popular and favored by many men because it was neater and more interesting than a regular basic shirt collar.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

The button-down collar shirt seems to be born for men who like a sharp, masculine look because it is suitable for casual style as well as for formal events. Can be worn in both formal events and everyday life. If you want to combine it with a suit and tie, choose a collar with wide lapels so that you can slip the tie in without making them look bulky.

However, button-down collars always look best with the top 1 or 2 buttons open. A loose collar but still keeping the shape will create a feeling of freedom, freedom, and masculinity.

3. Narrow-point collar

Shirt collars are often applied with a hard coat to keep the shape straight, not falling, or wrinkling on both sides. This is the standard collar of a high-end men’s shirt that is indispensable in a true gentleman’s wardrobe.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

With a standard beauty, this shirt is very suitable for wearing at formal events. To coordinate with this shirt style, you can combine it with a 2-piece-suit or 3-piece-suit for an elegant dress code.

4. Penny collar

The collar has a collar made of curved lines, completely free of angles. Club collars are usually plain white, attached to a solid body or plaid to create contrast. A penny collar may still be unfamiliar to most modern men, however, its light beauty is undeniable. Gentle, elegant with a bit of classic that it brings.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

You can wear a club shirt with a suit, tie and don’t forget a pin. For everyday use, you can mix and match with a variety of items such as a blazer, a sweater, or simply a plain shirt and chinos, as the collar itself is a highlight, it’s special.

4 Types of shirt collars for women

1. Choker collar

 The Choker collar is designed specifically for girls with personalities mixed with a bit of dust. The eye-catching fancy collar design will create a new highlight for the shirt.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

This style of shirt will help the wearer become more impressive, and change the framework of the shirt first. This will be a great choice for you to refresh your office fashion style. You can mix and match with skirts, clogs or trousers

2. Peter pan collar

The Peter Pan collar is a basic style collar with a stand and roll collar with a flat design and rounded corners. A collar style named after the collar of Maude Admas’ costume in her 1905 portrayal of Peter Pan, a heroic character in the J.M. Barrie.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

Features of this Peter Pan neckline are:

  • The neck part is designed in a duck or leaf shape with rounded corners sewn close to the body of the shirt.
  • The distinctive feature is the round neck with a white smooth border, color or combination of lace, and floral motifs on the neckline to match, highlight, and add to the luxurious lady.
  • Simple design, flexible coordination with a variety of shirt styles. It can mix and match with cake tops, and long pleated skirts.

3. Germany collar 

This is the original ancient style for shirts. Since the birth so far, the ancient virtue shirts usually apply a hard lake layer to keep his shape straight, not falling, creased to the two sides.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

Scrapper is also made from smooth silk, with smooth and elegant features for your style. It is because of a sturdy appearance, that ancient shirts are often associated with office style, solemn, accompanied by a cravat or may not, depending on your choice.

For women, we can combine it with cloth pants, pants, or foot skirt pants along with vests, and long coats outside. These combinations will make you look perfect and attractive at a party, meeting, or interview.

4. V-neck collar

Shirts with V-shirts are a shirt for girls with a terrible round but don’t want the opponent to pay too much for it. A V-collar with a sewing design near the chest will help the first round become slimmer, helping you be more confident when going to the street.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

Neck women’s shirts are also suitable for girls with chubby bodies because it corrects your charming green straps. Therefore, it can fool the visual people who look at your physique becomes more balanced and slender. In particular, this design creates a highlight for the outfit you wear, making it both open and open, eye-catching.

Unlike the neck stand, it creates more sophistication, more comfortable in meetings, meetings, … you can coordinate them with a fishtail skirt, midi skirt, or thick shorts. They will make you very confident.

5. Women’s bow tie collar

This is an item that many office girls are looking for and paying special attention to. Different from other types of collars, the bow tie creates a gentle, impressive, and graceful beauty.

- Different types of shirt collars: Which Popular & best?

The neck bow design is quite cute and elegant, giving the wearer a new and comfortable feeling, without causing boredom when wearing it at work or at meetings. Moreover, the variety of different bow designs will create a highlight and fresh for the fashion styles of every day.

With this style of shirt, you can freely mix it with all kinds of skirts, from flare skirts, pencil skirts, A-line or mix with European pants. This is a design that no girl can afford to goof.

5 FAQs

1. What should you pay attention to when choosing an antique shirt?

An important factor in choosing the right shirt style for you is the shape of your face, as the collar also acts as an element to help balance your look.

With a narrow face, and small chin: you should not use collars with narrow and small necks, and should use collars with wide necklines or wider than your face. The wide gap between the two sides of the collar will be a plus to help balance the small face to bring a more masculine and strong feeling.

With round and square faces: Do not use collars with wide necklines and small necklines. Use narrow and long collars to visually lengthen and balance out your look. With an oval face: This face shape goes well with most shirt collars but it will stand out more if you choose a wide and high collar.

2. Which shirt collar is the best?

The spread collar is perhaps the most versatile and best of all shirt collars. You can wear a spread shirt collar without a jacket or outerwear, and it’s loose enough that even if you wear a layer over it, the collar points will be easily covered.

6 Final word

If we have ever tried to learn about the history of collars, we will surely be stunned by the number of collar designs that mankind has “invented” in the history of fashion development.

There are even collars named after a city, a famous tailor, a certain earl… Different types are only slightly different, even some that are very similar. , differ only in the name because each region calls a type.

In the above article, we have given a full range of popular shirt collars for your reference. Hope you will choose for yourself a collared shirt that suits you.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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