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DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Oct. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The DONY Premium Antibacterial Cloth Mask is washable and reusable. It has certification from CE, FDA, and TUV Reach. It is made from a three-ply, water-resistant, and 99.9% antibacterial cloth, passing some of the most stringent standards in the world. The mask’s outer layer features strong water resistance, which prevents droplets from clinging to the mask and limits the potential for viral infection.

Product Feature Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmcXNj569lA

“This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China to purchase many goods and products, including protectice cloth face mask and clothing,” said Mr. Henry Pham – CEO of Dony Garment. “At Dony Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Serbia, UK, Finland, Greece, Denmark and Japan, to discover our professional line of products which are manufactured in our factory in Vietnam, especially our protective 3ply face mask items for COVID-19. We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.”

COVID-19 outbreak has made a mandatory requirement for everyone to wear a mask to protect themselves and communities. Several companies are selling face masks; customers always want the best-featured product at the best price. This buying guide will help you to decide why Dony Mask is considered a safeguard for you in the COVID-19 pandemic.

DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization
DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

Due to the intensive usage of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, there may arise a shortage of face masks in the market. Moreover, disposable face masks cannot solve this problem properly, because they are needed to be purchased again and again from customers. Reusable masks at this time may provide a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of face mask in markets. Dony Garment promises its best solution to cope up with this problem during the high demanding era.

Dony Garment Company Limited, a well-reputed international company, formed in 2009, is producing quality garments in Vietnam. Their products are also exported internationally including all major countries e.g. the USA, France, KSA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jodan, South Africa, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Canada, Egypt, and Japan.

Product Design:

Dony Garment Company (a branch of Dony International Corporation) has launched its irresistible product “Dony Mask” to meet 100% requirements of the modern era. It can be the best factor to maintain high standards of health and organization.

Dony Mask is a 3-ply anti-microbial fabric face mask (Non- Valve) and being sold in Europe and the USA mostly (wholesale, bulk, and branded). Packing is maintained by medical packing following sterilization. 100,000-275,000 pieces are produced every day by the company due to high demands.

It fits perfectly on the face and covers the nose and mouth without any breathing difficulty.

“There are many mask manufacturers in Vietnam but not all the factories follow international standards. The reason why we chose Dony mask is that they fulfill Japan’s market needs and their manufacturing system meets our standard,” said Nicolas Jo, Founder, and CEO of JJFT, a fashion, and textile group.

- DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

3 high-quality Premium layers of protection in Dony Mask:

  1. 1.  Outer Layer: Filters viral particles and possess a water-resistant feature. Water drops cannot be stick to mask to minimize microbial infection
  1. 2.  Middle Layer: Filters dust and other infectious particles from the air preventing your mouth and nose (all respiratory system)
  1. 3.  Inner Layer: Anti-bacterial features (99.9%) efficiency to prevent all types of microbes (fungi, bacteria, virus, molds, etc.)


Well known authorities and health professionals have recommended (certified) safe and reliable use of this mask.

  • Awarded CE certification (ensuring safety exports to markets of Europe) by French Cert of United Kingdom
  • Dony Mask has been approved by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health Guidelines being best in structure, anti-microbial, anti-droplet, reliable material, prevention against UV light and heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury, and other carcinogenic metals and public respiratory health protection
  • Vietnam’s National Technical Regulation has been approved for Dony Mask by Vietnam Textile Research Institute.
  • TUV Reach certified (due to free of hazardous chemicals and safe long term usage).
  • FDA Certification for ensuring safety exports to markets of the United States.
  • Aseptic Inspection Certified to have an anti-microbial finish.
  • Intertek certification for water proofing (100%), anti-microbial (99.9%) and UV protection (99.9%) properties
  • DGA certified by the French Ministry of Defense, due to anti-viral activities (99% against COVID-19)
  • Reach Certified of Compliance from Germany, because it gives a guarantee of compliance with EU REACH regulation (EC).

- DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

On the evening of 5th June 2020, Dony Garment Company and other Vietnamese enterprises have donated medical supplies to the US”s people.

At the Ceremony of Offering Medical Materials to the United States, Dony presented 100,000 antibacterial gauze masks worth more than VND 10.5 billion. Overcoming many businesses that have signed up to give antibacterial masks, through testing, only Dony Mask has met the quality standards for use in the US.

It’s a big honor for Dony. Dony Mask is the only available reusable face mask that successfully passes through multiple quality checks, to be accepted for use in the U.S finally.

Mr. Daniel Kritenbrink, U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam has extended his heartfelt gratitude and confirmed that Operation USA Organization which based in Los Angeles, USA will distribute these medical supplies to needed places such as California, New York, etc.

“Since we have done business with Dony, and we have built a trust between us, Dony offered Toop Sports to distribute and sell their face masks in the US market. With Dony’s help and cooperation, we can continue to produce, ship out, and sell face masks,” said Razz Yayapour, co-owner of Toop Sports and one of Dony’s partners.


  • 100% reliable as water-resistant, UV protection (99.9%), and anti-microbial activities (99.9%) even after immense washing (60 times).
  • Washable, permanent, and reusable several times without losing its characteristics of coloration, flexibility, form, and deodorization.
  • Contains anti-bacterial fabric (Nano-sized pores), E.O (ethylene oxide, which kills microbes) gas sterilization, and 3 ply protections thus packaging can be used with all hygienic measures (ready to wear) at 1st time.
  • Comfortable wear and fit ability due to the use of 100% organic soft and thin cotton, retains original shape even after long term usage due to a higher flexibility rate (270 times size than original size upon flexibility), perfect cheek/neck measures.
  • Comfortable in breathing due to a higher rate of air permeability
  • Perfect stylish looking of design with V-shaped none fit, flexible cord, and comfortable ear wear cotton strips
  • Perfect Microbial finish (e.g. bacteria, virus, molds growth will be restricted on the surface) is maintained, the heat-sealing process will always protect the products from the environmental damage.
  • Not loaded with hazardous chemicals, not sensitive to allergic people, and Easy to use for all routine activities including intense activities which require fast respiration with deodorization properties
  • Eco (85% derogation rate when disposed of in the environment) and Skin-friendly (UV radiations and skin-protecting for normal and sensitive skin), feels non-irritating, soft, and cool on the face

- DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

Face Mask Buying Guide:

1.  How to Choose Best Face Mask?

You need to spend money only on reliable and worth products. When you look for face masks, please always consider these buying guides mandatory.

Fabric Face Mask

Always select a fabric face mask as a health-care or non-healthcare worker which has more than 1 layer. There should be no space between your mask and facial skin (nose, mouth, around the neck). Always seek breath comfortable masks that do not create a fog in spectacles.

2.  How to wear and take off a face mask?

According to WHO guidelines, wash your hands for 20 seconds first. Pick from the ear loops of the mask and wear it covering your nose and mouth. Adjust the neck area of the mask and pinch the cord of the nasal area. Make sure it fits completely to your face and no space is left to pass the unfiltered air. Please, do not touch the mask directly when wearing.

When removing, gently pull off the ear strings and fold the layers. Keep it to a clean place or wash it for your satisfaction. Dony Mask can be used 2-3 times without washing due to anti-microbial fabric. Do not touch the mask somewhere else when removing. Wash your hands after.

3.  How to wash a reusable face mask?

CDC recommends washing your face mask daily if it is in daily usage. Follow these instructions to get it done in the best way.

Machine Washing:

  • Always use the best detergent (preferably anti-microbial). and hot water for washing purposes in a machine.
  • You can wash masks with routine laundry in a machine.

Hand Washing:

  • You can soak the mask in any bleach (5-8% sodium hypochlorite) for at least 5 minutes.
  • Discard bleach solution and wash the mask in tap water (cool-medium).
  • You can also use any soap or detergent for this purpose. Rub your mask (at least 20 seconds) with soap/detergent and rinse with normal water. Wash your hands gently after.

Drying Your Mask:

You can use any air dryer machine (until the mask gets completely dried) or hang the mask in direct sunlight for air dry. Do not wear a wet mask.

4.  Will Dony Mask help for COVID-19 protection?

Search for the masks that are specially designed for COVID-19 precautions. Dony Mask can filter the air from viral particles (if any present in the air). It also prevents the release of the virus when coughing and sneezing of the patient to surrounding air, protecting other humans.

Dony Mask have DGA certified by the French Ministry of Defense, due to anti-viral activities (99% against COVID-19) – right from the first use (no washing required).

Face Mask is always a primary need for adopting safety measures at home if someone gets sick with COVID-19.

5.  Reusable and washable face masks:

Always try to purchase reusable and washable face masks which will be in original texture and form even after frequent washing. These will always have the following features:

  • It avoids cross-contamination of plastic cover paper.
  • It is eco-friendly (due to reusable).
  • Washable masks are best against COVID-19, as the virus is killed when we use a temperature of 60⸰C in washing water.
  • These are cost-effective for being permanent. Disposable masks are damaged and get dirty after use for several times.

Product Packaging:

The complete package will be free from any microbe, dust, or chemical component. This is done by sterilization and disinfection; the product always remains intact after sterilization to ensure 100% best quality. Product packaging design companies often use eco-friendly boxes.

Dony Face Masks are also available in medical packaging (to supply masks for medical staff), after 100% sterilization with E.O gas technology. Ethylene Oxide gas is well known to integrate into the material and destroy all existing microbes with 100% efficiency.

Visual supervision is always monitored to ensure the best product packing excluding any default piece.

The packaging bag is always environmentally friendly (it decomposes safely after usage).

- DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

You can use the product immediately after opening the bag, there is no need to wash for the first time. Be 100% sure about the disinfection.

Get exclusive benefits from Being the Exclusive Partner of Dony Garment:

  • Being a representative of Dony Mask makes your sales on exclusive possession.
  • Have the best services of exclusively best prices and production rates.
  • Get full-time support from selling and managing teams.
  • The agent management system of Dony Company handles all customer inquiries.
  • You can publish information, videos, pictures on the official website of Dony Company.
  • You can get free samples from Dony Company (e.g. logo, packaging, labeling).
  • You may get official certificates and awards upon request of customers.
  • You will always have a priority policy of protection from Dony Company.
  • Your presence on media will be always supported by Dony on all national and international channels.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE.

“In the past, the world turned to China when it needed massive quantities of consumer products,” notes Henry Pham. “The COVID-19 pandemic changed that a bit and the ongoing trade war between China and the US have inhibited Chinese production of PPE even more.

Other countries have been catching up to China’s manufacturing capacity: we can now produce nearly a quarter-million Dony Mask a day when needed. We do it with a degree of precision and quality control that larger Chinese manufacturers can’t match, and with the same low overhead, government support, and access to global shipping channels that China is known for.”

- DONY wholesale COVID face mask to Europe: 3ply reusable antimicrobial, earloop medical sterilization

About Dony Garment Company:

Established in 2009, the Dony Garment Company, a subsidiary of Dony International Corporation – based manufacturer of workwear and casual clothing. One of the largest manufacturers in Vietnam for making uniforms and suppliers for clothing stores & companies across the world.

In 2020, DONY responded to the Covid-19 crisis by pivoting its activity to the manufacture of PPE and exported around the world including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

⭐ Email quanganh@dony.vn
⭐ Hotline +84985310123
⭐ Office & Sample Factory ✅ 142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet nam
⭐ Website https://garment.dony.vn/

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2020/10/26/2113985/0/en/DONY-wholesale-COVID-face-mask-to-Europe-3ply-reusable-antimicrobial-earloop-medical-sterilization.html

DONY MASK: The Covid-19 Mask – Premium Cloth Face Mask Manufacturer (washable/reusable, FDA/CE/DGA)

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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