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How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, December 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Masks are now used widely in indoor public spaces as protection to help limit the spread of certain diseases such as COVID-19. Consumers normally chose to wear disposable or reusable face masks as they are the two most common types in the market. There is another choice such as a face shield but it is only an extra layer for protection.

How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way
How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way

If you use disposable or single-use masks, you will throw them away after one time using only and it somehow can increase the amount of waste to our environment.

Regarding reusable masks, a proper cleaning routine is momentous since the COVID-19 virus can potentially remain and live on cloth surfaces. The health unit also recommends that masks might become contaminated when touched by hands.

So how should we clean our masks? Should we use the washing machine or clean them by hand? We will find out a proper way to keep the masks clean in this article.

What is the best way to clean the mask?

The first thing to consider is what type of mask you are using. If they are cloth masks, and there is no filter or a removable filter, it is quite easy to wash. You have to make sure to remove and throw away the filter before washing the mask by hand or by washing machine.

If you use a washing machine, experts say that we can put the masks directly into the washing machine or in a small bag that can be used for washing. After that, remember to clean your hands again with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

If you wash the mask by hand, washing them with laundry detergent or soap and hot water.
As for drying the masks, it is simply to let them air-dry. It is more precautious if you can use a dryer with hot heat since the high heat can help to kill any potential remained particles on the cloth surface.

Cloth masks can also begin to break down after several washing times so make sure to keep an eye for any fraying of the material. It can reduce the effect of the protective layer.

- How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way

Recommendations by the Health units

The health unit recommends that people should wash their masks regularly as they are used daily and covering their faces all the time people in public spaces. The microdroplets can encroach the cloth surface and stay alive for the next few days. If possible, people can have some masks and clean them one by one every day. By doing this, people can reduce the risk of having droplets collected on the mask surface.

Some other recommendations by the Health unit:

  • Do not share your masks with other people
  • Do not place your used mask all day in your pocket. People should place them in a clean and sealable bag until they need to wear them.
  • Keep your hands clean when wearing your masks or after washing them.

In some situations when you are likely to be directly exposed to the virus-like there is someone sneezing or coughing on or near you, remember to take extra precaution.

Throw away your mask right after that if it is disposable. If it is a reusable mask, put the mask into a plastic bag and clean them when you arrive home.

Ottawa Public Health in the U.S also says that a mask can be worn all day if it is not damaged in a protective layer or dirty.

Dony Mask: antibacterial, anti-virus, UV resistance, and waterproof after 60 washing times – Top Face Mask Manufacturers/Suppliers from Vietnam

Among many types of masks that are on sale right now, Dony Masks are one of the kinds that are reusable, washable while still remains antibacterial, anti-virus, and all other features.

Consumers can wash the mask with hot water and soap to keep them clean for the next 60 washes. This feature helps Dony mask to outweigh a lot of competitors in the market. It also helps to save costs as consumers can use the mask for a longer time and reduce waste.

- How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way

Dony Masks gained a lot of certifications for their quality:

  • FDA Certification for products exported to the US. market.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • C.E. Certification (Conformité Européenne)
  • Certification of chemical safety (TUV Reach)
  • Certification for Free Export
  • Aseptic inspection certificate
  • Global Intertek inspection certificate about 100% waterproof (this is a maximum level), UV resistance at 99.95% (Equivalent to high-class sun cream), more than 99.9% antibacterial even after 60 washes.
  • Breathing resistance (mmH2O) at 1.8

“The time is right for a better kind of face mask, and Viet Nam is the right country to provide it.

In the past, the world turned to China when it needed massive quantities of consumer products. The COVID-19 pandemic changed that a bit and the ongoing trade war between China and the US have inhibited Chinese production of PPE even more.

- How to clean and wash the cloth mask in a right way

Other countries have been catching up to China’s manufacturing capacity: we can now produce nearly a quarter-million DONY Masks a day when needed. We do it with a degree of precision and quality control that larger Chinese manufacturers can’t match, and with the same low overhead, government support, and access to global shipping channels that China is known for.” – said Mr. Pham Quang Anh, CEO of DONY Garment Company

⭐ Email quanganh@dony.vn
⭐ Hotline +84985310123
⭐ Office & Sample Factory ✅ 142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet nam
⭐ Website https://garment.dony.vn/

Source: https://world.einnews.com/pr_news/533497825/how-to-clean-and-wash-the-cloth-mask-in-a-right-way

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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