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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Indiana

Indiana is home to some of the best clothing manufacturers in the United States. From local boutiques and sewing factories, to large-scale production facilities, Indiana has a wealth of apparel manufacturing options that provide quality products for both businesses and consumers. This list highlights the top clothing manufacturers in Indiana, including those who specialize in promotional items, outerwear, activewear, uniforms and more. Each company offers its own unique services designed to meet whatever needs customers may have – from small independent boutiques to corporate giants. With their commitment to excellent customer service and quality products at competitive prices, these companies are sure to be an essential part of any successful wardrobe or marketing strategy!

Indiana is a great place to find quality clothing manufacturers. With the state’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and its large population of skilled craftsmen, there are plenty of companies ready to help you with your garment production needs. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the top ten apparel manufacturers in Indiana that can help you bring your fashion ideas to life. Let’s get started!

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Indiana

1 Hoosier Manufacturing Company

Located in Fort Wayne, Hoosier Manufacturing Company has been providing high-quality garments since 1961. They specialize in producing custom designed uniforms for schools and businesses as well as bulk orders of t-shirts and sweatpants for sports teams or other groups. Their experienced staff works hard to ensure each customer gets exactly what they want when it comes to their apparel order.

2 B&C Apparel Group

This company offers custom printing services using cutting edge technology along with high-end sewing techniques so that clients have access to unique items such as school spiritwear or corporate jackets without having any limit on design options or fabric choices available for customization purposes. B&C Apparel Group strives for complete customer satisfaction by offering exceptional value, quality products, and timely delivery services while maintaining competitive prices on all orders placed through them regardless of size or quantity needed by customers requesting their services/products from afar throughout the US & Canada..

3 JH Specialty Corporation

JH Specialty produces over 200 styles of shirts ranging from basic tees and polos all the way up to formal dress shirts made from various fabrics including cotton blends, polyester/rayon blends, spandex knits, microfiber twills etc… They also offer embroidery work which gives customers an opportunity create truly unique pieces outfitted with logos or monograms tailored towards particular events like family reunions or special occasions like birthdays etc… Additionally they provide private label service where individuals can customize labels used on these items featuring artwork created by themselves if desired (upon request).

4 Otto Designworks

Otto Designworks is one of the premier designers and manufacturers located within Indiana’s design district known as ‘Design Alley’ due mainly because their highly customized designs often reflect current trends seen among major fashion brands around world today but done so at much lower costs than most competitors could ever hope achieve thanks largely due combination efforts between both machine automation processes supplemented further handcrafted details applied afterwards ensuring end results still retain impressively pristine quality standards sought after by many buyers alike seeking something

5 Cutters Apparel

Located in Indianapolis, Cutters Apparel has been providing custom manufacturing services since 1999. They specialize in producing high-quality garments with fast turnaround times and competitive prices. Their experienced team works closely with clients to ensure their designs meet their exact specifications and requirements each time they order from Cutters Apparel.

6 Elwood Manufacturing

This family-owned business is one of the most respected apparel producers around! Located near Anderson, Elwood Manufacturing specializes in creating sportswear and activewear for some of the world’s biggest brands including Under Armour, Nike and Adidas. With more than three decades worth of experience under their belt combined with top-notch customer service skills, it’s no wonder why so many people choose them as their go-to apparel manufacturer!

7 F&M Knitwear

Based out of Mishawaka since 1947, F&M Knitwear focuses on knit fabric merchandise such as sweaters and polos for men’s golf wear or medical uniforms among other projects they take on every day! They pride themselves on offering quality products backed by reliable customer service which makes them a great choice if you need assistance navigating through all aspects involved when it comes to ordering bulk quantities from an apparel supplier like them!

8 Hanesbrands Inc.

This global leader offers comprehensive solutions for customers looking for innovative product design solutions as well as comprehensive supply chain management capabilities including sourcing raw materials overseas up until delivering finished goods back home here stateside – perfect if you want something truly unique crafted specifically according to your own desires without any hassle whatsoever!

9 Dayton Hosiery Mills Inc.

For over 100 years now this company has been producing socks & hosiery items made from either cotton or nylon blends that come ready equipped with features such as moisture wicking technology making them ideal choices when it comes down finding something both comfortable yet durable enough withstand rigorous activity during everyday use regardless what kind sporting event may be taking place nearby (or even far away)!,

Overall, Indiana is home to some of the best clothing manufacturers in the United States. From established companies such as Old Navy to newer players like Madewell and Free People, there’s something for everyone in this state. All of these companies have taken advantage of Indiana’s favorable business climate and tax incentives, making them even more attractive to businesses looking to expand their operations. With so many great options, it is clear that Indiana is a leader in the apparel industry and will continue to be for years to come.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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