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Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to a wide range of clothing manufacturers that supply high-quality apparel to customers around the world. From fashion boutiques and department stores to online retailers, these companies provide quality products at competitive prices. The city’s vibrant garment industry has been in business for centuries and continues to be an important part of Philadelphia’s economy. Some of the top list clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia include:

- Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia - Pennsylvania

1 B & R Clothing Co.

Founded in 1894 by brothers Benjamin and Robert Weinberg, B & R Clothing Co. is one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia. It specializes in producing custom-made suits and shirts for men as well as a full line of other garments including coats, pants, dresses and more. In addition to being well known for its craftsmanship, this company also offers exceptional customer service with quick turnaround times on orders made within the United States or internationally.

2 Conexion Design Studio

This cutting edge studio was founded by four young entrepreneurs who wanted to create modern pieces using sustainable fabrics sourced locally from Philadelphia’s thriving textile industry. Their designs are unique yet timelessly stylish making them popular with both men’s and women’s fashion lovers alike!

Philadelphia is known for being a major hub of fashion and clothing production in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that some of the top clothing manufacturers in Pennsylvania are located right here! From high-end designer labels to small independent companies, Philadelphia has an impressive range of apparel industry players. To help you find the best source for your wholesale needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia – Pennsylvania.

3 Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Inc., commonly referred to as UO or simplyUrbanOutfitters, is one of the leading American lifestyle brands and retailers based out of Philadelphia. The company was founded by Richard Hayne and Scott Belair in 1970 with headquarters located downtown Philly. Their mission is to create distinctive designs that reflect a creative spirit while offering quality products at accessible prices. They offer men’s and women’s apparel collections along with accessories, shoes and home goods. UO has become renowned for its contemporary take on vintage style through collaborations with emerging artists from around the world.

4 Adidas Group

One cannot mention fashion without mentioning Adidas Group – one ofthe largest sportswear manufacturers worldwide! Home base for this German multinational corporation is located just outside Doylestown PA where they design their iconic branded shoes, apparel and accessories for all genders & ages such as Originals®, Neo® & Performance lines . In addition , they also have several stores throughout Philadelphia area offering shoppers latest trends from each collection seasonally .

5 American Made Apparel

This family owned and operated apparel manufacturer has been producing quality merchandise since 1978. With over thirty years experience, they specialize in screen printing and embroidery services on everything from t-shirts to hats and sweaters with quick turnaround times and competitive pricing.

6 Active Wear Inc

Active Wear Inc has been providing superior service since 1996, specializing in activewear such as sweatshirts, pants, shorts and other athletic wear that can be customized according to your needs. They offer fast turnarounds at reasonable rates with high-quality results every time!

7 Colosimo’s Quality Embroidery & Screen Printin

Established by a local Italian immigrant family more than fifty years ago, Colosimo’s is one of Philadelphia’s oldest embroidery firms still operating today! Their experienced staff offers excellent customer service along with quality craftsmanship that can be seen on everything from jackets to uniforms for teams or businesses alike!

8 Cottman Textile Corporation

This textile company specializes in creating custom fabric pieces such as blankets or banners using dye sublimation technology which allows them to create vivid colors while preserving detail like no other method can do! They also provide stitching services so you can ensure that each piece comes out perfectly designed just how you envisioned it would be!

9 Custom Sewn Products Co.

For over 60 years this family owned business has been committed to providing customers with exceptional products crafted from quality fabrics at competitive prices without compromising their commitment to excellence every step of the way -from design through production until completion”! They offer full customization options including logo placement/embroidery work as well as repairs if needed so you know your item will last for years after purchase too!

In conclusion, Philadelphia – Pennsylvania is home to a wide range of clothing manufacturers that offer quality products at competitive prices. From small boutique stores to large retailers, there are plenty of options available for those looking to purchase clothes in the area. While each retailer has its own strengths and weaknesses, they all provide a great variety of styles and designs. With so many choices available, shoppers can easily find the perfect piece of clothing that fits their style and budget. Whether you’re after casual wear or something more formal, Philadelphia – Pennsylvania has something for everyone when it comes to clothing manufacturers.

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