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Top Best Goth Clothing Brands & Outfit Ideas

Finding a genuine GOTH brand is never easy for a novice.  I also struggled, searching online, on online sales sites.  It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to build up a collection of clothes for your style.  I understand you must be in the same situation as me.  So I’m here to share with you a few brands that will save you from having to think about and waste unnecessary parts on your selected path.

Beauty Comes From Darkness – Goth Brand

Fashion has always been a bit of a mystery, always hidden but not completely hidden, and the fashion business today occupies almost every focal point in this new industry. Who doesn’t appreciate fashion? Not only women but also men are equally as fashionable as women. However, because everyone has different tastes, each person’s style will be unique. 

If you like black and white with a great aesthetic, I recommend a GOTH. With parameters guaranteed to meet your needs. However, I am similar to you. The point is to determine how to find the right Goth stuff that you love, as well as good products at a fair price, and which brand to choose.

Many distinct variables affect the fashion industry. However, buyers will always prioritize fashion quality over price, depending on the brand design of the clothing. With each fashion style, there will be unique designs that are unique to that style. 

There will also be no shortage of famous fashion houses creating their brand and fashion style. Let’s step into the world of high-end brands for “crazy” followers so that you can have more ideas for future projects.

1 Why should you choose a brand for Gothic style?

For us, everyone likes to choose reputable and branded places for themselves because it is these small factors that can make us more confident and proud.  At the same time, the latest fashions and big brands understand and transmit many useful slogans to us.  So what are those brands to people like us?  Let’s find out what those brands are.

Bat attack

This is a completely new market brand I’d like to introduce to you. Before I decided to purchase products from this brand, I was very concerned and asked several concerns, such as, “Is this brand new? 

Is it guaranteed?” Is the color fading, or are the stitches durable? And lots of questions but I chose to acquire them because the designs of these businesses feature bat-shaped emblems similar to those seen in the Batman films that I enjoy. 

When I place my trust in this brand, I am making a sensible decision. The shirt design is highly different, the price is affordable, and there are several products such as trousers, shirts, etc… If you appreciate bats and new trends, this is the brand for you. excellent decision.

Bat attack


  • The style for those of you who like bats
  • Reasonable price
  • There are many products to choose from


  • Newly launched brand so few people know
  • The brand launched some products in red color


The Spiral brand is a well-known one, and it was presented to me in the early stages of my search. Eye-catching designs with a variety of shapes such as angels, dragons, roses, and so on are available for you to select based on your personal preferences. As far as I know, Spiral was originally a company that specialized in GOTH and New Age music. 

However, in our modern era, we want to express ourselves not only via music but also through visible jewelry. As a result, this is a brand that always sets its mind to it, immersing itself in our modern age, so it never goes out of style. 

This brand not only creates fashionable clothing but also sells its line of jewelry and fragrances. This brand’s admirers appreciate the clothing accessories for little children, which allow them to freely express their personalities.



  • Cheap price suitable for everyone
  • Diversify models
  • Have sizes for children
  • Many individuals are familiar with the brand.


  • More suitable for people with extremely strong personalities
  • Many sets are not available in large sizes.

Spiral Direct

I recently told you about the Spiral brand from the United States. But there’s another brand in the Spiral Direct family that’s similarly competitive. But I’ve always wondered what the difference was between Spiral Direct and Spiral, and if I could buy any brand I wanted. 

However, after studying and experiencing it, this brand originates in the United Kingdom and is extremely popular in that country. It is possible to say that this is the primary supplier of this Gothic fashion area. However, this brand has steadily encroached on the market of the goddess of freedom’s land and has grown significantly in this country. The costumes sold by this firm are similar to many other ones I’ve seen.

What I appreciate best about this brand is that the women’s attire is more bohemian and pagan. Not only that, but there are infant outfits available in a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and scarves,… Not only does the brand seem to read women’s minds, but it also offers a variety of gothic clothing. 

Women’s Wear is becoming more popular, with plain and printed dresses, skirts, fitted tops, camisoles, and corsets now available. Style can be found not only on the outside but also in the smallest of details.

Spiral Direct


  • Attention to every little detail
  • The price is suitable for every family
  • There are numerous designs to pick from.


  • T-shirt styles will be shorter than usual

Alchemy Gothic

For me, it’s been a while since I tried the Spiral Direct brand from the United Kingdom. I’ve always been fascinated by the brands that come from the “British” house. However, I did not come across any jewelry-specific brands. Until I come across gothic alchemy. It’s like my personal utopia. Even though this shop provides gothic clothing, the jewelry area is a key element of the brand. 

Geoff Kayson and Trev Phillipson, both self-taught painters from Manchester, formed the company. Geoff started manufacturing anti-punk jewelry and selling it in local shops. Not just through the music newspaper “sound,” but also through gigs and mail orders, these two guys were able to expand their horizons. It has now become a well-known brand. The jewelry here is rather pricey in my opinion, but you know. 

The pricing corresponds to the quality, so even though it’s a bit pricey, the goods are good, sturdy, and have lovely designs, so I’m still eager to spend money on these pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, the brand features cool embellishments that will ensure you become a fan of this brand.

Alchemy Gothic


  • Many beautiful personal jewelry models
  • Good quality for the price
  • Long-lasting use

Good goth

It’s difficult to locate a brand, but it’s much more difficult to find a Gothic brand for ladies. If you’re looking for a needle in the bottom of the tank, you don’t know if you’ll discover that “pearl.” However, I discovered that brand among thousands of others. Good goth is a brand that conjures up images of angels just by hearing the name. However, black is the primary color for this brand. 

Although the name seems angelic, there is a hint of rebellion about it. For us women, God is a “paradise” corporation. The company has everything you need for your costume. Because this is a women’s company, nearly every piece is bold and delicate. The thing that I chose this brand to share with you is because this company has a special store for slightly chubby women.  So, in this case, you don’t need to hesitate, be yourself wherever you are.

Good goth


  • There are clothes designed specifically for chubby women
  • Relatively cheap price
  • Specializing in selling items for women


  • Gentle style is not suitable for a strong personality

Doc Marten

Doc Martens is one of the oldest British brands I’ve discovered. This is one of the oldest brands in the United States. Although the brand is old, it still exists today; it is a result of hard work and perseverance. It began as a popular, useful shoe for working men before becoming as successful as it is now. 

It quickly became the go-to fashion brand for punks. as well as grunge When the Dr. Docs movement arose, the Goths were no exception, and they adored them. This brand’s focus will be on shoes and sandals rather than other products.

 This business emblem has become a personal statement for many artists, young people, and people from all walks of life. This is a brand that specializes in footwear that I will never be disappointed with because of its comfort, durability, and lightweight during my wear.

Doc Marten


  • The brand was established a long time ago.
  • Super durable and beautiful shoes
  • The brand’s DNA is represented by gold stitching, a sole groove, and an air cushion.

Lip Service

Lip service is a Gothic Lolita-influenced brand that is a prominent Punk and Rock brand. When I first learned about this brand. Oh wow, I must say. This brand sells not just conventional sorts, but practically all gothic types as well. 

I was still perplexed when I first learned. But it was this shop that helped me figure out what I liked the most in the beginning. They manufacture garments for both men and women so that anyone can try them on. 

From punk to industrial to steampunk to tribal Bellydance, there’s something for everyone. In their branding, they have a little bit of everything. Not only that, but Lip service recognizes that beginners frequently buy a lot of stuff, which is why the products here are reasonably priced. As a result, I purchased a large number of goods from this business to discover what I enjoy.

Lip Service


  • Diverse models from different styles
  • Everyone can afford the fee.
  • High-quality goods

Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness is one of the best Gothic design studios I’ve ever worked with from Germany. This brand specializes in gothic clothes for women and men, and dresses, shirts, pants, shirts, and bags are among my favorites. So far, this is one of the brands with which I am most pleased. When I wear this brand’s products, the glam factor as well as the fashion feeling increase. 

Every aspect exudes cleanliness and sophistication to me. Because I was so intrigued, I purchased an outfit from this store for my partner right away. The Dark Queen’s outfit gives men an attractive, clean, and sophisticated beauty; nonetheless, it is a bit daring to radiate an alluring beauty that makes women fall for that design.

Queen blends high-end materials with daring designs for Gothic, Metal, and Rockabilly settings. So you won’t have to worry about developing your style in Queen of Darkness.

Queen of Darkness


  • Sophisticated, clean style
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Available in a variety of sizes and gothic accessories


  • In comparison to the market, the price is fairly high.

Kreepsville 666

Kreepsville 666 is a relatively new brand, having debuted in 2006. Despite being a latecomer, the style of this company has altered the perception of Gothic fashion. If you enjoy creepy, spooky styles, this is the option you should not overlook. 

As the company has grown internationally, it has sold original designs and skillful variants on powerful deathrock themes. Even though the product has the word 666, which represents “Satan,” the expression on each product gives people the impression that the textures on the goods are delicately and honestly rendered.

Kreepsville 666


  • Gives a strong deathrock feeling
  • The strong style for those who are passionate about demons


  • High price
  • Not suitable for many people because the brand has a special style


German quality and design are always among the best in the world and my opinion. If Queen of Darkness has a sophisticated and well-known style, Aderlass is likewise one of the high-end brands of Gothic design in European countries. The Go club scene provides so many influences for this brand. Quality firms have always held their ground in this aggressively innovative sector. 

Despite 20 years of experience in creative design, each year brings more unique and gorgeous models for both men and women. Because these are high-end products, I won’t go into too much detail regarding the materials and fabrics because you already know how beautiful they are. 

Aderlass design sets always feature a solid piece of metal. This is another feature that distinguishes this brand. This brand also has combinations with straps and fabric loops that are a standout.



  • Has a long-standing brand
  • With a variety of designs
  • High-quality products


  • The price is a little exorbitant.

2 FAQs

What is goth clothing called?

Gothic fashion is characterized by gloomy, mysterious, antique, homogeneous, and frequently genderless traits. Members of the Goth subculture wear it. Dyed black hair, exotic haircuts, dark lipstick, and gloomy apparel are all examples of classic gothic fashion.

What do modern goths dress like?

They paired it with flowing dresses in both micro and maxi lengths. Their outfits have jabot, lace, and mesh components. They wear corsets and belts over their clothes most of the time. Silk, velvet, denim, leather, and lace are the most common materials used in Gothic apparel. To find out what you like best, try giving each part a distinct style.

What do you wear to look like a goth?

Stick to basic black pieces when dressing goth, such as a black dress, black slacks, or a black over-sized t-shirt. You can also experiment with distressed apparel, such as ripped jeans or a shirt with frayed ends. 

What exactly is Glam Goth? 

Glam Goth is a subgenre of goth culture that is heavily influenced by proto-punk sounds such as glam rock, but with a more dismal, somber punk like tone. It first appeared in the 1980s and 1990s and quickly established a subculture; it is less well-known than other goths.

What is the significance of the crosses worn by Goths?

The Symbolism of Gothic Crosses

Many people want to wear Gothic style crosses to symbolize that they are a part of the Gothic culture and believe in Satan or the occult. The crosses seen in jewelry designs are from Germanic culture and can symbolize many things based on their position and style.

Is Goth still a thing?

The goth subculture has lasted far longer than other subcultures of the same era, and it has continued to develop and spread over the world. Its aesthetic and cultural preferences show inspirations from 19th-century Gothic novels and horror cinema.

What is the difference between goth and emo?

Emo rock refers to someone who is emotional, sensitive, timid, introverted, or angry. It has also been connected to despair, self-harm, and suicide. Goth is related with wearing or preferring to wear black, being introverted and reclusive, and withdrawing from society.

3 Final Words

I’m happy to see that brands that produce emoji, punk, goth, and possibly unusual clothing are once again in high demand. These goth clothing makers urge us all to be ourselves, dress as we want, and have the freedom to live and love whoever we want. Regardless of what people think, you should love yourself. He doesn’t have much time left. 

Discover who you are and choose the perfect brand to help you become more confident, integrated, and united in this life. Simply be happy because life allows it. We are human too, and as people from all walks of life, we should be proud to be members of the community. We strive not only for ourselves but also for our community and the earth on which we live. Hope you will have a suitable choice for your upcoming project.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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