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Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

When it comes to women’s wardrobes, you can think of all kinds of different outfits. Women’s fashion is very diverse and rich. It is because of the beauty needs of many women that more and more styles of pants are designed.

Skirts are always a symbol of gentle personality for women, and pants are what make you look more personal and stylish, even more, fashionable and attractive. So, do you know or have any fashion pants? Let’s find out through our article below.

What will be your choice between different styles of pants?

Garment designers often launch many products with many unique and different designs, even unique in the world (depending on some styles). Do you know the difference between them?

1 Skyline Pant

Skyline pant is also known as paper bag-waist slacks. The name of this type of pants comes from the fabric at the waist, which looks like a paper bag tied with string. They are usually high-waisted with several belts for the waist. They’re also super cute and girly and surprisingly fit most body shapes.

Cute cropped pants with large pockets and great paper bag belts. This pair comes in a variety of colors and could be your new summer go-to!

How to coordinate with Skyline pants:

A fun rope belt that pairs well with a crop top, you think, it’s good for an outing with buddies.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

2 Mid-Rise Ankle Pants for Women

The indisputable trend of the current season – is ankle pants. This model also has another name – 7/8 pants, because they are shorter than the standard with an exact length of 1/8.

The main feature of these pants lies in the fact that any girl or woman will be able to feel fashionable, stylish, and attractive. When choosing short pants, it is important to pay attention to the depth of their landing, it should be exactly along the waistline.

When wearing tights that reach the ankle, pay attention to whether they are too shallow, especially in the groin area. Also, don’t forget that ankle pants should end at the thinnest part of the leg, and not at its widest part.

How to coordinate with Mid-Rise Ankle Pants for Women

Classic trousers on the ankle of a thicker fabric suitable for demi-season weather – in cool conditions they can be combined with pullovers and loose cardigans, and if necessary, supplemented with a windbreaker or park.

The fashion of ankle tights is perfectly combined with light ballet shoes, loafers, sandals, and flats, but shoes or sandals with high heels, however, make the figure slim and stretch.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

3 Women’s Jegging Pants

Jeggings are leggings made to look like tight denim jeans. This word is a compound of the words jeans and leggings. Jeggings are designed to resemble tight jeans. Jeggings give the look of cowhide but are made from a thinner material. They usually have real back pockets but fake pockets are sewn on the front.

How to coordinate with Women’s Jegging Pants:

When choosing jeggings, keep in mind: pants should be more like jeans than leggings, thick material, not too thin to reveal body lines.

You can mix it with a long dress and high heel boots on cold days. Or when the hot day comes, with a two-piece shirt with boots, high shoes will increase your charm and hotness.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

4 North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants

If you are looking for activewear then these pants will satisfy you well. This one is comfortable, has a wide waist, dries quickly, and is durable and lightweight. You can turn them into a pair of capris by using an ankle adjuster and wearing them every day.

How to coordinate with North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants:

You should mix it with a tank top, you will look very healthy. Or more simply, just a T-shirt is enough for a picnic, climbing, or exploration with your companions.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

5 Curvy-Fit Trouser Pants 

Curvy-fit trouser pants are pants that are not too wide, in other words, are tight, and are usually ankle length. One of the pants respects the beautiful lines of the legs and the curve of the 3rd round of the owner.

The curvy-fit trouser pants bring an elegant, dynamic, and youthful feeling to the wearer. In addition, we can also wear these pants at many different events such as going to school, going to work, and going out flexibly.

However, not all pants are suitable for all body shapes. If the body is too thin, too round or the legs are curved, it will be a big minus point when wearing this tapered pants model.

How to coordinate with Curvy-fit trouser pants:

Elegant and polite style with a pair of curvy-fit trouser pants and an office shirt exudes a fashionable and attractive look.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

6 Ripped Low Rise Ankle Jeans

These ripped low rise ankle jeans are embellished with a few tears, it shows the personality and a bit of mischief of today’s youth. Very suitable for everyday use.

How to coordinate with Ripped Low Rise Ankle Jeans:

Pants with T-shirts are quite popular streetwear sets because of their simplicity but no less modern. With a vivacious and liberal personality, the girls can be combined with sneakers that are also very suitable.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

7 Women’s Side-zip Work Pants

These women’s work pants are made of cotton, super fit, and comfortable. With side zip, they are easy to put on and take off. If you are in a hurry to go to work, yes, it is a perfect choice.

How to coordinate with Women’s Side-zip Work Pants:

It will be most suitable when combined with a German collar shirt, it will score points in everyone’s eyes with a serious look when going to the office.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

8 Bootcut Yoga Pant

Styles include boot-cut yoga pants and traditional flared trousers with a flat and stretchy waistband. Basic yoga pants are black, tight, boot cut flared, and reversible. They’re made of four-way stretch fabric, with a flat stretchy waistband at the top.

They provide flexibility and comfort, wick moisture away from the body, and keep the wearer cool and comfortable. They can be made from a blend of cotton, lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, wool, or a lightweight and stretchy synthetic material that gives the pants a soft, smooth feel.

The beauty of these stretchy pants is that they can be worn up or down for a chic, tailored look without sacrificing comfort in the slightest. Hence the reason why the fashion crowd continues to stay ahead of the trends.

How to coordinate with Bootcut Yoga Pants:

A sinewy tank now enhances the style factor while keeping the right level of comfort with yoga pants and bootcut sneakers.

A modern jacket instantly accentuates stretchy pants — as well as a pair of cool lace-up sandals. Keep it simple but not chic by pairing an oversized turtleneck with your straight-leg pants. Trendy accessories complete the vibe.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

9 Waistband Leggings

This is a style of tight and tight pants and the wearer’s legs. Its material will usually be elastic or from wool, silk… soft and smooth materials. The most outstanding feature of leggings is that it has extremely good stretch.

It is the tight hug as well as the shape of the legs that make the pants much more feminine and a useful tool for women to show off their long legs. After a long development, women’s leggings are now a must-have item for women.

How to coordinate with Waistband Leggings:

The shirt pattern that always goes well with the leggings style cannot fail to mention the t-shirt (t-shirt). The material that hugs the feet is soft and natural, so when worn with a T-shirt, it will bring relaxation and comfort to the wearer.

The most chosen models are wide-form one-shoulder t-shirts, short-sleeve t-shirts, plaid t-shirts…

In addition, she can also wear it with a boxed shirt to the office. This handy pants style can be versatile with you in many places.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

10 High Waisted Dress Pants

Talking about the hottest pants model, it is impossible to ignore the high-waisted dress pants, this type of pants, although short through the seasons, has never cooled down.

For office girls, sitting a lot makes them fall into a state of big breasts or big thighs, and if you are looking for an item to help hide these disadvantages, choose high-waisted pants.

Although they are high-waisted pants, the slim-fit designs will reveal the downside of large thighs, not to mention also make you look fat. Instead, a loose design without hugging and especially black will help the body look more balanced, and even if you wear it with a crop-top, no one will notice the weakness of your 2nd round or your thigh.

How to coordinate with High Waisted Dress Pants:

You can mix it with a shirt or T-shirt and a neat shirt. For office girls, stay loyal to the basic shirt shapes because you can mix a lot of styles.

In addition, you can also create a new look for your set with accessories such as bags or shoes. High-waisted and wide-legged pants look great when paired with pointy-toe heels.

- Top Elegant Type Of Pants For Ladies (Women List)

Frequently Asked Questions

What pants are in style for 2021?

  • Chinos
  • Wide-leg dart pants
  • Bell bottoms
  • Curvy-fit trouser pants
  • Waistband leggings

What is the ankle part of pants called?

The leg opening measurement, or ankle width, is the width at the bottom of the leg pants or jeans leg.

How do keep the color of pants always new?

  •  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Clothes when dried in the sun will be subjected to a sufficient amount of heat and will not shrink. However, sunlight is also one of the reasons why fabrics fade quickly, especially for dark pants.

Therefore, you should limit the time you spend in the sun, you can dry it on a balcony or a place with lots of wind, not too humid. One note is that when drying you should turn the pants inside out and take them down as soon as they are dry.

  • Wash with vinegar and salt

Vinegar and table salt are two indispensable ingredients in the kitchen. But do you know another divine use of them? To keep the color of the pants, when you first buy them, remember to dissolve a few drops of vinegar or a little salt in the washbasin with cold water.

Then soak the pants for a few hours before washing. Vinegar or table salt will help your pants last longer and look newer. Pay attention to washing again carefully so that vinegar and salt do not remain on the pants.

  • Use the right amount of washing powder

Washing clothes usually takes about 30 minutes, and if you’re not careful, hitting the fabrics hard can make them age faster over time.

There are now several types of specialized laundry products that can neutralize chlorine in tap water.

However, you should not pour them directly on the fabric, use a moderate amount to avoid leaving residual detergent streaks. Washing with cold water helps protect the item better because warm water easily fades the dye.

  • Use fabric softener

Fabric softener has a softening effect, limiting worn and torn clothes. You can choose a specialized color protection product, and carefully read the instructions for using the appropriate amount of conditioner.

What to do if the pants are too long?

  • First, fold the pant leg up to the exact length you want to shorten.
  • Next, use fabric pins to secure the fold like this.
  • Then sew in a straight line close to the hem of the old pants.
  • Now fold the left side of the fabric upside down and flatten it out.
  • When you wear it, you just need to turn it upside down and the pants will shorten as you want.
  • Now the uncomfortable pants have been cut short and still retain their original shape.

Final word

After walking around, you must have found the right pants for you? Hopefully, what we have introduced above will help you in choosing the right pants for you. If you need more detailed advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Wish you always happy and successful in life!

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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