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Top list garment manufacturing companies in Gabon

Listed below are the top garment manufacturing companies in Gabon. These include the Lotus Garment and El Ghannam Garment. These companies offer a wide variety of clothing products to customers across the world. They are also known for their quality and reliability. The manufacturers have been operating for several years and have established a solid customer base.

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Gabon

1 Reliance Clothing

Founded in 1973 by dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Industries is a telecommunications, retail, energy and media conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. It has raised a whopping $20 billion in global investment to date. The company is also the world’s largest integrated polyester producer.

The company has a retail arm, dubbed as Future Group, which has roughly 2,000 stores in the United States, China, Australia and the U.K. It’s also the largest recycler of PET bottles in the country. A recent report suggests that the Indian consumer is set to become the next big thing, with sales forecasted at around $1.3 trillion by 2025. Interestingly, Reliance is looking to acquire the retail assets of one of its competitors, V-Mart, in a deal that could make it the largest clothing retailer in the country.

Its latest incarnation is JioMart, which is a one-stop shop for all your electronic gadgets and groceries. It delivers goods to over 200 cities, and has become a competitor to Walmart’s Flipkart. Its other offerings include Reliance Jio TV, a wireless broadband service that’s sweeping the country, and Jio mobile services. The company has said it plans to sell off its stake in Jio Platforms, a digital business. It’s also planning to expand its supply chain, with a new distribution center in Hyderabad. In the next few quarters, Reliance will be looking to attract investors to its retail arm, Reliance Retail.

The best way to sum up the Reliance Industries story is to focus on its core business, with the Reliance Entertainment brand providing the lion’s share of the revenue, followed by Reliance Retail and Jio Phone. To help drive that growth, Reliance has made several strategic acquisitions, including a major ecommerce play in the form of Myntra, and a new energy division called Reliance Power.

2 Lotus garment

LOTUS GARMENT COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated on 10 May 2018. It is a member limited liability company. It has a registered capital of 110,000,000. It is a specialized manufacturer of wearable apparel. It uses top trending technologies and APIs. Hence it is considered to be a king of the clothing industry. It has 18,735 related companies.

The Lotus Garment Company has a number of high tech solutions, such as a high end digitization manufacturing process, to name a few. It also has a dedicated department to help its customers. It is considered to have one of the most advanced production facilities in the region. It has two workshops.

It has a team of over 2,000 people. It manufactures soft separates and clothing for high end brands. It also works closely with its supply chain. It offers a variety of services, including grading, fabric sourcing, pattern designing, and dyeing. It can even produce products in India and Portugal. Its most popular product is a luxurious knitwear line.

It is considered to have one of the most modern textile manufacturing facilities in the region. It has a number of high tech machines, which include a robotic loom. It is also known to have the best quality finished product. The cost of its products is reasonable, especially considering its location. The company has a large workforce and is a leader in its field. It has been named as the leading producer of luxury knitwear by Forbes. It is also a member of the International Trade Association of Textiles and Leather Association (ITALA) as well as a member of the European Confederation of Textile and Leather Industries.

3 El Ghannam

Located in the city of Cairo, Egypt, El Ghannam is a garment manufacturing company. It produces and supplies apparel for various clients in Egypt and beyond. The company offers a wide range of men’s, women’s, and kids’ wear. The company also provides kitchen towels and flat towels.

The company has established itself as one of the top textile and garment manufacturers in the country. It is a leading company in the Egyptian market for women’s wear. It is a subsidiary of El Shamsi for Trading and Agencies.

The company has a team of 2,000 employees. They are highly skilled in producing quality garments and work closely with the supply chain. They specialize in soft separates, tailoring, and fabrics.

The company aims to produce environmentally friendly products and build partnerships with its customers. The company uses natural and organic yarns to manufacture its garments. It has authorized distributors in twelve Arab countries.

The company has a young workforce. The weekly production capacity is 15,000 pieces. They produce woven and knitted garments. They offer a variety of fabrics at low prices.

The company has an innovative design approach. It is a leader in the market for lingerie. It is also famous for its ready-to-wear garments.

The company is committed to sustainable development, with an emphasis on water reuse. It recycles 95% of the water it uses during processing. It is also a part of the MADFORWATER project. The company is working to improve wastewater treatment.

The company is committed to the manufacturing of 100% cotton. They also provide the highest-quality fabrics for activewear and home textiles. They are one of the most popular manufacturers of lace fabric in the Middle East.

4 Truval Manufacturers

Founded in 1990 in Wynberg, South Africa, Truval Manufacturers has been in the apparel business for almost two decades. It is an innovative supplier that is known for providing quality clothing at competitive prices. The company also offers printing and designing services.

The company’s main focus is on high-quality products, and modern equipment is used to ensure the quality of the products it produces. Its product lines include outerwear, underwear, and footwear, and they are sold to leading retail stores in South Africa. Its website includes a list of manufacturers that can help you find the right supplier.

The company’s main goal is to be a one-stop shop for its customers, and its business model is based on supplying its clients with a wide range of garments that are of the highest quality and at the most reasonable price. It has a motivated and experienced team of designers, administrators, and production staff. The company takes pride in its craft, and uses top-line materials to make long-lasting clothing that is in demand.

The company has grown from a single manufacturing facility to a number of factories, and has been able to meet the needs of the industry by offering a variety of services. It is the largest fabric manufacturer in South Africa, and its product lines have expanded to include outerwear, underwear, and footwear. Its customers range from small retailers to large clothing companies. The company also has a team of young, enthusiastic designers and administrative staff that are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.

Whether you are looking for a garment manufacturer in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world, you should consider Truval.

5 Alextex

Founded in 2001 in Alexandria, Egypt, Alextex is one of the largest garment manufacturers in Africa. The company is committed to providing high quality products to its clients. The company is involved in manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of various apparels, including ladies, men’s and kids’ wear. The products of the company include shirts, dresses, partywear and corporate uniforms.

The company is a member of the Farag Group, a leading Egyptian textile and garment manufacturer. The Farag group produces a range of fabrics and non-denim clothing for both exports and domestic markets. The group also has a large clientele in Europe and the United States.

The company has over a century of experience in manufacturing underwear, lace fabric, and home and apparel fabrics. Its main product is cotton. It has authorized distributors in twelve Arab countries. It also provides the highest quality fabrics for a wide range of apparels, uniforms, and home textiles.

The company has a presence in many locations worldwide, with its headquarters located in London. It also operates eight manufacturing facilities in Egypt. The company is renowned for its high quality of cotton, lace, and other fabrics.

The company’s products are manufactured using 100% pure Egyptian cotton. They also manufacture knitted underwear and sportswear. The company’s production has been approved by various top brand names. The company is able to deliver samples in a week and some of its products are ready to ship within 12 days. The company is also a member of the ITC’s Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa programme.

The company also produces a variety of synthetic fibres and has integrated their entire textile production and cut and sew production. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5 per cent for the next five years.

6 Dzadza

Founded by two brothers from Cameroon who moved to Gabon after completing their studies abroad, Dzadza manufactures ready-to-wear clothes ranging from casual streetwear styles to formal evening wear pieces for both men and women. They specialize in African prints and traditional designs which they combine with modern elements like sequins or bold colors for an updated look that appeals particularly well among young people on the continent.

7 SGS Textiles & Fashion

Established by renowned Italian designer Sergio Simbula, SGS Textiles & Fashion has been producing stylish clothing since 2012 with factories located throughout Gabon including Libreville, Port Gentil, Franceville, Mitzic etc.. The company specializes in producing high-end garments using top quality fabrics sourced from around the world including silk satin charmeuse chiffon lace organza wool cashmere linen viscose nylon twill jersey knit velvet faux fur angora etc.. Their collection includes everything from dresses skirts blazers pants shorts coats jackets scarves hats caps gloves belts bags ties necklaces earrings jewelry watches sunglasses etc..

8 Rika Clothing

This family owned business founded over 25 years ago is one of largest garment manufacturers based primarily out of Libreville but also operates production houses in several other cities across Gabon . Rika offers a wide range of services including custom seamstress service pattern making cutting grading stitching finishing warehousing distribution services private labeling packaging solutions etc..


Aitex is one of the leading companies producing garments for both men and women from its facilities in Libreville and Port-Gentil. The company offers high-quality fabrics for apparel such as shirts, pants, dresses and skirts among others. It also exports these products to other countries across Africa as well as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions.

10 K&K Textiles

K&K Textiles was founded by two brothers who wanted to create a modern factory with advanced technology for garment production. Today their facilities are equipped with cutting edge machinery which allows them to produce quality garments quickly and efficiently while meeting international standards set by clients from around the world including France, Germany, Spain and Italy among others.

11 Bafang Fashion Group

Bafang Fashion Group has three different factories located near each other where they manufacture all kinds of apparel like t-shirts, sweaters jackets etc., using their own unique processes that ensure quality control over every piece produced here.. They specialize in custom orders according to customer specifications with quick turnaround times so you can get exactly what you want when you need it most!

12 Sonefex International Ltd.

Sonefex International Ltd is another major player in Gabonese textiles industry providing high-quality fabrics for various types of clothing like suits jackets trousers etc.. Their state-of-the art facility employs advanced equipment which helps them reduce cost while maintaining excellent product quality standards demanded by customers from all over Europe Middle East & Africa region making sure no detail goes unnoticed during production process!

13 Wazinox Industries SA

Wazinox Industries SA specializes not only on traditional fabric materials but also synthetic fibers used for sportswear activewear swimwear underwear lingerie etc., Their commitment towards innovation ensures customers receive best possible product available within budget constraints giving maximum satisfaction when buying any item manufactured here!

14 Textile Industries de l’Afrique Centrale(TIAC)

Founded in 1975, TIAC is the oldest garment manufacturer operating in Gabon today. The company produces a wide range of garments such as shirts, trousers, jackets and skirts for both men and women using only high quality fabrics sourced locally or imported from Europe or Asia. They mainly focus on producing casual wear with bright colors or traditional styles but also produce formalwear when requested by clients.

15 Kissa Fashion

Established just two years ago, Kissa Fashion has quickly become one of the most popular clothing brands among young people across Gabon due to their modern designs reflecting international trends coupled with affordable prices compared to other retailers within the country. Their collections consist mainly of shirts, blouses and dresses made with lightweight fabrics perfect for either staying cool during hot summers days or layering up during cold winter nights!

16 Likala

Another relatively new fashion brand established three years ago was Likala who specialize primarily in sportswear production although they also offer casual ranges too! They use breathable fabric technology combined with innovative patterns to create stylish yet comfortable garments ideal for any active lifestyle whether you’re hitting up a gym session or going out running around town!

17 Fufu Clothing Company

A family owned business founded over ten years ago which now employs more than 20 workers across two factories located near Libreville city centre – Fufu Clothing Company focuses predominantly on producing streetwear including hoodies & tracksuits alongside t-shirts & polo’s all featuring vibrant colours & eye catching graphics inspired by urban life throughout Africa!

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

This year, we have found that many international buyers are seeking new suppliers based in nations outside of China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, workwear, reusable cloth face mask, and protective clothing.

At DONY Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and the EU market to discover the professional production line at our factory in Vietnam.

We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world.

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