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Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

Tank top is one of the most searched keywords in the summer of recent years. As predicted by fashion experts, in the coming time, when the weather becomes hotter, these “divine” shirts will continue to storm the fashion industry.

So do your research about it?

Or is it possible to distinguish the different “variations” of this outfit?

To help you understand more about tank tops as well as how to mix clothes with quality and suitable tank tops for you. don’t miss out series of things to know about tank tops.

Come on, let’s get started!

1 What Is A Tank Top?

A tank top is also known as a sleeveless shirt, tank top, or sleeveless shirt, the reason why the tank top has so many names is that it is designed to inherit the main features of the round neckline, but the sleeves of the shirt is shortened to the point that it is close to the armpit, so it is also called an armpit shirt.

In addition, with the special design of the shirt, the collar and 2 sleeves are equally spaced, forming 3 holes, so since then, it is also called a 3-hole shirt to make it easier to remember and identify.

Tank tops are usually made from spandex, cotton, or synthetic fabrics, but remember, the material does not define the name of the tank top, what defines this name is its design, so if you see a shirt with jeans or khaki material, it can also be called a tank top.

2 What Are The Different Types Of Tanks Tops?

The name tank top originates from the US and Canada.

It was not until the early 19th century that tank tops became popular for sports athletes. Gradually becoming an item of effective specialized clothing, helping them to be flexible and comfortable to practice and compete in sports.

At the beginning of the 20th century, seeing more great advantages of tank tops, many military men applied them to the army for a long time.

By the beginning of the 21st century, tank tops began to thrive all over the world along with the development of travel, an item suitable for travel and outdoor battles in the hot summer. Up to now, it is one of the most popular items in the world.

Today, with talented designers and creative minds, today’s tank tops are diverse and colorful, and the design of each style can completely enhance the beauty of both men and women. But what type of tank top is close to your favorite and what is the choice in your wardrobe?

1. Basic Tank Tops

This is the first design worth mentioning. Because the design with basic style is always a top optimal choice for men because it is easy to coordinate, quite easy to wear and not picky about age, with neutral colors such as black, white, gray This shirt is usually sewn with cotton material to help absorb sweat well.

And sometimes spandex fabric is added, helping to create a comfortable stretch for all your activities. A basic tank top is often used as an undershirt, accompanied by a shirt or suit/vest.

However, you can also use them as a normal t-shirt. But please pay attention to the opening of the shirt, leave the men’s tank tops with deep armpits for gym sessions, guys!

How to coordinate with Basic Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

You can pair a classic white tank top with jeans, joggers, or boxers, and add a blazer or bomber jacket. The right shoes can be moccasin loafers or boat shoes…

2. Athletic Tank Tops

This shirt hugs the body, suitable for sports. For women, a bandeau bra is responsible for supporting the bust, helping to reduce shock when exercising. Because this shirt is specially designed for sports activities, it is very stretchy and does not cause discomfort.

Men love tight sports tank tops that show off their biceps and upper body muscles. The sporty tank top design is very flexible and fits your body for comfort while training.

How to coordinate with Athletic Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

You can wear the sport sleeveless top with shorts, track pants (striped sports fabric), or sweatpants.

3. Backless Tank Tops

Here it is, a tank top for only ladies. These types of tank tops often have a back opening. Tank top with back is usually made of elastic lace material.

It creates an elegant, sexy, and fancy beauty that is different from the usual tough nature of tank tops. This type of tank top often has lace straps on the back, giving it an irresistible sexy beauty. You can wear this outfit to go out or party.

How to coordinate with Backless Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

To complete the sexy look, you can wear a bare-back tank top with jeans or a skirt, teamed with a pair of heels or boots.

Add a necklace, earring, or bracelet to give your outfit a little bit of chic. In particular, the long necklaces hanging from the back will make you stand out the most tonight.

4. Cut-Out Tank Tops

The cut-out tank top has dangerous cuts on the back and sides. Often you have to wear an extra bralette to reduce the “coolness”.

The great thing about these fashionable tank tops is that the cut-out tank tops come in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and textures, prints that are often worn while playing sports.

Due to the effect of the cut-out being very loose and easy to tear, these tank tops are usually not worn casually but are worn during training.

The cut-out tank top for men is very popular. The opening on the sides does not affect men but also helps them show off their attractive ribs.

How to coordinate with Cut-out Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

You can combine the shirt with leggings or elastic pants, combine with sports shoes to complete the figure.

5. Double-layer Tank Tops

One more category for the ladies. Unlike the backless tank top, as the name suggests, this double-layer tank top has at least 2 layers, this design makes the tank top look fashionable. Tank tops made of cotton or silk, chiffon, or soft fabrics like chiffon will make them look more luxurious and feminine.

Thanks to the layering effect, it suits slim people. But that doesn’t mean plump girls can’t wear them, just that you choose the right colors and materials.

How to coordinate with Double-layer Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

This tank top will go best with denim shorts, combine with dusty strappy sandals and a unique bag and layering accessories and you can turn into a bohemian girl. Or more simply, you can combine both with skinny jeans or short skirts and flat shoes.

6. Muscle Tank Tops

Besides, Muscle Shirt is a Tank Top product that can be used by both men and women. This is a shirt with the same design as a t-shirt but without sleeves. These shirts may have a larger or smaller hole (to pull over the head, through the sleeves) than a t-shirt.

In the past, most designs have small holes for women and big holes for men, but in recent years, mixing muscle shirts with bras inside is a fashion style that many girls prefer selectivity. This style will help the girls look very trendy, young, and dynamic.

How to coordinate with Muscle Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

You can combine the shirt with elastic pants, umbrella pants or jeans, and joggers when practicing and playing sports.

7. Halter Tank Tops

One more tank top for women, it’s a halter top. This was the fashion of the 1990s and is still in vogue today. The shirt has a design that is characterized by fastening around the neck and hugging the back. When you look at it, you will see that it is a bit like the old camisole. This sexy top can be worn out or to a party, also can be worn at home.

Although only for women, recently, the halter top has been designed for men. Many fashion brands have included this tank top in their men’s collection, but this product is relatively few.

How to coordinate with Halter Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

In general, women like to combine camisole with denim pants, but you can still combine it with shorts, silk pants, or skirts. A leather jacket or bomber jacket gives you a cool and sassy look.

Boots or sports shoes, lazy shoes help each step become more active. But it can also be worn with shorts or mini skirts, styled with a leather jacket…

8. Turtleneck Tank Tops

The turtleneck tank tops have a fabric that hugs the neck. The body-hugging shirt form will enhance the ladies’ figure. These tank tops are perfect for casual occasions. Usually worn on cool days in spring or summer. This shirt is also likely to become your favorite item that falls.

How to coordinate with Turtleneck Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

It will be very stylish when worn with skirts or pants. Wear a pair of heels, with a necklace and bracelet, and a light scarf and you can make all the difference.

9. Racerback Tank Tops

Although the racerback is a strapless tank top, unlike the two-string tank top, they have a T-shaped knit pattern located behind the shoulder blades. This style makes it easy to move your arms during exercise. This shirt style is very popular among weightlifters and other types of gym athletes.

How to coordinate with Racerback Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

This top goes well with shorts, sweatpants, track pants, joggers, or gym boxers.

10. Sheer Tank Tops

If you want to show off your body, tank tops are shirts with see-through materials that are a “courageous” suggestion for you. In addition to see-through, mischievous mesh material is also quite popular. Before, this style was only popular among women. But nowadays, even men wear them and create their style.

How to coordinate with Sheer Tank tops:

- Different types of Tank Top: Which Popular & best?

You can pair it with jeans, shorts or skirts. It’s important to make sure you wear the right style in the right place and for the right occasion.

For example, wearing to the beach or exercising at home. In a romantic space with only 2 people, you can combine a see-through tank top with underwear pants.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wear a tank top beautifully?

Tank tops are usually not picky, so they are easy to combine with other items to create a great outfit. There are many ways to dress well with a tank top, be it wearing a tank top with jeans, shorts, jogger pants, khaki pants, … or can also combine layer style with an inner tank top, top outerwear shirt, combined with shoe accessories, handbags,…

2. Why are tank tops so hot every summer?

A tank top is one of the clothes that both men, women, or LGBT can wear, because it is not picky about wearing, so tank tops are extremely popular, and the demand for travel increases every hot summer in the world. All over the world, tank tops with distinctive designs are automatically transported as hot goods every summer.

In addition, a part of people who do not like to travel in the summer also tend to play sports, exercise, intense sports cause heat, sweat, and tank tops are appropriate items. The best way to reconcile this is that this shirt is so popular that they can wear it on many occasions other than when playing sports or the gym.

4 Final word

Hopefully, with the above sharing, readers will understand the question of what is a tank top? You can refer to some of the ways to mix and match as above and don’t limit yourself in the way of dressing.

If you are bored with the usual mix and match ways, try to be creative in your way. Because you will shine and be most confident when you live your style, right? And don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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